That was Springwatch 2013 - what did you think?

Thursday 13 June 2013, 20:44

Holly Spearing Holly Spearing Series Producer

I can't believe we've reached the end of the series already.  It has been another whirlwind of action and drama and beauty ..... and not sleeping enough ...... and midges !

Our weird, late spring certainly prompted a new and interesting story from the RSPB's glorious Ynys Hir reserve this year - so many new species and new behaviours (thanks to Dick and all our RSPB friends !).  It's amazing to think that we never really know what is going to happen each year.  Who would have known that the jackdaws would dominate our news on many days, and that a grass snake would put in a dramatic appearance?  I've particularly enjoyed the fledge fest of the last few days - almost like nature planned it for us.

We also never know what amazing things that you, our incredible audience, are going to send in, and tell us about, and photograph ..... and tweet.  What you do and say and send is so much a part of Springwatch that I can genuinely say we cannot make it without you these days.  So a big thank you from all of us in the Springwatch team.

We've had a great time (fabulous weather helped!) and we've learned loads of new things, not just about the wildlife, but also about how we make the show and the web stuff - and what you like to watch.  As in previous years, we're writing this blog and inviting your comments and suggestions (just post below) about what you've liked - and disliked, and what you want to see more of - and less of.  We really do want to hear what you think and how you think we should evolve further.

I'm sure you are aware that there was a big debate about the badger cull on the blog we set up to link you to the science behind the issue and on to our BBC News colleagues for the political and policy aspects of the story.  Thank you to the many of you who have had your say by commenting on that blog.  The blog is still live and you can continue to have your say - I am sure the debate will continue for a long time to come.  Do keep tuned in to BBC News for the latest on this evolving story.

From all of us in the team, thank you very much for watching Springwatch 2013 in all its guises -  and for getting involved.  After a bit of a lie down, we'll be flat out planning for Autumnwatch - thoughts and suggestions welcome. 

Do look out for our "Springwatch Guide to Butterflies" on BBC TWO sometime in July, and have a great Summer of Wildlife!


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    Comment number 101.

    i loved watching springwatch this year and so did the kids.The bumblebees were ffab to watch and they were a big hit with the kids aswell :-) i enjoyed watching the gulls as i feel they have been known as pests so this was fantastic to see a different side of them :-) Well done to all the team involved in creating springwatch and i hope we have an aurturmwatch :-)

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    Comment number 102.

    Absolutely fantastic series once again and I'm gutted that it's finished...once again!

    Brilliantly put together, very well presented by the guys and a great atmosphere was set by the Springwatch team for us viewers every episode, so thanks very much.

    I'm already looking forward to Autumnwatch!


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    Comment number 103.

    Why can we not send comments or questions during the run of Springwatch unless we have Facebook or Twitter? We do not all wish to be connected with either of those. There used to be a general "message board" we could use.

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    Comment number 104.

    Another great series comes to an end all too soon! Loved every minute and enjoyed the humour shown by the presenters! Thanks to everyone involved in the series for all your hard work. This programme gets better and better and I can't wait for the next series.

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    Comment number 105.

    Outstanding. Loved the series. Thankyou to everybody behind the cameras, as well as the 4 main presenters. Even thought springwatch in the afternoon was great. Would like to know how long it takes to set up and dismantle the production village. Roll on November.

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    Comment number 106.

    What a fantastic Springwatch! It has been so informative, educational , entertaining and amusing and I've enjoyed every moment. I have learned so much and I've had quite a few answers to things which had puzzled me. Feel bereft now it's finished but will look forward to Autumn watch.
    Can Chris Packham do a Wardobewatch and watch out for those stripey cardigans though?

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    Comment number 107.

    By far the best series yet, in no small part because of the greater coverage of non-avian wildlife! More good science too. Looking forward to the summer butterfly special.

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    Comment number 108.

    The best series yet. A great presentation and production team made the programmes enjoyable and informative. The BBC at its best. Thank you.

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    Comment number 109.

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    Comment number 1.Richard Bavin
    13th June 2013 - 20:57
    A tremendous series, but over too soon. You have a great presentation team. Sadly we have too few unplugged programmes. See you all again soon. Kind regards Richard.

