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An interesting week for Radio 4 in the media

Friday 9 October 2009, 16:03

Steve Bowbrick Steve Bowbrick Head of Interactive, Radio 3

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Evan Davis and Jim Naughtie on Today

The Today Programme is always in the news. The Telegraph runs with the Voice of the Listener and Viewer's gong for Today (and Radio 4 in general). In the same paper Tim Walker wonders why Today didn't send Naughtie or Humphrys to the Tory conference in Manchester.

The Times (and everybody else) carries coverage of Ben Bradshaw's angry Twitter attack on Evan Davis' Osborne interview on... Today.

Guardian radio reviewers are now 'curating' the stuff - providing links to iPlayer so you can listen to the programmes they review. It had to happen. And, of course, it's almost all Radio 4.

Jane Thynne in The Independent says that the assembly of noblemen and women on Monday's Start The Week "felt a lot like gatecrashing the House of Lords' tea room".

On her blog, Joanna Leahy, an 'Irish nomad in Norway', was surprised by a call from The World Tonight PM. She was interviewed about Norway's status (according to a UN report) as best place to live on the planet.

Back in The Telegraph, Jod Mitchell reviews four Radio 4 documentaries, including last week's Black men can't swim and of presenter Matt Blaize he says: "he did what a documentary-maker should do - investigate a single question and suggest a straightforward answer."

And, to finish, Twitter - as usual - is full of clever thoughts about Radio 4 programmes. Don't take my word for it - search for yourself.

Steve Bowbrick is editor of the Radio 4 blog

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    Comment number 1.

    I refer to a Radio 4 programme of yesterday morning (Wednesday 14th October) on the topic of Asian 'marriage'. I have to say that the opening presentation of the article left me virtually speechless and appalled.

    The issue was that first & second generation 'Asian' men....

    [NOT, you will observe were these males referred to as 'British men of Asian origin' .....I trust the difference is not too subtle for you to appreciate, dear reader,]

    ....who regard their female (ie 'British asian') counterparts to be 'unsuitable' for marriage, as these women are too feisty, self confident and 'Westernised' for their taste.

    The presenter then went on to actually SAY that these men wanted to import a wife from "HOME"!!!!

    Are we not being told at every opportunity by the political liberal class that we are to seize every opportunity to purge racism from our society?

    Is every complaint about immigration not pounced on by the race lobby with glee, so they can reproduce their moralising cries of 'Racist'?

    Is not every covert reference to 'Pakis' [whether uttered in a private conversation, or otherwise] the cue for yet more self-righteous ranting from the race lobby?

    Are not first/second generation decendants of immigrants not encouraged, nay, expected to consider themselves as 'British'?

    But from this programme, we now have it;
    Confirmed by an Asian, BBC presenter;
    It is now official;
    The truth has finally been unleashed;
    Everything that common sense Britishers have been saying for years has been revealed as true;

    What is this revelation, you may ask?

    Simply this: First/second generation Asian males regard their 'Home' as being Pakistan;

    First/second generation Asian males regard themselves as MORE Asian than they do British;

    So much for the "Multi cultural" dogma preached at us for years;

    So much for "Integration";

    So much for purging the seeds of radical Islaam from our society, as I fear this attitude may promote and nurture it;

    The intolerant zealots who have perpetrated this madness on the nation over the years have succeeded only in planting the seeds of separation, division and hatred in our society, and here's the proof, if any were needed.

    What hope is there of the Afghan campaign succeeding, and achieving it's aim of reducing the influence of the Taliban (and hence, presumably terrorism) on the streets of the UK, when, from the very 'mouthpiece' of the liberal ruling class, from their own programme, the BBC now admits that there is a burgeoning Asian underclass in this country which has little or no allegiance TO this country.

    They cannot even marry their 'own' women. Therefore, even more female immigrants are 'imported' to fill this so called 'need'.

    No. These males are NOT Pakis; Look at the fuss if such a comment is made; Oh no; Oh dear me NO!! ..........not, that is, until it suits them, it would seem.

    What hypocrisy.

    The amazing thing really, is that the politicians (who are directly culpable for the above circumstances) don't seem to understand why people regard them with such contempt, or why the BNP seems to be gathering increasing support.

    Maybe the will of the people will penetrate their ivory towers eventually, one day.


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