Episode discussion for week 25 - 29 July

Monday 25 July 2011, 12:20

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This is your chance to share your thoughts on all the drama from Albert Square. Are you excited about the new Moon clan? What would you do if you were Max?

Join in the episode discussion below!

*Please be warned, the episode guides contain spoilers!*

Monday 25th July - 8pm

Eddie's happiness at Anthony's arrival in Walford is short-lived when an act of vengeance puts the Moons' business in jeopardy.

Vanessa remains powerless as the gulf between her and Max continues to widen.

Meanwhile, Zainab finds herself unexpectedly defending Masood from Afia's barbs, and Roxy is furious when she rumbles Ryan's dodgy dealings.

Eddie, Tyler and Anthony battle a fire on the Square

Tuesday 26th July - 7.30pm

Eddie goes to unnerving lengths in an attempt to make Michael pay for last night's events.

Elsewhere, Tanya continues to distance herself from Greg, while Dot offers some words of comfort to Rainie.

Yusef continues to exert his control over a sleep-deprived Zainab.

Yusef and Zainab talk in the house

Thursday 28th July - 7.30pm

Julie and Jean are panicked to find the Vic toilets covered in blood - does a set of keys hold the clue to what happened?

Meanwhile, Billy prepares for a home visit from Lola's social worker, much to Julie's displeasure.

Greg is frustrated when Cora makes an unexpected return, and Anthony plays peacemaker between Eddie and Michael.

Lola, Billy and Julie meet with the social worker

Friday 29th July - 8pm

Jean is left reeling when an angry Eddie turns on her for snooping through his private letters.

Elsewhere, Michael realises he could use Tyler's temper to his advantage, Rainie warns a lovestruck Lauren about Ryan's underhand activities, and Lola delights in causing tension between Billy and Julie.

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    Comment number 1.

    ok then interesting week...wanna no wat eddie izz gnna do to micheal
    and i realy lyk anthony he seems soo kindd
    i felt so sorry for eddie and sons on the monday episode

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    Comment number 2.

    arrrr love eastenders when i go to my actiing class theatre workshop hopefully ill be in eastenders i just love it so much its always full of wonder. im a fab actor. and i used to live in london so i have the cockney. i LOVE eastenders and i always will do its my best tv programme........ wonder what eddies gonna do with Michael...
    love you tyler moon

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    Comment number 3.

    so exited 2 c wat happens between yusef and zainab i reallyyyyyyyyyyyy want somethin 2 hapen between them!

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    Comment number 4.

    so excited for thursday want to see what greg&tanya do about cora&raine staying with them. awww i felt so sorry for tanya on monday when raine was horrible to her in the vic, but it was mean on eddie&sons when their stcok got burnt (i know who did it). Eastenders is the best eastenders programme ever, i watch it every time its on. Max&Tanya.... best couple in EE history..... love them 2...

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    Comment number 5.

    i feel so sorry for the moon and sons but the moon sons are hot hot hot

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    Comment number 6.

    Why is micheal acting like he burned eddies things when it wasnt even him. He should just confess and tell eddie that ot wasnt HIM!! he is just causing trouble for himself. Stupid! Jean likes eddie but eddie does not know.... hmmm eddie come on figure it out!!! they should get together they fit !! Both tyler & anthony are Hot! good looking and i think anthony like Afia!! dont know why but i just do... :) ;)

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    Comment number 7.

    I am a HUGE Eastenders fan! First of all I'd like to see what Eddie is gonna do to Michael because even though it wasn't him who burnt Moon and Son's things he is still a very evil character and he deserves all he gets. Second I'd like to say that Antony Moon is hothothot!! But he seems a wee bit too kind for me, so I'm still drooling over Tyler Moon! And also, will Jean and Eddie get together? I don't think so but it would be so sweet if they did.

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    Comment number 8.

    Afia is being horrible - I can't ser and Tam lasting long. Lola is so nasty, especially to Liam.

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    Comment number 9.

    As a fan of Eastenders from the first programme, I have to say that it has deteriorated vastly in the past few months. Some of the storylines are so far removed from real life that they are turning what was once the best soap on TV into a programme that is a big disappointment.
    My list of who should look for alternative accomodation, away from Walford---- Billy Mitchell, his hideous girlfriend and their "GRANDAUGHTER"? Every one of the latest arrivals of Moon's, Tanya, her dopey sister, her mother, Janine, Zainab [is she ever happy?] In fact, maybe I'll just not watch it anymore, unless someone starts to write storylines with just a hint of humour and reality. Life is not all doom and gloom, unlike this programme.

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    Comment number 10.

