Photo spoiler: Masood hammers home his argument!

Tuesday 29 January 2013, 00:27

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Troubled water (fountain)

Zainab unveils her water fountain to the Walford public (a few people were there to see it), and makes the 'event' all about her. Masood can't stand Zainab's selfishness anymore, and tells her so! When she doesn't listen he directs his anger onto her precious fountain!


Spillling the beans

In a week of tension between Mas and Zainab, Ayesha decides to open up about her crush. How will Zainab take the news that Ayesha has feelings for her man!?


Truth be told

Abi asks her dad straight out if he loves Kirsty. His pause speaks volumes and the girls join forces and tell him to leave. Is this it? Has Max lost his family?



Max heads to the B&B for some TLC - when he looks out of the window onto The Square he sees Lauren comforting Abi. When he sees how much hurt he's causing does he finish things with Kirsty once and for all?


Protective brother

Joey jumps to conclusions and decides that Michael is taking advantage of Alice during her time of grief. What led him to this punch-up though?!


Whitney says YES!

Whitney, Tyler and pals head to The Vic to celebrate their engagement - Aw, she looks pleased as punch. But who isn't jumping for joy when they hear the 'happy' news?



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    Comment number 1.

    Happy New Year EastEnders!! My first comment of 2013!

    Firstly, glad Derek has gone, and I'm glad there wasnt too much mourning and grieving for him. Horrible man, eurgh!!

    Secondly, feel a bit sorry for Kirsty. All she did was meet a man, fall in love and get married. I think Tanya et al were a bit out of order by putting all their hate and hurtful comments on her, she didnt really do anything wrong,and really neither did Max, he thought his relationship with Tanya was finally over!! Plus, I think tanya is a major hypocrit for getting that upset, she also married someone else remember!! So really, if Tanya is looking for someone to blame and get angry at, she should look in the mirror because she was the one who remarried first, she was the one who pushed Max away, she was the one who ended it all and yet she thinks she has the right to be hard done by! NO!! What did she expect, a man like Max to sit pining for her, just in case she changed her mind yet again? Get real Tanya, a man like Max would never do that! And now Max is trying to get her back and apologise an all that. I'm sorry but if anything, it should be the other way around. Max should have walked away from her. Shame, I used to love Tanya, i thought she was great, but now i just think she is selfish and spoilt.

    Not really got much else to say about anything else really!

    Still loving the show, keep up the great work!

    Much love x x x

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    Comment number 2.

    How refreshing to read a comment that contains no grammar or spelling mistakes and that is not abusive or dismissive in one way or another. Thank you Hazeldene15! Furthermore, I agree with your comments although I am personally not too keen on Kirsty: she has indeed done nothing wrong but she should realise that Max and Tanya are a family.
    On a different note, I do wish to see Kat reinstated where she belongs: in the pub with Alfie - and that Roxy just disappears somewhere, for ever!
    Finally, long live Joey and Lauren!

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    Comment number 3.

    @Hazeldene15, I agree with you but just like Ijinoman said, I would like it if Kirsty goes and allow Tanya and Max be because they have come a long way. I would also love to see Kat back with Alfie......

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    Comment number 4.

    I believe Zee is gonna go absolutely ballistic when she hears from Ayesha. But let's look at this from another angle; Mas isn't married to Zee, so Ayesha, in this case, is just a rival. I thought of a solution; Mas,a Muslim, can marry both Zee and Aeysha and there is no problem with that. In Islamic Sharia, a prerequisite for Mas & Zee's 2nd marriage is that she MUST marry another man (not Mas), and if she got divorced (from the other man), only then she could marry Mas again. Capisce? Luckily, or maybe not, the other man was Yousef, whose death is equivalent to a divorce. Does that make sense?
    No offence Ijinoman, but I learn some of my everyday English from EE, so don't blame us if I used (he don't, we was, I has) or double negative, I can't do nothing about it :)

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    Comment number 5.

    @hazeldene15 I agree that it wasn't really fair on tanya to put ALL of her hate on kirsty, but to be honest eastenders did portray kirsty in quite a bad way, and making her out to be a bit of a tramp with no self respect for herself. I think that if maybe she didn't act all desperate and needy and chavvy people would have had a lot more sympathy for her.
    Joey and lauren's relationship is soo sweet! Hope they have a long lasting relationship and get married!

