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Oscars And Kermodes

Friday 11 January 2013, 15:42

Mark Kermode Mark Kermode

The 2013 Oscar nominations have now been announced. What did you think of them and what do you predict will win the highly coveted Kermode Awards this year?

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    Comment number 1.

    I was actually fairly happy with how the Academy Award nominations panned out. Considering they are the Oscar's, so working with that bias in mind, this is a really strong a diverse list of films. The one person I feel was snubbed though was Kathryn Bigelow, who didn't get a nomination for best director. Of the awards films that I've seen (and I've seen 6 of the 9 best picture contenders so far) Zero Dark Thirty was my favourite, and considering that Bigelow is the only woman ever to win best director, it would be nice to have seen them give her the nod again, both for those political reasons and because she deserved it.

    As to the Kermodes, I'd say that Berberian Sound Studio has a good chance of cleaning up and taking Best Film, Best Actor, and likely Best Director as well, though that last one I'm less sure of. Maybe Mark agrees with my snub, and will go with Bigelow. For once, Mark's foreign language favourites have actually turned up at the Oscars, so I'd go with The Raid for his favourite foreign language film, and You've Been Trumped for Best Documentary. Best Actress is up in the air, but even though it was technically last year's film, I can see him giving it to Elizabeth Olsen for Martha Marcy May Marlene.

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    Comment number 2.

    1. BEST FILM - Looper
    2. BEST ACTOR - Michael Fassbender in Prometheus
    3. BEST ACTRESS - Emily Blunt in Looper - someone has to give her an award for this
    4. BEST FILM NOT IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE - The flowers of war? - i haven't seen any others this year
    5. BEST DIRECTOR - Rian Johnson for Looper - has to get it out of respect for the fact it's like his 2nd ever film
    6. BEST DOCUMENTARY - who watches documentaries? i'd say zero dull thirty lol

    i literally have no idea who you are going to pick dr but those are mine

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    Comment number 3.

    mr. kermode..the kermode has to go to marion cottilard for rust & bone, she should have received an oscar nomination and then the award itself.
    if you somehow manage to find another lead actress who deserves...i'll be flabbergasted and expect a 500 page dossier explaining why!!
    do the right thing!!

    adam otmani

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    Comment number 4.

    BEST FILM: Berbarian Sound Studio
    BEST ACTOR: Mads Mikelsen for A Royal Affair
    BEST DIRECTOR: Sam Mendes for Skyfall
    BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Javier Bardem for Skyfall
    BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Judi Dench for Skyfall

    It would make sense for Skyfall to clean up at the Kermodes seeing that it's been snubbed at the Oscars. Big clue in playing the Adele song....

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    Comment number 5.


    Ben Affleck
    Kathryn Bigelow

    Leonardo DiCaprio.
    Michael Caine

    Richard Gere (Arbitrage)




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    Comment number 6.

    The movies nominated for best picture are quite diverse and good films, although you could see most of the nominations coming from miles away.

    For the Kermode awards, I have no clue, but my best guess for a category would be Ben Affleck for Best Director, with Sam Mandes getting a mention. Skyfall playing at the end might be a clue for the rest.

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    Comment number 7.

    Best Director was a bit of a wash, with snubs including Bigelow, Taranteno and Affleck. Personally I would've given it to Affleck for Argo, it was fantastic.

    For the Kermodes, i'm predicting Berberian Sound Studio winning a lot, likely Best Film, Best Actor, and maybe Director. Best Foreign Film should go to the Raid. I'd love Looper to get some love, and I'd like Skyfall to get appreciation as well, truly hoping Roger Deakins will win best Cinematography.

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    Comment number 8.

    Kermode's Choices:

    Best Film - Berberian Sound Studio
    Best Director - Sam Mendes (Skyfall)
    Best Actor - Toby Jones (Berberbian Sound Studio)
    Best Actress - Alicia Vikander (A Royal Affair)
    Best Documentary - McCullin
    Best Foreign Language Film - The Raid


    Best Film - The Dark Knight Rises
    Best Director - Ben Affleck (Argo)
    Best Documentary - The Imposter
    Best Foreign Language Film - The Raid

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    Comment number 9.

    As usual, there are a number of things wrong Oscar nods. But the nomination that caught my eye was "Christoph Waltz" for best supporting actor. He played the same role he had played in Inglourious Basterds and although he was very good in Inglourious Basterds, watching him do the same things for a completely different role was not pleasant. If anyone deserves a nod from Django Unchained, its Leo Dicaprio. He was right mix of scary and odd. Plus he got the accent completely right. Also, instead of Django Unchained, The Dark Knight Rises should have been nominated for best picture. I think The Master was better than Silver Lining Playbook, as well.

    I would have loved to see Michael Fassbender in supporting actor category, but I guess he would get the more prestigious Kermode Award. As for rest of the Kermodes, the only one I can predict is The Royal Affair.

    I think, in a few years, I would not even bother watching Oscars. They always disappoint and that makes me very angry.

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    Comment number 10.

    I still need to see many of the films on the Oscars roster for Best Picture, but I felt Quentin Tarantino was left out of the Best Director category.
    Nonetheless, I predict that the Kermode Awards will go to:

    Best Picture: Berberian Sound Studio
    Best Actor: Toby Jones in Berberian Sound Studio
    Best Actress: ???
    Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem in Skyfall
    Best Director: Gareth Evans, Christopher Nolan or Sam Mendes
    Best Foreign Language film: The Raid

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    Comment number 11.

    I would bet that You've Been Trumped will almost certainly get Best Documentary.

