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  1. Just a Minute

    Thursday 26 February 2009, 10:02

    Mark Damazer Mark Damazer

    JAM, produced by Claire Jones, is a supreme example of re-invention.

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  2. Round-up of reviews

    Wednesday 25 February 2009, 14:35

    Steve Bowbrick Steve Bowbrick Head of Interactive, Radio 3

    One of the reasons we started the Radio 4 blog is to draw attention to the huge variety of programmes that go out on Radio 4, very often with no attention from the professional media at all. Radio doesn't get the attention it deserves and speech radio is especially neglected.

    Station Controller Mark Damazer...

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  3. I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue

    Tuesday 24 February 2009, 18:01

    Mark Damazer Mark Damazer

    It was nice to think that Humphrey Lyttelton would live forever.

    When - alas - he died last April I was confronted with the sort of dilemma that R4 faced when John Peel (Home Truths) and Ned Sherrin (Loose Ends) died. Should we take the programme out of the schedules forever in the belief that that presenter...

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  4. Slumdog - you heard it here first

    Monday 23 February 2009, 11:53

    Mark Damazer Mark Damazer

    picture shot on location during the recording of Woman's Hour Drama Q&A

    It would not be true to say that "It was Radio 4 Wot Won It" for Slumdog Millionaire but Radio 4 brought Vikas Swarup's story to the airwaves quite a while ago - with tremendous flair.

    It ran as a ten part Woman's Hour drama serial in late July/early August 2007 - 15 minutes a day over ten days (the...

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  5. The Moral Maze

    Wednesday 18 February 2009, 17:45

    Mark Damazer Mark Damazer

    The Moral Maze is 500. Tonight's programme at 8 p.m. is thus somewhat special - taking place in front of an audience. It is almost always live (and then repeated on Saturday nights at 2215) which gives it a certain sort of crackle. The subject tonight is suitably large - "Can a post-religious society...

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  6. More about films on Radio 4

    Tuesday 17 February 2009, 12:28

    Mark Damazer Mark Damazer

    ...and I should have added we are also running a series on Oscar winning films called And The Academy Award Goes To... presented by Paul Gambaccini, and produced by Paul Kobrak and Sara Jane Hall, on Saturdays at 10.30 - the biggest feature slot of the week.

    The aim is to exploit the heightened interest...

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  7. Films on Radio 4

    Monday 16 February 2009, 15:52

    Mark Damazer Mark Damazer

    For a while we've been thinking about film on Radio 4.

    We do a fair amount about film - but I think we could do more without toppling over. So that's why The Film Programme (podcast) now has a Sunday repeat in addition to the Friday origination. Francine Stock presides. I like the programme more and...

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  8. Repeats

    Thursday 12 February 2009, 12:55

    Mark Damazer Mark Damazer

    Several of you have raised the matter of repeats - and others trails.

    I'll write about the vexed subject - and it is - of trails later this month.

    I'll deal with repeats in this one.

    Yes - we repeat a fair amount - about 19% of the schedule. It can feel like more - because if you strip out things that you...

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  9. Feedback about Sharon Shoesmith on Woman's Hour

    Tuesday 10 February 2009, 10:39

    Mark Damazer Mark Damazer

    Thank you for these richly informative thoughts and comments. Some of them reveal significant expertise and personal experience.

    The programme has received over 350 emails so far about the interview. Tomorrow (Wednesday) there will be discussion on Woman's Hour about the nature of management responsibility...

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  10. Sharon Shoesmith interview

    Monday 9 February 2009, 07:55

    Mark Damazer Mark Damazer

    We did something on Saturday's Weekend Woman's Hour we have not done for a very long time - by running at great length (about 43 minutes) the interview between Jenni Murray and the former head of Haringey Social Services - Sharon Shoesmith. Normally the programme is a compilation of some of the outstanding...

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