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Tuesday 22 February 2011, 09:40

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Week commencing 28 February 2011: New faces and past misdemeaners threaten to shake up the Square this week.

Just what the doctor ordered?

Masood's usually the one to play away from home, but is Zainab thinking about getting extra-marital with her ex? Yusef does seem rather hands-on...

Zainab and Yusuf

Stop the press

No, really, stop them now! Denise gets mobbed by the media as she prepares for Lucas's sentencing. The poor woman must feel trapped inside her own home - and knows more than most about what that's like....

Patrick, Denise and Yusuf

Mixed signals

As Alfie babysits a new arrival in Walford, he wonders if he's in tune with the youth of today... Or are his comments falling on deaf ears when it comes to little Shenice?

Shenice and Alfie

Mum's the word

Glenda comforts Ronnie after a revealing encounter at a local church. But has Ronnie revealed too much about her terrible secret?

Ronnie and Glenda

Hot stuff!

Well, that's how Abi seems to feel about Jay. The only thing that seems to be raising his temperature at the moment, however, is a chip. Guess she's still got some work to do...

Abi and Jay

Pointing the finger

It's all kicking off at the B&B! Zainab looks shamed as Masood lays into Yusef about his family's treatment of Zainab. But has he got his facts right?

Yusuf, Denise, Masood and Zainab

Daylight robbery?

Criminal masterminds Glenda and Roxy obviously think there's safe-ty in numbers as they hatch a cunning plan to fleece Phil for stealing Roxy's cash.

Glenda and Roxy

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    Comment number 1.

    Aww bless Abbie. She only means well, suppose she is only 14 and will quickly learn.

    Personally I always try to predict where the show is heading come next Christmas, for example this time last year I guessed the headline story at Christmas 2010 would be Bianca and her imminent exit because we had already so much Stacey already by then.

    I believe one of the stories this Christmas is going to be the Roxy-Michael-Chryed triangle as fast forward 9 months the baby gets born beginning of September and the true identity gets revealed later on???

    If not that I hope Max's family gets more screen time mainly because I want more of Lauren!

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    Comment number 2.

    whoo alfie moon is the best whooo

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    Comment number 3.

    Is Dot going to have an affair with the pianist?? That would be good!!

    When is Ryan back by the way?

    Some good weeks are coming!! :)

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    Comment number 4.

    I hope Zainab finds out bout Jane and Masood but has her own affair with her ex hubby

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    Comment number 5.

    The pic of a broken Ronnie and Glenda is my fave :) I actually really feel for Ronnie, but I do love the baby swap storyline. Apart from the fact it makes Ronnie look bad as a person but then she hasn't been in the right state of mind since James died, I love the amount of Ronnietime the storyline givs us though, it's just such a shame Sam is yet to be nominated for best actress :( she's deserved it for years.

    Looks like a great week of eps tbf and new characters :D :D

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    Comment number 6.

    Look's like another great week and can we see connor again and more of the ronnie and kat story

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    Comment number 7.


    Can I just ask when is Ronnie going to tell Kat?
    Its really fustrating me :L :/

    Thanks :)

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    Comment number 8.

    I love EastEnders so much, though my husband could disagree!

    I don't think EastEnders have tackled teen pregnancy very well for a while, the last teen mum I can remember (who actually kept her baby) was Demi Miller. Lucy Beale aborted hers, then pretended it was a miscarriage. My friend had a baby when she was only 15, and I think it would really help to show somewhere that people in normal, quite well off families have babies young too.

    Perhaps it could be Abi?? Her & Jay perhaps?? Just saying, but it could be a really good storyline to show how she copes and all! I think she'd be a good mum, and Jay would try to be a good dad! Isn't the girl Alfie's talking to Lacey Turner's sister? She looks so cute!

    Please consider my idea about the teen mums as it's very common these days! Perhaps you are already working on one??

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    Comment number 9.

    The pictures look great but I really want to get to the part where Kat finds out that Ronnie's has her baby.
    I have heard that Ronnie's leaving hopefully she changes her mind she's one of the best actors and I love watching her on screen.

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    Comment number 10.

