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Tuesday 30 October 2012, 13:02

Paul Deane Paul Deane Web Producer

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Quite a few of you have been asking what happened to the animals we were following earlier this year on Springwatch. Here's a quick update on just a few of them.

The Bath peregrines
The breeding pair produced two chicks, one male and one female. Sadly only the female survived fledging. She is still in the area and local experts are hoping she might breed next year.

Essex fox family.
The eleven cubs dispersed at the end of the summer. Though no one knows for sure what has become on them, three foxes are still visiting the garden and investigating the den site and keeping it clean.

Dyfi Osprey chick
The Dyfi ospreys had three chicks but two chicks died in the rain. One male chick called Ceulan survived. He was satellite tagged and then migrated flying 3000 miles south to Senegal in West Africa in record time. Now he is feeding off fish in a tributary of the Senegal River and nearby irrigation ditches.

Kingfisher family
Sadly the kingfisher’s first brood were killed, washed out. But there were signs that the pair produced a second brood though unfortunately Charlie Hamilton Jones wasn’t able to follow their progress.

Ynis Edwin Barn Owls
There were 4 barn owl chicks and they all fledged successfully and dispersed. However the parent birds did not produce a second brood this year, possibly due to the bad weather.

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    Comment number 1.

    cant wait for this new series. loved it since it started good luck to all the team. from a nature lover.

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    Comment number 2.

    Have just watched the piece about squirrels. What a shame that a balanced report could not be given by mentioning quite clearly and specifically the devastation that grey squirrels do to our native red squirrels. The presentation even suggested that the poorer memory of reds foods store locations might be a reason why greys do so much better. Frankly that is simply rubbish. Please please report fairly and accurately .

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    Comment number 3.

    Isnt it remarkable,I`ve just watched an Autumn watch from Scotland with no Scots involved !!
    Can you imagine if that came from England with no engish involved ?

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    Comment number 4.

    Wonderful program tonight guys. You had 2 of my all time favourite animals on.... beavers and pine martins! All you needed were a few bears and moose, and I would have been in animal heaven!! LOL . Interesting piece on the difference between the red and grey squirrel's memory!! Only problem is, you are making me homesick!! :O)

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    Comment number 5.

    Great programme and a wonderful part of Scotland. Commentary and filming absolutely superb. Please remember, though guys, that the water behind you is a loch and not a lock!


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