    Firstly i would just like to point out how i think Lola is a great new character and how Danielle plays her so well. This weeks happenings have been alot more about eddie and his sons. I like all three of them and what they do it reminds me of only fools and horses with the grandad rodney and del boy. I think michael is very sly but then also i think that he envys his younger brothers i would like to see him start to talk to both his dad and his brothers again.

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    Comment number 11.

    I think this week has been quite good. Also lola is a great new character! Tyler Moon is so sexy:P! I also think that michael is up to something because hes acting very peculiar;)!

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    Comment number 12.

    Really good! enjoyed this weeks episodess! I think newcomers eddie,tyler and antony have made eastenders more lively and more up to date! found tyler funny with his behaviour ;) Then the problem with tanya the storylines are better and enjoyable to watch!>Keep the episodes comingg! xx
    From the no1 fann!

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    Comment number 13.

    omg! lola started the fire
    glad tyler joind the show omg he is a asbsolute babe
    i really wish i was on the show it would be so great to be a part of the eastenders cast.
    lauren and ryan should get together and tell whitney etc coz even tho ryan is doin drugs a think ryan and lauren are perfect couple i think.
    i feel sorry for ryan as he needs comfort because he misses lily and i think lauren could be the perfect person to give him that comfort.
    personally i think jay and abi and a good couple but i think jay has got a soft spot for lola but dosent want to show it bcuz of abi , i think lola will get her way and get jay !!!!!
    hope eastenders keeps showing for a long time coz it was so good i would hate for it to be cut coz it is sooooo good and the story lines are absolutley great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Comment number 14.

    I liked Eddie until the way he spoke to Jean!!! His showing his true colour's now. aww poor Jean, and she really liked Eddie too. You can totally see where Michael, get's his dark side from. I don't think Jay fancies Lola at all, he didn't like it when Lauren was throwing her self at him, so why would he like it now with Lola!!!
    I think he like's Lola has a mate, However he don't like the way she treat's abbie.
    Also Lola just make's her self look cheap!!! and Boys don't want girlfriends like that. Come on Eastender's leave abbie and jay alone, there totally adorable!!!! I don't like Lauren with Ryan, it's a shame Ryan leaving, because I think his fab!! There so much more they can do with him, however there just wasting him. Eastender's really need some Bad boys Like Grant and phil in there day!!!

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    Comment number 15.

    RYAN PLS DONT LEAVE THE SHOW!!! I just wanna say tha yesterdays ( 30-07-11 ) episode was the best one so far this year. The reason to me was Lauren's and Ryans beautiful kiss. They make such a lovely couple and after a long long time in the television history I have seen a kiss, full of
    emotions and not lust! Wow it was amaing! Its such a shame that Ryan is leaving the show.

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    Comment number 16.

    Tanya and Max have to get back together that is already a given fact, it's obvious Gregg loves her but, he is so boring and dull, i'm not surprised that she has gone off with someone else. I do not understand the Vanessa plot, i assume that she is supposed to be generating OCD but, it only happens once every few episodes when max suddenly notices and then nothing is done about it. I really want Zainab & Yusef to get together that would be funny - i would like everybody to shut Masood out, he is such a control freak and i understand that he has pretty much had his family taken away by Yusef and Yusef had brain washed everyone and Masood is the only one who knows but, Masood kept his own wife away from their child, her son and that is pure evil. He is no father if he is capable of keeping distant from his child for that long. Masood thinks he is number one and what he says goes well, that needs to change and i think it is starting to which is something i suppose. Afia is also really annoying me - i used to like her a lot but, every since she married Tamwar it's like she has suddenly taken overall control and is free to disrespect anybody she likes, has she forgotten that the Argee Bajee was bought for her by Zainab & Masood so, why does she keep forcing them away constantly yeah, alright she thinks Masood tried to kill her father and i think she has made that quite clear. DRAMA QUEEN.

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    Comment number 17.

    i cant believe lola started the fire!! i love lola but she is a bad girl so what do u expect? i kind of feel sorry for ryan cos tbh its not his fault its not anyones, he misses lily and stacey. i hope they come back soon

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    Comment number 18.

    i love ryan he is like one of my favourite characters but, you can't say this isn't his fault cause, it sort of is and he chose to sell drugs also, i think he is having some sort of mental breakdown or something cause, he was acting weird. I think he only slept with lauren cause, he didn't want her to tell whitney. :(

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    Comment number 19.

    i hate that blonde thing (billys grandaughter) shes such a rat bag... poor abbey at least shes got a bit of class i no its only acting but its makes me so angry lol blondie ur a jezzerbell... x

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    Comment number 20.

    billy obivously cant hanndle lola (billy grandaughter)first she crashed acar into the chippy then she caught the moons stock on fire


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