Unsprung sound quiz - 29th Oct

Tuesday 29 October 2013, 16:37

 Nick Baker Nick Baker Naturalist and presenter

Hope you can join us tonight as Autumnwatch Unsprung returns, with me as your new host.

We'll have Lloyd Buck with his starlings, your photos, extra behind the scenes footage and...

.. a mystery sound quiz from my collection of bird whistles. Tune in at 9pm tonight and drop your answers in below for the quiz. 

Good luck!


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    Comment number 41.

    Hi chris
    Every summer I get a mixture of finches, sparrows, thrush , and some small birds with colouring of
    grey with black stripefrom his head , has I have a couple of bushes ranging from bamboo, forsythia and a big Eucalyptus,and I so enjoy watching them feed from the fatball hanger. The funny thing I watch is the pigeons picking up the crumbs

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    Comment number 42.

    adding to alice`s comments about the pholcus phalangeoides spiders. They are all over my house, though have thinned out a bit now. These feed on other spiders, including tegenaria house spiders. I have to go round my house catching and putting out the house spiders not just because they scare the wife, but to save them from a sticky end at the hands of these skinny assassins.

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    Comment number 43.

    If you oppose the UK.badger cull, please write your letters to the addresses below:

    patersono@parliament.uk; owen@shellbrook.demon.co.uk; ccu.correspondence@defra.gsi.gov.uk; defra.helpline@defra.gsi.gov.uk; webmaster@defra.gsi.gov.uk; farmland.conservation@defra.gsi.gov.uk; enquiries@naturalengland.org.uk; catchmentsensitivefarming@naturalengland.org.uk; victoria.fradley@naturalengland.org.uk; richard.leishman@naturalengland.org.uk; clare.bains@naturalengland.org.uk; robert.camps@naturalengland.org.uk; roger.gerry@naturalengland.org.uk; lisa.chenery@naturalengland.org.uk; eric.popp@naturalengland.org.uk; sarah.fraser@naturalengland.org.uk; gary.hodgetts@naturalengland.org.uk; alice.bateman@naturalengland.org.uk; rachel.webster@naturalengland.org.uk; jonathan.skidmore@naturalengland.org.uk; david.rees@naturalengland.org.uk; bob.marsden@naturalengland.org.uk; des.kay@naturalengland.org.uk; jonathan.payne@naturalengland.org.uk; robert.gornall@naturalengland.org.uk; richard.rhodes@naturalengland.org.uk; sandra.m.brown@naturalengland.org.uk; ben.hibbins@naturalengland.org.uk; michael.graham@naturalengland.org.uk; elizabeth.graydon@naturalengland.org.uk; bunty.wright@naturalengland.org.uk; stuart.moss@naturalengland.org.uk; lydia.nixon@naturalengland.org.uk; christopher.turner@naturalengland.org.uk; david.perry@naturalengland.org.uk; joanna.baird@naturalengland.org.uk; sarah.olney@naturalengland.org.uk; ken.downward@naturalengland.org.uk; anne-marie.jones@naturalengland.org.uk; andrew.fielder@naturalengland.org.uk; emma.wood@naturalengland.org.uk; charles.chantler@naturalengland.org.uk; greg.howarth@naturalengland.org.uk; bryn.w.thomas@naturalengland.org.uk; roy.hayes@naturalengland.org.uk; simon.richardson@naturalengland.org.uk; lizbe.pilbeam@naturalengland.org.uk; kate.allingham@naturalengland.org.uk; robert.lamboll@naturalengland.org.uk; charlotte.woodford@naturalengland.org.uk; sarah.jones@naturalengland.org.uk; jodene.williams@naturalengland.org.uk; jane.clarke@naturalengland.org.uk; andrew.russell@naturalengland.org.uk; caroline.cavill@naturalengland.org.uk; stephanie.nellis@naturalengland.org.uk; gary.hodgetts@naturalengland.org.uk; tbbc@defra.gsi.gov.uk; bovinetbconsultations@wales.gsi.gov.uk; nick.clegg.mp@parliament.uk; nickclegg@sheffieldhallam.org.uk; Science.Advisory.Council@defra.gsi.gov.uk; public@standards.gsi.gov.uk;

    hannah.white@standards.gsi.gov.uk; peter.hawthorne@standards.gsi.gov.uk; maggieob1@btinternet.com; hannah.panayiotou@standards.gsi.gov.uk; public@standards.gsi.gov.uk; sarah.taylor@standards.gsi.gov.uk; tbbc@defra.gsi.gov.uk; bovinetbconsultations@wales.gsi.gov.uk; philip.hammond.mp@parliament.uk; office@runnymedeweybridgeconservatives.com; hammonds@parliament.uk; agent@wimbledonconservatives.co.uk; jason.mccartney.mp@parliament.uk; sarah.wollaston.mp@parliament.uk; nina.smith@parliament.uk; greeningj@parliament.uk; chris.heatonharris.mp@parliament.uk; agent@wnc.uk.com; mark.harper.mp@parliament.uk; kris.hopkins.mp@parliament.uk; simon.kirby

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    Comment number 44.

    Early last week I noticed a large flock of long tailed tits near where I live then watched a large flock of pink footed geese flying overhead from the east coast and today watched a flock of swans flying over the north sea towards the broads in Norfolk. I love it hear in Norfolk, plenty of birds flying in. Pam.

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    Comment number 45.

    Miss the answer to the quiz can you give me the answer do I can see if me or my husband were right thank you and great show tonight x

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    Comment number 46.

    Excellent piece about The Badger Cull

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    Comment number 47.

    I am really enjoying the coverage. I love the new red button coverage. I also really liked the relaxed chat with Nick.. Unsprung was fine Nick it is great to see both sides of the coverage the very professional technically perfect and the warm full of personality more relaxed info Keep going.

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    Comment number 48.

    When we visit our holiday home in Brittany we often hear a distinctive bird call in nearby small woods, surrounded by open farmlands.- So far have been unable to locate the bird. Its call is three notes "chuff chuff chuff", repeated one or two times.
    Any ideas of which bird makes this call?

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    Comment number 49.

    First sighting this year of a large flock of fieldfares feeding on the rowan berries in the garden on 29th October 2013. [Personal details removed by Moderator] - Alyth, Perthshire.

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    Comment number 50.

    Do you know that the red button system hasn't been working all evening and part of the day. Message on screen is 'the service you are trying to watch is temporarily unavailable. 'Can't watch Unsprung or any of the live Leighton Moss footage. As I live locally to Leighton Moss this is really frustrating.

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    Comment number 51.


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    Comment number 52.

    two bramblings seen at St Catherine's Hill nature reserve near Winchester


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