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    Comment number 2.Cathy Frankland
    13th June 2013 - 21:04
    What a fantastic Springwatch 2013, thank you so much to all of the team. I particularly enjoyed the views of butterflies, the film about snails and the stunning shots from the micro-world studio. I'm looking forward to the special butterfly programme in July. The varied nests were great and I found the close-up of the bees fascinating. Thank you to all of you, it was great to be able to look forward to a great tv programme for four nights a week over the past three weeks.

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    Comment number 3.jules3941
    13th June 2013 - 21:15
    Another fantastic series well done guys!! Enjoyed every minute! Great to be able to catch up on missed episodes on I-player too. Presenters are a great team, enthusiastic, educational with a hint of humour what more could you want. I agree with Richard its over so quickly!! Will look forward to Autumnwatch. Thank you!!!!

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    Comment number 4.Michele
    13th June 2013 - 21:16
    It was great (even the mallard!) - but we were disappointed that the red kites didn't feature today, though they were advertised in The Times. Perhaps we should be disappointed with The Times, for assuming these fabulous birds would feature again? Given that they are a regular visitor here (South Lincs), we were looking forward to seeing them. The programme was fabulous, though, grass snake, jackdaw burglars, and all.

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    Comment number 5.NWESSR
    13th June 2013 - 21:18
    Loved this series - the whole team have done a great job - the whole crew. Although it isn't just about them - it should be said that the 4 main series presenters are excellent. Job Well done producers, rese

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    Comment number 110.

    I am still waiting for a reply to my complaint about pro badger cull bias on programs such as BBC news, Countryfile and Springwatch. It is shameful that presenters are being gagged when I know for a fact they are against the cull. I thought it was only places like China and Russia where the views of the majority were suppressed in favour of a cruel and corrupt government.
    Please get the facts out there. A badger cull is NOT scientific, is NOT economic, is NOT democratic and will have no meaningful effect on Bovine TB. Your are letting down the 250,000+ people who have signed the petition against the cull and most of all you are letting down the wildlife of this country which you are supposed to represent.
    I am a license payer and a taxpayer so I want some answers to this government censorship.

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    Comment number 111.

    What a wonderful three weeks of viewing - I've learnt so much. Absolutely hooked four evenings a week - put off seeing people / doing things. Great presentation team - will miss them like the end of a holiday.

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    Comment number 112.

    110@Balbuzard I agree, I have commented on here before and I'll keep commenting because I will keep fighting for Badgers and bringing public awareness. ***NOT A GOOD SPRINGWATCH**** you have let the Badger down, no cam, no features, no mention of the plight our Badgers are facing, all these lovely people making lovely comments are most likely unaware of the fact that you have turned your back on the Badger. Chris Packham gagged???WHY?? So springwatch could hide behind the impartial word??? You are supposed to be a pro wildlife programme and our Badgers needed you!

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    Comment number 113.

    Loved it! :) Thanks so very much to everyone involved and congratulations on a great job done! I also feel this has been one of the best series yet, the inclusion of the webcams and finding your Facebook page, has for me added an extra aspect to it where I feel more involved than if I were watching the TV shows alone. Hope all 4 teams of SW cam watchers have a safe journey home and a well earned rest now, they did extremely well. I really do hope that Autumnwatch will have just as long a run and that everything included in this years Springwatch will be part of that one as well. Hope to learn how all our birdies have been doing then. I intend to do more nature/wildlife watching myself through the rest of this Spring and Summer :) Take care all, enjoy your Summer of wildlife too and see you for Autumnwatch! xxx

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    Comment number 114.

    Hello Holly......I was disgusted at the item you had on "Pond Dipping"...what is it about wildlife ventures that makes them think they can get all the nation dipping in ponds...oh what a hoot.
    You removed the poor stickleback and explained how vital it was that he stays close and looks after his family...fat chance if he aint in the water.
    What gives people the right to keep vandalising the few remaining ponds in the get asbo's for doing graffiti etc and yet are encouraged to kill off whole patrs of the countryside.
    The seabed is a pet subject for trusts at the moment with the threat of trawling doing exactly what dragging a net through a pond does.
    Sorry to rant but like all involved in Springwatch I just love getting out and enjoying the outdoors and all things in it but you should really get a grip on subjects before putting them out as if it's on Springwatch it is gospel and is therefore correct...well a lot of the time it is not.
    I know you have to find things to fill the time but maybe a bit of thought would go a long way.
    By the way I tried to send a message on that twitter thing(no idea what use it is) so if you find a comment about me taking birds out of nests it was to illustrate how wrong it is and it mirrors what you did with the fish.

