That was Springwatch 2013 - what did you think?

Thursday 13 June 2013, 20:44

Holly Spearing Holly Spearing Series Producer

I can't believe we've reached the end of the series already.  It has been another whirlwind of action and drama and beauty ..... and not sleeping enough ...... and midges !

Our weird, late spring certainly prompted a new and interesting story from the RSPB's glorious Ynys Hir reserve this year - so many new species and new behaviours (thanks to Dick and all our RSPB friends !).  It's amazing to think that we never really know what is going to happen each year.  Who would have known that the jackdaws would dominate our news on many days, and that a grass snake would put in a dramatic appearance?  I've particularly enjoyed the fledge fest of the last few days - almost like nature planned it for us.

We also never know what amazing things that you, our incredible audience, are going to send in, and tell us about, and photograph ..... and tweet.  What you do and say and send is so much a part of Springwatch that I can genuinely say we cannot make it without you these days.  So a big thank you from all of us in the Springwatch team.

We've had a great time (fabulous weather helped!) and we've learned loads of new things, not just about the wildlife, but also about how we make the show and the web stuff - and what you like to watch.  As in previous years, we're writing this blog and inviting your comments and suggestions (just post below) about what you've liked - and disliked, and what you want to see more of - and less of.  We really do want to hear what you think and how you think we should evolve further.

I'm sure you are aware that there was a big debate about the badger cull on the blog we set up to link you to the science behind the issue and on to our BBC News colleagues for the political and policy aspects of the story.  Thank you to the many of you who have had your say by commenting on that blog.  The blog is still live and you can continue to have your say - I am sure the debate will continue for a long time to come.  Do keep tuned in to BBC News for the latest on this evolving story.

From all of us in the team, thank you very much for watching Springwatch 2013 in all its guises -  and for getting involved.  After a bit of a lie down, we'll be flat out planning for Autumnwatch - thoughts and suggestions welcome. 

Do look out for our "Springwatch Guide to Butterflies" on BBC TWO sometime in July, and have a great Summer of Wildlife!


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    Comment number 61.

    BBC once again shows that it has the best Natural History unit in the world.
    Presenters knowledge (especially Chris Packham) excellent, researchers unbeatable, cameramen the best, engineers and other backroom staff - you must be so proud.
    This programme inspires the young to appreciate what we have in the UK.
    The video of the child's expression when the butterfly opens it's wings expresses the passion you all inspire for a lifetime.

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    Comment number 62.

    As a US resident I thoroughly enjoyed watching Springwatch and wish they had something like that in the US. It really encourages people to get involved with their natural environment as well as educating them. The American Robin is so much like the Blackbird in the way it moves, sings, eats etc. apart from the colour! Beware of the Emerald Ash Borer beetle which is devastating ash trees in parts of the US. It's caused by an invasive beetle so watch out for it!

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    Comment number 63.

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone involved for another great series. For my 50th birthday I got a bad dose of sciatica (which is a shame, because I asked for a Porsche), and it's meant I've been a bit trapped in my flat, missing out on this year's spring. So Springwatch has been even more welcome than usual, connecting me with the sanity of the countryside and providing a wonderful escape from the rat race.

    Well done again everyone.

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    Comment number 64.

    Noted, not one ground nesting bird was predated by a badger. (Still disappointed you didn't stand up for our lovely black and whites).

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    Comment number 65.


    Regarding the blog about the badger cull. It is no longer "live" so you are incorrect about the debate continuing.

    I would go so far as to say the BBC has stifled debate - by refusing to discuss it within Springwatch programme and in general by refusing to acknowledge
    1) that the science does NOT support a cull
    2) the support amongst the general public for the ANTI-cull movement!

    The BBC and Springwatch have let a lot of people down!

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    Comment number 66.

    What was the music the show ended with last night (13 June) when the highlights were shown? Was it created for the show?

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    Comment number 67.

    Springwatch just goes from strength to strength. It was good to ratchet it back a bit and how us some basic stuff about Mallards,, blackbirds et al that younger viewers might have missed from previous series. All three presenters convey a love for their subject that is so rare on TV. Also, somehow Unsprung managed to stay in the groove this time and was a terrific source of comment knowledge and fun. I particularly valued the red button shows, too- just rounded off the evening for me. I also enjoyed Springwatch in the Afternoon- programmes to record and savour with the grandchildren. Our only regret is that our US friends can't watch it!

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    Comment number 68.

    It would be lovely to have one final follow up programme to tell us what happened to the birds that we didn't see fledge etc. I haven't yet watched last night's final episode but was watching the webcams avidly until 6pm but I don't think the jackdaws fledged in time did they? Last year it was so disappointing when it just ended and we never found out what happened to the peregrine falcons in Bath and the ospreys. Good or bad news, it would have been nice to know, even if just on the website?

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    Comment number 69.

    Spring watch was fab this year, wish it would go on for longer. A little disappointed that we didn't see the Jackdoors fledge, but hey the Red starts wee brilliant. Loads of stuff to take part in and loads of stuff to interest you. Can't wait till next year. Should do a summer watch, a autum watch and a winter watch too.... Just a thought:) x

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    Comment number 70.

