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Tuesday 22 January 2013, 10:57

Tom Young Tom Young Introducing online producer

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Over the coming months, we are looking to move our older Advice pages into the new website template and we are really keen for your input.

Our current pages contain a broad range of information for music makers containing everything from recording tips to getting the right deal for you. We've also posted plenty of posts on this blog to help provide the advice you need and, of course, there's highlight from our Masterclass sessions in 2012 and 2011.

Yet, there's always room for more, which is where you come in. BBC Introducing Masterclass image

Towards the end of 2012, we held a series of audience research groups in London, Belfast and Norwich. This gave us some great insight into some of the issues at the top of the agenda for unsigned and undiscovered artists. Themes raised included more business advice, extra support (financial and musical) for musicians and tips for building a brand and gaining extra promotion.

But what's missing? Have a look through our Advice pages and let us know what information you'd like to help you make that next step, or maybe it's your first. Is there a particular industry specialist you'd like to hear from? Or maybe it's a musician or band who you admire for doing things differently. All suggestions are welcome.

You can get in contact by posting a comment on this blog, heading to our Facebook page, sending us a Tweet or emailing us through our contact pages.

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    Comment number 1.

    Hey Tom,

    My band (Gareth Vs The Shark) are extremely interested in finding about doing a BBC Introducing Maida Vale Session. Currently the only info we could find was just keep uploading music onto the site. Is there anything else in particular that could aid us and other bands in getting a slot?

    Also, we have recently been played on BBC Introducing In Essex a few times, and was mentioned on air that we were picked by the editors of the show. Is there any information on the site leading to the possibilities and opportunities of what this could mean or lead too?

    Many thanks!

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    Comment number 2.

    Hi Tom

    First of all BBC Introducing is a great resource bands and we (New Earthlings) intend to make full use of it when we finish our debut album in the spring. :-) But let's start off with some constructive criticism:

    Most of the advice is on on video (I know, you're a broadcaster) which by nature tends to be heavy on the soundbite and light on the detail. It's good that PDFs are also available but be sure to update them regularly: I've found links to websites that no longer exist or are soon to close (kooba, for instance).

    Take a leaf from CDBaby's book and put out a regular newsletter with current interviews, advice and tips. Of course, their prime agenda is to sell you something, but the newsletter is free.

    Speaking of CDBaby, How about an in-depth report on digital distribution (all the usual suspects, also including ReverbNation, TuneCore, Catapult and all the rest; percentage cut vs. flat fee; Services and costs - you know the drill), not just a list of websites. Independent musicians need this kind of guidance (and we're doing our own research on this). Just a thought.

    Anyway that's my two cents. Peace, love and rock'n'roll.

    Geoff, New Earthlings.

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    Comment number 3.

    ...great resource *for* bands...

    Tip: always proofread your posts! :-)



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