BBC iPlayer Radio Launches

Monday 8 October 2012, 13:03

Mark Friend Mark Friend Controller

Radio broadcasting in the UK will turn 90 later this year. It has remained in rude health through a combination of content and technological innovation. Earlier this year, Radio 1's Hackney Weekend 2012 and the Radio 3 Proms showed how BBC radio stations are becoming fully multimedia brands that provide not only a great listen but are increasingly visually and socially engaging.

2012 has also seen a step change in the number of people listening to and watching our content on mobiles and tablets. For example, during the week of Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend, 34% of browsers visiting the site came via mobile and tablet. In the week when traffic to the Proms site peaked, 20% of browsers accessed the site via tablet. Last month saw an 88% year-on-year increase in reach to our mobile optimised sites. This was anticipated by the overall strategy for BBC Online announced in 2011.

Today we've launched BBC iPlayer Radio. It brings together iPlayer and the radio station sites to create a new BBC home for radio within iPlayer across PC, mobile and tablet.

You can find BBC iPlayer Radio by:

  • Visiting any BBC radio homepage on PC, mobile or tablet (e.g.
  • Clicking "Radio" in the main BBC navigation bar.
  • Downloading the BBC iPlayer Radio app (freely available from the Apple store at launch, other mobile platforms to follow).

See Andrew Scott's blog post for details about the new features that you'll find in iPlayer Radio. This video shows key features of the smartphone app. As always, we welcome your feedback.


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Key features of the new BBC iPlayer Radio smartphone app, freely available.

BBC iPlayer Radio provides a platform on which we will be developing radio stations as fully multimedia brands. So that as well as listen, audiences can watch, share and engage with the BBC radio content they love.

Our next steps will focus on making live radio more interactive, making it easier for people to enjoy the BBC's vast audio archive and strengthening radio's position as the number one place for discovering music in the UK.


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    Comment number 121.

    i lsten by laptop, im not even sure my i player is downloaded, or is it just a cookie setting that comes up when i listen? I listen to 4 extra usualy, and i like how the thing is working, except i do not have a tablet or smart phone so for me iplayer is not as portable.I can obviously only listen on a wifi where i have accesses to the network. I think to all the folks who are complaining about apple access, apple is easier and quicker for a techie to write for because the hardware is more standardised. android has the problem windows has, which is that because it is more configurable, there are more variables to write for, and it is therefore gonna take a wee bit longer.

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    Comment number 122.

    I'm with almost everybody else's comments. What is it with the BBC and iPlayers? Not everyone has one - most of us poor saps that fund the BBC don't have one. Develop an Android app.

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    Comment number 123.

    Android please. Now.

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    Comment number 124.

    This is an awful, retrograde step.

    Navigation is worse than difficult, and finding "areas that might interest me" is near impossible. My greatest fear is that the TV Player will follow suit and also become impossible to navigate.

    iPlayer from the BBC was a joy, and streets ahead of competition (ITV, Ch4, Channel 5, Sky) and rather than building on an incredibly intuitive and successful design, you have ripped it apart, started again and failed miserably.

    I HAVE A REALLY RADICAL SUGGESTION...... Go back to the previous version and think about users when designing the replacement system. Or better still, add some tweaks and improvements to the original iPlayer rather than wasting tens of thousands of pounds on an unnecessary and confusing "downgrade".

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    Comment number 125.

    I see that the BBC continues to want to line the pockets of Apple and clearly has something against WindowsPhone users. No app, no access online to programming; what did we do to upset you? Or is the BBC getting a back hander from Apple. Not even an Android app and their are far more Android phones out there then any other platform even your beloved Apple. Very disappointing.

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    Comment number 126.

    Why is the BBC seeking to manipulate the market through promotion of iOS over other platforms, such as Android? It's certainly not justified through market share. At a time when public trust is ebbing across a number of bodies including the BBC, perception of impartiality is critical - and this move fails that test.

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    Comment number 127.

    What will this change do for the listeners who don't live within the area of the UK? I live in the Netherlands and I use BBC-radio to improve my English and learn new words. Does this mean I won't receive the radioplays anymore like I can't watch the English programms ( "content is not available in your area")?

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    Comment number 128.

    Another "where's the Android app" call from here...

    I'm guessing Auntie has to promote Apple above all others otherwise the fruity one will send in the lawyers over the use of the "i" in iPlayer... which Apple obviousy invented

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    Comment number 129.

    Here is a work-round. Get a Nokia running Symbian Belle and you will be able to listen to all iplayer programs will the option to download TV programs. :)


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