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    Comment number 115.

    WHY are you telling everyone that the Badger blog is still active Holly when it isn't?????Oh and thank you spring watch for doing NOTHING for Badgers, all your integrity has been blown away Badger cam, no Badger features, no help for the poor Badgers. You failed to answer any of our pleas and questions on the Badger cull blog. Shameful action seeing as springwatch cut its teeth as Badgerwatch and is supposed to be a pro wildlife programme. Still hiding behind the word impartial????? Shame on you springwatch you have Badger blood on your hands!!!!!

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    Comment number 116.

    Well, if you ever want to make 3 weeks fly by then it has just happened. Brilliant again BBC for this amazing Springwatch which seems over in a flash. Each year I tell myself that it cannot get any better, but it does, and notwithstanding the changes over the past few years of presenters. Thankyou to the three main presenters who were so totally professional in their explanations and views and make this series so utterly enthralling. Also thanks to Nick Baker, Iolo and all of the other "guest" presenters for their enthusiasm and knowledge. The programme has evolved since the Bill & Kate days with Simon stuck on a rock somewhere, but the key is that the format is essentially the same. Bringing the intimate lives of birds, animals and plants into our homes and encouraging us to consider what is around us, and showing how this can be done and enjoyed even more. Even at the age of 61, I have learnt more since Springwatch than in the previous 50 years. So my suggestion for future programmes is : KEEP DOING THE SAME - nothing succeeds like success. Many many thanks

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    Comment number 117.

    Great of the BBC to allow so much time for a wonderful and important programme . With these easy to watch presenters it will have drawn in many that would not watch this type of thing normally which can only help our struggling planet . Well done BBC . Well done the presenters. A fabulous and informative series .

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    Comment number 118.

    I actually liked the fact springwatch didn't mention the badger issue or badger in general. I agree the badger issue needs to be debated and who knows the bbc may run such a programme but it would have completely taken over springwatch and distracted from the many and varied items they did show. what do people want- a three week debate on the pro and cons of badger culling or a celebration of the rest of the wildlife people can enjoy. Plus badgers in general on spring/autumnwatch have been a complete bore, they never appear live and they have been well and truly covered over the years. Fav has to be the water rail but I want to know what happened to redstart chicks- especially those last seen on sitting on the ground looking vulnerable.

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    Comment number 119.

    ps when were birds taken out a nest (ringnecks comments) and how does encoraging kids to pond dip kill off the countryside?

    mellie- - springwatch is not the badger bating channel you are entilted to view but accusing the dedicated springwatch team of having badger blood on their hands is a bit melodramatic. save that for the politicians who make the decisions.

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    Comment number 120.

    Dear Team, Thanks for such beauty and laughter. Here is a favourite poem for you all for giving us so much Joy. Love Sammi

    Life is Love Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    Is anyone sad in the world, I wonder?
    Does anyone weep on a day like this,
    With the sun above and the green earth under?
    Why, what is life but a dream of bliss?

    With the sun and the skies and the birds above me,
    Birds that sing as they wheel and fly -
    With the winds to follow and say they loved me -
    Who could be lonely? O no, not I!

    Somebody said in the street this morning,
    As I opened my window to let in the light,
    That the darkest day of the world was dawning;
    But I looked, and the East was a gorgeous sight

    One who claims that he knows about it
    Tells me the Earth is a vale of sin;
    But I and the bees and the birds - we doubt it,
    And think it a world worth living in.

    Someone says that hearts are fickle,
    That love is sorrow, that life is care,
    And the reaper Death, with his shining sickle,
    Gathers whatever is bright and fair.

    I told the thrush, and we laughed together -
    Laughed till the woods were all a-ring;
    And he said to me, as he plumed each feather,
    "Well, people must croak, if they cannot sing!"

    Up he flew, but his song, remaining,
    Rang like a bell in my heart all day,
    And silenced the voices of weak complaining
    That pipe like insects along the way.

    O world of light, and O world of beauty!
    Where are there pleasures so sweet as thine?
    Yes, life is love, and love is duty;
    And what heart sorrows? O no, not mine!


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