Photo spoilers: Janine sees red!

Tuesday 28 August 2012, 01:00

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An average day in the Moon household: wake up, feed the baby, buy a sports car... Will Janine like her surprise gift from Michael?

Michael and Janine

Truth time?

Sharon and Dennis Jnr take a seat outside The Vic, right where his dad died. Will Sharon tell her beloved son what happened in his dad's final moments?

Sharon and Dennis Jnr

Let bygones be bygones

Carly can clearly see her mum is struggling to cope and decides that now is the time to forgive and forget. But can she really help Shirley out of her black hole?

Shirley, Carly and Denise

Fist first... usual. Although this time, we're on Phil's side! When Shirley gets in a spot of bother with a pesky businessman, Phil saves the day. Will she thank him?

Phil and Shirley

Taking back the reins

When Ian sees Lucy walking Bobby to school he jumps at the chance to help out. Does Lucy trust him enough to hand over her little brother?

Lucy, Ian and Bobby

Mums at war

With Dennis Jnr and Oscar dropped off at school, Tanya and Sharon head to a coffee shop (not with each other!). It doesn't take long for these two competitive mums to start bickering. Will they ever be friends?

Sharon and Tanya

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    Comment number 1.

    looks greatttttttttttttttt ...shirley comeback quick...poor sharon

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    Comment number 2.

    it looks like phils just using shirley to keep her quiet. that is so boring. poor sharon? she'll get her happy ever after with phil while shirleys left miserable and depressed .

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    Comment number 3.

    Whoop Whoop!!😄 Great Week Ahead! Sports Car Looks Nice And Flash! Aww Sharon and Dennis! Xx Carly's Really Prettyyy And I Hope She Really Dies Support Shirley And Also By Phil Saving Shirley Is Not Gonna Make Shirley Go Back To Him!!! Soo PLEASE UNDERSTAND PHIL MITCHELL; SHIRLEY HATES YOU!!!=| Lucy Needs To STOP Being A Cow And Let Ian Talk To Bobby Properly And Stuff!!=/ Oooh And Sharon And Tanya WILL Gradually Become Best Friends Cos I Read It Sonewhere❤❤❤ *Taps Nose*

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    Comment number 4.

    I Hope Carly DOES* Support Shirley:)

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    Comment number 5.

    janines car looks flash but i have a feeling shes not gonna like it!
    yay i love sharon and i'm happy shes thinking of moving onto the square.
    i love carly and it will be great to see her return....but i have feeling that shes not gonna be the same with out her bff dawn!
    i think shirley and phil are OVER! shes might forgive but will she ever forget?
    lucys being way over the top shes acting as if shes the boss and lan can take bobby to school if he want he is his dad!
    hopefully sharon and tanya can be mates.....since there both kinda lonely


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