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Tuesday 21 September 2010, 18:20

Steve Bowbrick Steve Bowbrick Head of Interactive, Radio 3

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Senior managers at BBC Audio & Music are already keen bloggers. The Controllers of Radio 3, Radio 4 and 5 live have had their own blogs for some time and others have blogged on the BBC Internet blog, the BBC Music blog and on various technical blogs. The latest to jump in is the boss, Director of BBC Audio & Music Tim Davie. His first blog post is a celebration of live music and radio and will be published here tomorrow.

And here on the new radio blog, alongside Tim's posts, we'll be publishing links to blog posts and discussions about BBC radio from around bbc.co.uk and from elsewhere and we'll be encouraging you to get involved by commenting on blog posts. Start by telling us what you'd like to see on the BBC Radio blog by leaving a comment here.

Steve Bowbrick, blogs editor, BBC Audio & Music

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