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Casting Call

Tuesday 23 April 2013, 14:35

Mark Kermode Mark Kermode

Steve Coogan plays porn king Paul Raymond in The Look Of Love, released this week. It's an inspired bit of casting - who would you cast to play who in an ideal world and why?

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    Comment number 1.

    He may be too old now but it would have be interesting to see Jim Carrey as Bruce Campbell in film based around the making of Evil Dead and the controversy the followed the films release. We all know Jim's made a career off of imitating Bruce anyway!

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    Comment number 2.

    As a lover of horror, I lament decent werewolf movies - but in an ideal world, I'd love to see an alpha female werewolf played by Kiera Knightley. There's something about her - especially in Domino - that is dangerous, tomboyish and sexy. She hasn't really had a chance to play a decent villainess and I think that's one of the roles I'd absolutely love to see her play. Uncompromising, stuff the rules and stuff the world. She's a great actress I think and it's time she was given the opportunity to be an unhinged, ruthless and psychotic enemy. I can just see her in a good werewolf movie, stalking and grooming an alpha male and trying to undo his humanity one string at a time. Will it happen? Like hell it will, but I can dream. I can dream...

    On a similar note, I'd also like to see Sarah Jessica Parker as a villainess as well. Perhaps a comic-book villain, perhaps Dark Angel in a new Wonder Woman movie. I dunno what it is but she seems a perfect fit for such a role, she's often got this wicked little glint in her eye so I think such a role would be amazing. She can't do a worse job than Sharon Stone in Catwoman, right?

    There are plenty of decent actors out there who seem terrified of playing villainous roles when they're obviously made for the task of a good baddie. I think a good villain is as defining as a good hero, and I would so love to see more of them...

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    Comment number 3.

    I've always thought Clancy Brown bares an uncanny resemblance to Tommy Cooper, if he could get the voice right he would be perfect in a biopic.

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    Comment number 4.

    Alan Sugar in the Long Good Friday. The film is sensational and Hoskins is amazing in the role. But the idea of casting the old East End tycoon and the chairman of Amstrad (the Lego version of Microsoft) as a ruthless East End gangster won't go amiss.

    Hugh Grant as Templeton "Face" Peck in the A Team. Grant is a charming womanizer, and the idea of him handling an Ak47 is so laughable that it would be a treat.

    Ralph Fiennes as James Bond: He maybe the boss now, but boy what a Bond he would've been. I mean Fiennes IS 007. Also Fiennes as Simon Templer aka The Saint. Again Fiennes is perfect for the role of the charming thieving rogue, and the powers that be still chose Kilmer?!

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    Comment number 5.

    The obvious answer is William H. Macy as Ned Flanders


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