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    Comment number 6.

    Blimey, Mas looks like Triple H with his sledgehammer, doesn't he?

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    Comment number 7.

    First of all i would like to start by saying how sad i am to see Nina Wadia leave the soap. she has been absolutely brilliant since her character Zainab arrived on the square and will be a HUGE loss to the show, i just hope that she returns in the not too distant future. Meanwhile i hope the Eastenders writers keep the remaining masoods in the show because it seems portraying asian families has never been accurate but this time i feel they are on the right lines and it would be a shame if they were written out - it would be a step backwards and would also lose viewers from asian communities who watch just for the masoods.

    I think for Ayesha is received very warmly, the actress is good and the geordie accent is lovely to hear. I really hope she is given a longer contract to stay on the show. It seems to me that Zainab will become aware of Ayesha's feelings for Mas before the wedding and leave Mas when he admits he cant deny he doesnt have feelings for Ayesha.

    It's a shame that the water fountain had to be destroyed, it would have looked lovely as a showpeice in the middle of the square or in the park.

    I want to ask who owns the allotments now? it seems they are never shown anymore and it would be cool to see it used more frequently.

    i agree with @Hazeldene15, in our household we are team kirsty, we feel tanya and max are as dead as. Kirsty was technically the wife and max left her because tanya had cancer and next thing we know she was back with him after the last time and the time before the when she dumped him. and now that she has recovered almost from her cancer she has used his support and dumped him when he has got the divorce from kirsty. i really despise her and feel she deserves everything she gets. Kirsty poor thing may not have all the material things tanya has but she loves max more than tanya does as she would not play with him like a toy. About time the everyday viewer realises this.

    Next, its great to see Whitney finally getting some screentime again and some development for her character and Tyler. She was rather good in that prostitution storyline and then suddenly dissapeared. All we have seen for the past few months is Joey and Lauren and quite frankly i'm getting bored of that. Is this a ensemble cast or the brannings show?

    I'd like to see whitney and tyler possibly renting christian and syed's place and happy they're relationship is moving forward and growing stronger. i hope there is a future for them as they are well suited.

    And my final say is that i'd like Shirley, Jean and Carol to be used more. they are criminally underutilised at the minute. Again this is because there is too much focus on the brannings which gives everyone else very little to do.

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    Comment number 8.

    In my honest opinion I am glad that Mas is being given more scope instead of being the always trying to please Zee. For example when AJ first showed up it was nice to see another side to Mas. Maybe Mas & Ayesha have a brief encounter which Zee sees and then walks out on him hence Nina Wadia's exit. Also leaves a space should she want to return. Not a great fan of Tanya. Or Kirsty. I find both less interesting than other characters. Maybe Micheal is being hit because as he normally does he'll say something to rile Joey, maybe about Alice's attractiveness or something. I hope Tyler and Whitney get some happy time as a couple and it goes well, but let's be serious, this is a soap so SOMETHING is going to go wrong somewhere or somehow. I personally want to see more of Tamwar, Poppy, Fats, Shirley and Patrick. Missing them as they are always characters who put me in a good mood. Especially the Fats & Poppy relationship. It's quite cute to see :)

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    Comment number 9.

    It's such a shame what has happend to kirsty. She hasn't done anything wrong and shes been so kind to everyone apart from Tanya out of spite. I feel as though the Tanya and Maz story is getting very untidy and confusing but none the less EastEnders is still my every night entertainment. Id be pleased to see Max and Kirsty together and It will be nice to see Tanya and that builder, Greg back together.

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    Comment number 10.

    I am a little confused as to the situation with Kirstys lips! Are they like that naturally or have they been injected into a trout pout. I think that is what makes her look so bitchy as she always looks like she is snarling!!

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    Comment number 11.