    I've loved the 3 years you've been at Ynys Hir and will be sad to see you go. There seems to have been an extra element of drama enhanced by the dramatic scenery and extreme weather! This series, loved the feature on the long tailed tits, and all the drama with the jackdaws. Great to see the waterrail too. Always feel a bit bereft when the series finishes!

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    Comment number 71.

    Brilliant series,so sorry it's finished. All the presenters were fantastic. I particularly liked Chris's insistence that we mustn't attribute human emotions to animals - hard not to when watching chicks being predated, but he's right of course! Looking forward to next year already.

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    Comment number 72.

    Just loved the programme this spring. You have a very professional team who interacted so well together.
    Chris Packham is so knowledgeable and interesting.
    Martin HG is gorgeous/enthusiastic.!
    Micheala has grown so well into her part, and has a great sense of humour.!
    Oh dear this sounds like a school report.!!
    Well done guys. You have made watching this spring so enjoyable.
    I especially loved the piece about the Long Tailed Tits, wonderful photography .What a nest.!
    Can't wait for Autumn Watch
    Regards Jenny.

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    Comment number 73.

    So sad Springwatch 2013 has finished, the last three weeks have been riveting. Everything about the program is fab. The enthusiastic presenters - Chris, Michaela, Martin and Iolo make a great team and their knowledge of wildlife is outstanding. With presenters like these, it makes you want to get out there and look for yourself. A huge thank you to all involved in bringing it to our screens.
    Can't wait for the Summer of Wildlife programmes to start.

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    Comment number 74.

    Loved this years Springwatch.
    Would like to see video thumbnails to overview what's happening and make choices.
    Would like more titling to see what this brown blobby is.
    I was excited to see bees but soon it became like watching paint dry. Needed more info (though I realise its a hook into the programme.)
    I like the overall style of the presentation both young minded and depth off content. A few bits of silliness reminded me of Kate Humble days. Sometimes it feels like Chris is boxed into a self image of the crusty old-fashioned prof - I love it when he shows his passion for the subject.
    I appreciate the imperative to get out and do something about nature.
    I think it shameful that you fudged the badger cull when you could have deepened the appalling Beeb's coverage of these issues.
    I live in Holland where we (and Germany etc) have badgers a plenty but NO bovine TB (nor mad cows etc). Isle of Man has NO badgers but TB. WHY??
    I would like some technical support about how you rigged the cameras and lights in the nest boxes. I have recorded nests for 5 years and my results are like taking your Kodak box camera for your holiday snaps! But fascinating. Maybe guest blog pages?

    Thanks for a great series which has touched millions.

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    Comment number 75.

    I agree with all the positive things people are saying here: it WAS a brilliant series with a great presenting team and so many highlights! However, I also have to agree with the comments about the badger cull. It was extremely disappointing that this wasn't covered: Chris has been very clear about his opposition to it elsewhere (as have other prominent wildlife presenters, including Simon King and David Attenborough), because the science doesn't support a cull. I think the BBC missed an opportunity to inform viewers who might not be aware of the situation. Let's hope that Chris's upcoming "Burrowers" programme will help redress the balance.
    That aside, thanks to everyone involved for a great show and I'm looking forward to the Summer of Wildlife, with Autumnwatch to round it all off!

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    Comment number 76.

    Enjoyed the final round-up last night, thanks. One thing that jarred slightly was the constant use of "fledge" to mean leaving the nest (rather than growing feathers, as I have always understood it). One leads to the other, of course, but I thought fledging was the whole process rather than the final exit. Has the word changed its common usage recently or do naturalists use it differently?

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    Comment number 77.

    A gripping representation of Spring/Summer, aided by excellent narration of some amazing findings and a team that really do seem to work very well together. The team has changed a lot recently, but the current combination do a wonderful job. I agree with almost everyone, in that another week would be brilliant, but I suppose it is possible that the nest action would die down significantly. Now I am waiting in awe for the rest of the 'Summer of Wildlife.'

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    Comment number 78.

    Lovely comments from everyone BUT I'M AFRAID THE GENERAL PUBLIC ARE FORGETTING THE GREAT INJUSTICE YOU HAVE DONE TO THE BADGER!!!!!!!!!!! No Badger Cam, no feature, hardly a mention, a badger cull blog where you failed to answer any of our questions we posted on there about why you had turned your back Springwatch on the Badger!!!? Chris Packham seemingly gagged!!!
    Not the best spring watch probably THE WORST EVER because you turned your back on the very animal that started this programme off 'Badgerwatch' remember it?????? Shameful series of events completely ruined your integrity.........

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    Comment number 79.

    Loved Springwatch. Amazing as always. Really liked the rabbits and the water rail chicks but all the animals were stars from the biggest to the smallest!! Perhaps I will be able to get on with some work now. Would like to have a follow up programme in a couple of weeks to just see how some of the stories end - to see if the woodpeckers and jackdaws fledged. Would also like to be able to watch all four camera's on the web site at the same time in thumbnails - we could keep an eye on all the action that way. Waited all day yesterday willing the jackdaw out of the nest. Keep it up. Can't wait till autumn watch.

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    Comment number 80.

    Thanks all for another fantastic series. I was unable to watch most of them live as I work evenings, but I always catch up the next morning. I would love to be able to catch up with Springwatch Extra too, is that possible?


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