Photo spoilers: Game over

Thursday 6 December 2012, 17:26

Katy R Katy R EastEnders Blog Team

You've probably had a good look at the Christmas pics, but we can now show you what happens in the run up to the festive week...

Max the stag!
This has got to be one of our favourite pics of 2012. Max appears to be having a whale of a time at his stag do… but will that smile last?

181212-jake-wood.jpg Max

Boys will be boys

The lads go all out for Max, t-shirts, strippers, masks, antlers (!?). It looks like it’ll be a night to remember, hopefully for the right reasons?!

boysde.jpg Max's stag

Tanya the hen!

Just down the road, the girls get ready for Tanya’s hen. Looks like the bride-to-be’s already in the party spirit! Although we doubt she’ll be happy about Lola turning up in a hoodie!?

181212-lindsey-coulson-jacq.jpg Tanya, Lauren and Lola


The Queen Vic gals dress up in German maid costumes to get everyone in the Christmas (market) mood. Jean looks a tad uncomfortable…

171212-gillian-wright-laila.jpg Jean, Mo and Kat

He’s behind you…

Alfie follows Kat as she heads out into the market, towards ‘the bedsit’.  Is this it?! Will he finally find out who her secret lover is!?

201212-shane-richie2.jpg Alfie

Confrontation time!

Alfie finds Kat in the bedsit – eek! It doesn’t take long for things to get heated. What does Kat try to hide from him and why?!

201212-jessie-wallace-shane.jpg Kat and Alfie

Step away from the dress…

When a very drunk Lauren gets home from Tanya’s hen night she’s in an almighty strop! She gets hold of Tanya’s wedding dress and threatens to rip it up! Will she go through with it!?

211212-jacqueline-jossa-jo-.jpg Lauren and Tanya



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    Comment number 21.

    Patrick & Fatboy on theOne show at the min.

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    Comment number 22.

    lauren and joey should be together! really hope that they get together before christmas. and lauren has found out her mum annd derek doesnt want her and joey to be together

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    Comment number 23.

    I hear Stacey is coming back to ruin there wedding

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    Comment number 24.

    So tomorrow we gonna find out who does Kat behind Alfie's back. I remember Kat had lice from bedsit. So her lover is supposed to have had them too. I vaguely remember Derek scratching his head? Well, not long to wait now. Apparently, Alfie is going to attack the wrong Branning brother, and then Kat is going to confess who her lover is. I think "wrong" Branning will be Jack or Max, and the "right"one is Derek.

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    Comment number 25.

    Sarah, Max and Tanya have so many things that can ruin their wedding, Stacey doesn't have to come back to do that. She IS coming back for a short wile though.

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    Comment number 26.

    BTW Due to a new design, we can't comment or read comments pretty often. Technical difficulties it says. Never happened before?

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    Comment number 27.

    WOW did you see Tanya's face when she seen Max admit that was his phone that Kat called. I knew Max wouldn't cheat on Tanya again especially since they rekindled their love for each other when she was married to Gregg then after they got the Cancer scare, he was scared of losing her and I felt he was sincere with his feelings towards her. I also didn't think it was Jack since he got so upset when Phil gave Sharon an engagement ring. I believe Jack wouldn't do such a thing either because when he was married to Ronnie he was a very faithful and loving husband. He also waited until after him and Ronnie were divorced before he started sleeping around with other woman. There was too many clues pointing to Derek and in the beginning of Kat's affair, the shadow on the wall in the Keg Room (or whatever they call it) was of a short stubby person not a skinny taller shadow image. So glad the truth was exposed finally now Roxy and Alfie can start planning their life together just as soon as Alfie divorces Kat. Even if Kat didn't go back to her old nasty ways after her and Alfie came back from their trip, she hurt Alfie one too many times and I'm sure it wouldn't be her last. So PROUD of Alfie for realizing that she would do something when he's away. (As they say, when the cat's away the mouse will play! but in this case while the mouse was away the Kat will play! LOL!!) Glad he followed her and finally showed how angry she made him. GOOD FOR YOU ALFIE FOR TAKING A STAND - - GOOD LUCK WITH ROXY!!!!!! =)

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    Comment number 28.

    Alfie is a great actor! Tonight was epic!! I just can't believe Kat was having the affair with Derek Branning! It's unbelievable. Derek was the one who sent Kat all the gifts!! Wow. He has three suspects who are willing to kill him: Alfie, Jack, Or max!


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