Richard Taylor-Jones captures the autumn knot spectacle on film

Friday 2 November 2012, 12:52

Paul Deane Paul Deane Web Producer

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Here's wildlife cameraman and director Richard Taylor-Jones to introduce the marvellous film from last night's Autumnwatch about the knot spectacle in Snettisham.


The idea of going to Snettisham was put to me by Holly, the Autumnwatch Series Producer. Could I come up with a film that centered on the autumn spectacle of the 100,000 Knot that gather there at this time of year and at the same time convey the feeling of the landscape too?

When making a film about a landscape its very important to me not to only to convey what somewhere looks like, and sounds like, but what it feels like. Every landscape has a feeling and to re-create that feeling is my challenge as a film maker, as well as to explore why it exists.

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Richard Taylor-Jones captures the Snettisham knot spectacle on film

With Snettisham, the overwhelming feeling that I had, and ended up trying to convey, was a sense of space. You feel you have space at Snettisham, a space away from our busy 24hr media world. It shouts space at you.

It related to the birds as well, for their space changed daily as the tide came in and out. Space was an important element of their lives, just as it is for us.

I can’t deny I found the place utterly captivating and spent every day, for 6 days, out from dawn until dusk filming it. The Knot, the tides, the cockle fishermen, the bird ringers – even the caravans! They all played their part in telling the landscape’s story.

I hope it does the place justice and I hope it will encourage you to go and feel that sense of space for yourself, if it does, then I’ve done my job. The whole place really is an autumn spectacle you simply must see.

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    Comment number 1.

    Re AutumnWatch Thursday programme Knot at Snettisham film.

    The Artist that is Richard Taylor-Jones is a truly brilliant photographer, A Man For All Seasons and a poet with A Beautiful Mind. For us Ordinary People he is an inspiration, The Godfather of nature film-makers. A shame that the Titanic show that is AutumnWatch will soon be The Departed show. We just can't wait until WinterWatch but the Scots, Irish and Welsh are patient and The English Patient too. We will be wishing for lots of snow then and hoping there will be no Rain Man.

    Enough of that I think - great programmes, great films and congratulations to everyone involved with AutumnWatch. License fee was well spent this year.


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    Comment number 2.

    Whilst the Team's knowledge of wildlife is very impressive, their knowledge of correct English grammar is less so. Please, oh please tell Michaela that it is NOT correct (and grates on my nerves) to say "less people" when she really means "fewer people". Please offer her a guide; there was less water in the dam today and fewer people walking round it. Consider how ridiculous that would sound if less and fewer were reversed.
    So many BBC staff are getting this wrong. It is not a question of options. One is just plain wrong.

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    Comment number 3.

    I really liked the film about the knot, it had a very classy but descriptive feel to it, and made sense of a phenomenon I often ponder over.

    I hate to be brutally honest, but I didn't think much of Richard Taylor-Jones' film on the last Autumnwatch about the coal mine. It made little sense, but I loved the one about the knot from the coast.

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    Comment number 4.

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching Richard Taylor-Jones breathtaking filming and beautiful commentary - what a talent. Are there any DVDs produced containing his work? I don't want to have to wait until Winter Watch until I can experience it again! Well done, and to all the Autumn Watch team.


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