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  1. Stepping through the doorway

    Thursday 2 October 2014, 16:54

    James Marsh James Marsh The Booth Centre

    Back in January the Booth Centre homeless charity applied to the BBC’s Community Doorway programme for a team of volunteers to come and run a session with people who attend the centre to produce a short film demonstrating the work we do and showcasing our new centre, which was due to open in March. We were successful with our application and in April 2014 a team of volunteers came for the day and filmed an excellent little film which is now shown on the front page of our website.

    Two of the stars of the video Margaret and Steve were invited to go to the BBC offices to record the narration for the video and were given a backstage insight to how the BBC works. They said:

    “It was a great opportunity to be able to work with the BBC. We met some of their staff including Liz and Beckie who were really nice. They made us feel at ease and relaxed while filming and the end results were brilliant. Filming the video gave us the opportunity to share our stories and talk about how the Booth Centre has really helped me when times have been hard.

    We were invited to attend the BBC studios to record the voice over for the film and were given a special tour of the building. We got to see where the...

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  2. Reporting talent

    Friday 19 September 2014, 12:04

     Michael Michael 2014 Kick Off trainee

    I was one of around thirty to be selected for the BBC Kick Off Sports Reporter scheme, with my placement based in Essex.

    Prior to the scheme taking place, the trainees all met in Bristol for a couple of days of training with BBC professionals. We were given training in various areas, such as the BBC’s values, how to conduct interviews and writing for radio and the BBC Sport website.

    The training was vital as the selected reporters had varying levels of experience. This ranged from some having previously written articles for newspapers or worked on student radio to others with little to no experience of journalism. The training ensured that we were prepared to contribute to our station on arrival.

    At the start of my placement I met with my mentor Ben and we decided that I could investigate the effect that the London 2012 Paralympics had at the grassroots level of disability sport. To achieve this we determined that it would be a good idea to carry out several interviews with Paralympic athletes from a variety of disciplines. Many of these athletes had previously competed at London 2012 but all of them were aiming for selection for the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

    I able to use the contacts of...

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  3. Experiencing the BBC

    Tuesday 26 August 2014, 16:01

    Maggie & Lucy Maggie & Lucy Students who took part in the Summer Work Experience 2014

    Maggie Maggie


    Hi, my name is Maggie. I first heard about the BBC work experience scheme from my Principle. I applied for the scheme using a link on our school portal. My application was successful and I was invited to the assessment centre.

    During my time with the BBC I worked with Internal Communications, some of main tasks were:

    • To work on features for the intranet portal of the BBC

    • Create and edit HR web pages

    • Make a list of programmes that could be featured on the intranet

    • Create a short film about the summer work experience scheme

    Every task I was given was challenging and so much fun to complete, I always felt so proud of myself after I saw the finished product of my task and saw the end result. I was very lucky to have been chosen to be part of the scheme, as I was able to learn new skills that would last me a life time and further develop the skills I already had. For this I am forever thankful to my mentor for all her help and advice.


    Lucy Lucy


    This summer I had the most amazing opportunity to be chosen to work with the BBC for a week. I was placed in television HQ in broadcasting house and it has been one of the most eye-opening and inspiring experiences...

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  4. A dramatic experience

    Thursday 21 August 2014, 11:21

     Paris Paris Work Experience Trainee

    I'm 17 years old and this summer I got the amazing opportunity to do work experience at the BBC's Television HQ. I enjoyed every moment and had such an incredible time during the 5 days I spent at the New Broadcasting House.

    On the first day I was extremely nervous but soon settled in as everyone made me feel so welcome. The first day was mainly induction based and was filled with fire safety and the ins and outs of where we'd be working for the next 5 days. This helped me feel right at home and familiarise myself with the vast building that was to be my work place for the next 5 days!

    On the second...

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  5. A week of code

    Wednesday 13 August 2014, 14:08

    Henry, Mason, Tom & Nic Henry, Mason, Tom & Nic Young coders at Festival of Code 2014

    Last week the BBC Birmingham building was one of many centres to generously host small groups of young developers as part of the Young Rewired State Festival of Code.

    This is a national, week-long event for under 18s; teams are formed in regional centres and have to code something involving “open data”, before travelling to the festival on the Friday and presenting their creations to all of the other participants and a panel of judges.

    We had very little experience in coding outside of school but decided to sign up out of curiosity, and definitely do not regret it!

    Our first day started with...

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  6. Working through my experience

    Tuesday 12 August 2014, 09:44

     Lucinda Lucinda Work experience trainee

    Over this last year my life has been turned upside-down, stripped back to its bare bones and put under the microscope - all in the pursuit to understand myself better and help me break some very negative patterns of behaviour which were holding me back. It’s been my experience as a volunteer with IDEAL as part of their Domino Effect Project (D.E.P.), based in Bristol’s Barton Hill, that has been crucial in supporting me to discover more of who I am, who I can be and help me put the steps in place to define my own journey for a more positive future. The project, run by the charity IDEAL, aims...

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  7. Ideas to talk about

    Friday 18 July 2014, 14:25

    Laura, Andrew & Faye Laura, Andrew & Faye Young people who took part in VolFest.

    We are all sixth form students currently studying for A-levels, Andrew studies at Altrincham College of Arts, and Faye and Laura study at Loreto Grammar School for Girls. We first became involved with the BBC during our NCS (National Citizen Service) programme last summer in which we delivered a brief of our project in a Dragons’ Den format. Following a banking enterprise programme in partnership with the Salford Foundation, Marvin from BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility approached us with the opportunity to be part of Volfest.

    Volfest initially involved an induction day for us and other...

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  8. Rewarding opprtunity

    Friday 11 July 2014, 10:04

     Miraca Miraca Production Management Assistant (prev Face2Face trainee and Apprentice)

    After a year of experience and education, my apprenticeship came to a conclusion in May 2014.

    The Graduation was a night of celebration, as all the apprentices had worked very hard over the past year to complete all their exams, units and college courses.

    Food was served, which is always a good start, then came the presentations.

    Each apprentice had the opportunity to say a few words or show a video clip about their year as an apprentice- I chose to put together a video clip of all the things I got up to in my year. Then we were all presented with a certificate from David Sproxton, co-founder of...

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  9. Driving new ideas

    Tuesday 1 July 2014, 16:10

    Sarah Drummond Sarah Drummond Senior Volunteering & Community Affairs Manager

    *In the run up to VolFest, a one day event from BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility hoping to connect BBC staff directly with diverse audiences, Sarah talks about what outreach means to her and how it can help enrich the BBC’s on-air programming for all audiences.

    This week we’re sharing examples among colleagues about the outreach work that is quietly happening around the country, and about new opportunities for staff to be involved. VolFest, a one day event to encourage programme makers to meet new and diverse audiences through face-to-face activities, will bring staff together with 16...

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  10. Amazing art, amazing artists

    Friday 27 June 2014, 14:14

    Amanda Sutton Amanda Sutton Manager, Venture Arts

    In May 2014 everyone at Venture Arts was delighted to hear that we had been successful in our application to the BBC's Community Doorway programme to make a short film about our organisation.

    Venture Arts runs a wide variety of professional arts workshops for and with people with learning disabilities from across Manchester. We wanted a film that would showcase the talents of learning disabled artists in our area, reach more people and promote the work of our charity at a very important time in its development.

    We have had an absolutely marvellous experience from beginning to end and I cannot thank...

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