    The actress that plays Shenice is Lacey Turner's real life little sister, isn't it? Lily Harvey? She's so cute and I'm sure she'll be an amazing actress just like Lacey. :) ♥

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    Comment number 11.

    why is Denise house the only one not to have been redecorated since its first inhabitant on the square even now its been turned into a b and b even tho lots of others have been ok

    for heavens sake redecorate it its sooooooooooo boring now and old fashioned!

    keep the storylines going for her family and zainab please and bring back kats dad too as i like the oldies!!!

    and give kat back her baby!!!! pronto!!!

    like the william morris wallpaper touch in glenda flat! and the piccie - very sutble and you havent done that since pat last house!!!

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    Comment number 12.

    Finally Eastenders is getting good again.

    I've heard several things about the Zainab/Yusef story and that there are more revelations - who is Syeds dad? and did Yusef really have anything to do with what he is being accused of?

    I hope this is the beginning of the end for thr Ronnie story and that Tommy will be reunited with Kat soon.

    As for Abi & Jay - bless them.

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    Comment number 13.

    i was so sad about stacey leaving eastenders on that actual episode when stacey was leaving it made me cry just as she wasa brill actor and i knew she would missed
    i think that it is lily harvey and i bet she will take after lacey been a gr8 actor isn't she going to be kat moons friends child ????
    anybody know
    i want to know what episode roonie lets the secret out is on because i would definatly not want to miss it so does any one know for me or anybody else who wants to find out
    i love eastenders and will keep watching it

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    Comment number 14.

    Zainab and Yusef make a good couple, but i think that zainab has not tols Masood everything about the "attack" from Yusefs family,i really feel for Denise because she didnt have much look last year, and now shes finally free she being mobbed again.I love when there are new arrivals in the square, so that shouldbe a good storyline, but why has the girl come ??Ronnie is playing a brill part , but if she reveals too much to glenda her plan will fall,and then baby tommy will be back to kat where he belongs,Abbie and Jay, that would be a well cute coouple.nd as for Roxy, i hope she takes phil for every penny he has.

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    Comment number 15.

    i think that it is lily harvey and i bet she will take after lacey been a gr8 actor isn't she going to be kat moons friends child ????
    i want to know what episode roonie lets the secret out is on because i would definatly not want to miss it!
    i love eastenders and will keep watching it

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    Comment number 16.

    Lily Harvey who is playing shenice is my 2nd cousin
    and she is my 3rd family member to be in EE
    Lacey turner aka Stacey alater and Philip Dowling aka Leo Taylor are also my cousins
    and the baby who played freddie mitchell was my mums friends kid it was a girl called millie playing freddie

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    Comment number 17.

    There are far too many teen pregnancies MrsCasey we don`t want any more on Enders unless they are shown in a bad light just as they should be. In other countries underage pregnancies are looked down on even in Holland which is seen as quite liberal. Young girls ruining their futures & expecting the rest of us to pay for them shouldn`t be encouraged.

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    Comment number 18.

    I think we might see amira back soon as she should have given birth to syeds baby by now, maybe she'l give it to syed and cristian to bring up?

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    Comment number 19.

    Quick message to queenarumlily. After reading your comment I felt it needed a response from a real life “teen mother.” Here I am, although 27 now.
    At one time people like you intimated me and made me carry the burden of shame for my situation. Therefore I thought I should clarify a few details of your summing up. I have never expected anyone to pay for me or my child. I went straight into work and have continued to work, train, earn and provide for myself and family.
    I was just a silly 16 year old who made a mistake and your proposed treatment of us "teen mothers" is based on an extremely narrow minded point of view, which lacks any evidential basis. (I suspect your assumptions are based on watching soaps)
    As a last point queenarumlily, I am now a married woman with 2 children and following a career in accounting. I manage an accounts department, a family and run my home! - LOOK DOWN ON THAT

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    Comment number 20.

    Hi peepz,
    You know that Yufus or what ever his name is i think he might be trouble, thats my own oppionion. And Abi Branning hopefully dont fancy Jay (hes mine!!!) coz it looks like she does in that picture, she fancys every1!!! First Jordan then Darren now Jay!!! who will be next!?!?!!?


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