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Review: Eagle Eye

Wednesday 15 October 2008, 11:30

Mark Kermode Mark Kermode

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Word of the day, people: "Bayification".

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    Comment number 1.

    While I accept the basic thread of your argument here, and also find the increasingly bombastic nature of many movies overwhelming and vapid, it seems rather puerile to blame one individual for this trend.

    Surely the derivative nature of movies reflects the risk-aversion of corporate Hollywood. Their determination to make as much money as possible from every release leads them to continually resort to both tried and tested ideas, and the lowest common denominator. The same might well apply to their reliance on bombast - and bomb-blasts.

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    Comment number 2.

    As illustrated by Empire magazine's 4/5 rating for Eagle Eye, in recent years there's been a move away from reviews for everyone. Instead we have reviews which qualify their praise with clichés such as "leave your brain at the door", "brilliant for what it is" and "fans of the genre..."

    Mark, if you're as bold a film critic as your reviews suggest then it's time for your criticism to extend from film-makers to other film critics. Maybe professional courtesy stops you doing so but someone of your stature really needs to get them to up their game.

    Yes Empire (an automatic extra star if a film's British) I'm looking at you.

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    Comment number 3.


    You have hit the proverbial nail on the head, or is that an incorrect metaphor in this discussion.

    I am mad as hell. I'm sick of movies being dumbed down and people in droves parking their minds and filing into theaters to be fed imagery and audio shock waves that are meant to ultimately disguise their thoughtless existence.

    Let's go for a full on Conspiracy Theory with Michael Bay as the agent of a corrupt group of global corporations hell bent on creating drones who never think and simply do what the ads tell them. Spend money.

    I used to go to the cinema once or twice a week. more recently it has slipped to once a month. Maybe I'm just getting older. or maybe, just maybe, I started to think

    Here in America we are in a far worse state, politics, TV, radio, movies and sport presentations are all being Bayified and the audience just sits there in a stupor lapping it up. Wall-E here we come!


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    Comment number 4.

    You can't make a convincing argument for a trend by taking examples of bad modern movies and holding them up against examples of good old movies. What's really needed is some kind of detailed and objective statistical analysis on all present and historic movie content and ticket sales.

    Unfortunately that kind of thing is very hard work, and there's no real audience for it, so it doesn't tend to happen.

    A bit like intellectual films, really.

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    Comment number 5.

    Hear hear, Mr. Kermode.


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