Unsprung home-building quiz

Wednesday 5 June 2013, 18:59

Martin Hughes-Games Martin Hughes-Games Presenter

Who would make a home from these things? Can you guess before tonight's Unsprung? 

Springwatch Unsprung 1 Mystery home-building ingredient 1 Springwatch Unsprung 2 Mystery home-building ingredient 2 Springwatch Unsprung 3 Mystery home-building ingredient 3 Springwatch Unsprung 4 Mystery home-building ingredient 4

Get the answer at 8.30pm on BBC Two. We'll also post it on this blog after the show. Good luck!



UPDATE: And here's your answers.

1. Doormouse nest - made of honeysuckle bark

2. Mason bee - in a shell plugged with ground up vegitation

3. Hermit crab homes - including wall plugs!

4. Goldcrest nest - made of animal hair, moss, spider webs (or indeed a long tailed tit or firecrest)


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