    Since Roger Deakins has been nominated, I think you'll give Best Cinematography to Wally Pfister.

    Personally, I would give Best Supporting Actor to either Tom Hardy for The Dark Knight Rises or Michael Fassbender for Prometheus.

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    Comment number 12.

    Best Film- Skyfall
    Best Director- Sam Mendes (Skyfall)
    Best Actor- Mads Mikkelsen (A Royal Affair)
    Best Actress- Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene)
    Best Film not in the English language- Rust and Bone
    Best Documentary- McCullin

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    Comment number 13.

    Best Film Berbarian Sound Studio
    Best film in a foreign language A Royal Affair
    Best Director Gareth Evans
    Best Cinemtogrphy Wally Pfister for Dark Knight Rises
    Best Actor Its between one of two people Daniel Craig or Toby Jones, I reckon Toby Jones
    Best Actress Marion Coitard
    Best Actress supporting Anne hathaway dkr
    Best acotr supporting Serkis again

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    Comment number 14.

    Mark, could you please include a "Best Supporting Actor" and "Best Supporting Actress" category as well? You used to have those two categories, but you stopped last year for some reason.

    Of the Best Picture nominees, I've so far only seen "Argo", so I can't really say much. Although here is how I think the Kermodes are going to turn out:

    BEST FILM: "Berberian Sound Studio"
    BEST ACTOR: Toby Jones for "Berberian Sound Studio", or Mads Mikkelsen for "A Royal Affair"
    BEST ACTRESS: Alicia Vikander for "A Royal Affair" (possibly shared with Mary Elizabeth Winstead for "Smashed"?)
    BEST DIRECTOR: Peter Strickland or Nikolaj Arcel
    BEST DOCUMENTARY: ... "You've Been Trumped" ...?

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    Comment number 15.

    The biggest crime in my opinion was not that The Dark Knight Rises was not nominated for Best Picture, or that Christopher Nolan was snubbed, YET AGAIN! However i was annoyed that Wally Phister was not nominated for best Cinematography. Whether you liked the film or not, the cinematography was sublime!

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    Comment number 16.

    My only problem with the oscar nominations; the omission of The Imposter for Best Documentary. Definitely one of the best films I've seen this year (although I haven't seen any of the best picture Oscar nominations yet) so I would personally rank it up for Best Picture; but I knew it wouldn't get nominated for that. However, I would have thought that it was a lock for Best Documentary. Even though I loved Searching for Sugar Man just for making Rodriguez a star, I thought that The Imposter was a better film, I hope you are considering it for a Kermode.

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    Comment number 17.

    BEST FILM: Berbarian Sound Studio
    BEST ACTOR: Denis Lavant - Holy Motors
    BEST ACTRESS : Marion Cotillard - Rust and Bone ? Maybe..Elizabeth Olsen..
    BEST DIRECTOR: Sam Mendes - Skyfall
    BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Michael Fassbender - Prometheus


    BEST FILM: Skyfall ( Seven Psychopaths / Life of Pi )
    BEST ACTRESS : Vanessa Paradis - Cafe De Flore
    BEST DIRECTOR: Sam Mendes - Skyfall
    BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - Thomas Haden Church - Killer Joe - Steals the movie
    BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR 2 - Sam Rockwell - 7 Psychopaths - When he describes the shootout
    BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR 3 - Ezra Miller - Perks of Being... So creepy as Kevin.. So charming in Perks.. What a talent.

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    Comment number 18.

    Everything about the Oscars was predictable once again regarding the best picture nominees. I was surprised to see Amour get as many major nominations as it did, as I merely expected it to only garner a Best Foreign Language film nomination. So that was a pleasant surprise.

    I personally feel that the batch of this year's Best Picture nominees are far better than the batch that was served up last year in which almost all the films were overrated (The Artist) or sentimental drivel (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close), the only exception being Moneyball. For the most part I've really like the majority of the films that I've so far seen on this years roster so that's good.

    Regarding your Kermodes it's tough.

    I think that Best Film has to be Berberian Sound Studio.
    Best Director I believe is going to either Sam Mendes or Ben Affleck
    Best Actor is either going to Toby Jones or Mads Mikkelsen. Hell, why not just give it to them both.
    Best Documentary had got to be You've Been Trumped.

    Not sure about best Actress. I'll get back to you.

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    Comment number 19.

    Hey Mark, I think you will do the following:

    1. BEST FILM - Beberian Sound Studio
    2. BEST ACTOR - Mads Mikkelson
    3. BEST ACTRESS - Either Elisabeth Olsen or Marion Cottilard
    5. BEST DIRECTOR - Peter Strickland
    6. BEST DOCUMENTARY - You've Been Trumped

    I think it's quite an interesting Oscar list, but there is a weird snobbishness to the Academy Awards: they generally avoid anything too edgy or extreme but at the same time avoid anything too 'populist' or mainstream. Like when Kate Winslet starred in the Extras spoof...there is certain implicit 'criteria' for an oscars nominee which should not exist. Haneke's films Hidden, White Ribbon and Piano Teacher were better but edgier films and hence no Oscars nomination in the best film category for example.

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    Comment number 20.

    I think the Kermodes could be as follows:

    Best Film - A Royal Affair

    Best Actor: Toby Jones (Berberian Sound Studio)

    Best Actress: Alicia Vikander (A Royal Affair)

    Best Foreign Language Film: The Raid

    Best Director: Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises)

    Best Documentary: You've Been Trumped

    It's bizarre that the Oscar's have snubbed Nolan again!


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