    It's sad to see Zainab leaving but she had great storylines over the years and the actress probably thought the character had reached the end of the road. It's going to be interesting to see which direction Masood will take! I doubt he'll have a future with Ayesha though!!
    Wait and see!!
    Very happy for Whitney and Tyler, they make a good couple and Whitney definitely deserves some happiness.
    @Kessuki, yes some characters disappear for a while and in the meantime new characters are introduced with major storylines (like Kirsty recently) but that the way it works. At the moment, the show is more focused on the Brannings and I love them, so I'm very happy about that but in a few weeks time they could be aside and it could be all about Phil Mitchell, Sharon, etc... and I would personally be less happy! Some people relate more to some characters while other people prefer other ones. It's impossible to please everybody, the producers have to make some choices but in my opinion the show manages to find the right balance between past and recent characters, old and young, male and female, etc...
    I'm a huge fan of the Joey/Lauren storyline and although they had a lot of screen time recently, especially before Christmas, they seem to have less just now and if they're not in an episode I miss them a lot but at the same time, fair enough, I have to accept that!
    Anyway, exciting spoilers and looking forward to watching next week episodes!!! :)

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    Comment number 12.

    Ooh Masood!

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    Comment number 13.

    I think it would be really interesting to see Kat's life without Alfie for a while.. they are made for each other but Kat cheats on Alfie too much, he deserves alot better.I agree with most of the comments, Kirsty didn't do anything wrong, she was just in love and wanted her husband back, Max treated her badly. If i was in Tanya's situation i wouldn't know what to do but you cant just fall out of love that quick so she should of realised that :)

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    Comment number 14.

    Hazeldene15, you are absolutely right! However, instead of a woman who came to Albert Square to find her husband and to get answers to her questions we see this cheap looking chick, very sexy (but only in her opinion), who makes Kim look really classy. This chick annoys people and they don't want her to have Max back. If "Kirsty" was a good actress, she would have managed to make people look at her situation differently. Another annoying one is of course Ayesha. I mean, is this cow for real? The man is MARRIED missy so leave him alone! His relationship with his wife is none of your business, all you need to know is that he is taken! I am glad she is going to disappear soon.

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    Comment number 15.

    All Eastenders is about at the moment is couples cheating relationships . Tyler and Whitney , Max and Tanya [ again] Ray and Denise , Ayesha after Massod also we have had Lauren and Joey not long ago hiding there relationship .One month has gone passed and no good storyline s look like coming up. Bad start to the year for the show

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    Comment number 16.

    I dont like how masoud is reaching to ayesha at the end of the day he is a muslim man and he is getting married so he should get a grip of the situatuion and handle more mutherly and not fall in to her arms or in love like a soft puppy like any man would. FOR GOD SAKE MEN keep it pure and safe when u have one woman who loves you andyou are in a good marriage pls try and keep it. ITS IS ALSO AYESHA FALT she should not be falling for a man older than her and find some one her own age alive young fun . NORMALY GIRLS LIKE THIS RUIN A GOOD MARRIAGE

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    Comment number 17.

    YES I agree with you

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    Comment number 18.

    Eeekk.. Cant wait xx

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    Comment number 19.

    bigsmilie apparently something might happen with phil & sharon on valentines day but im finding this all rather odd. so many people comment on them not having the same chemistry that they used to have. i know we've spoken before about it being an illusion but im not sure now or if its more than that. there was a scene with phil asking shirley why she was working where she was and they shared a look but theyve had nothing since. the writer of that ep has hinted phils got a lot of anger in him an he doesnt know wether he loves/hates her being around which i completely agree with and shirl was there on nye but if they are just going down the route of getting phil / sharon together and hes completely happy with her then i think its scum what hes doing and he'll not get much sympathy. hes used ben. lexi, lola, billy , jack and shirl as emotional blackmail in sharon if he really loved her he wouldnt be doing all of that. he cant force her to have feelings for him the magazines all act like phil & sharon are genuinely in love but thats not what its coming across to me. i know they tend to exaggerate. i guess we'll know the real truth when it comes to sharon on valentines day, im kinda hopeful seeing as how the proposal went wasnt very romantic

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    Comment number 20.

    For the love of all that is good and holy will you please give us a break from the Brannings. I am seriously Branninged out !!! There is nothing wrong with focusing on one family, that's what makes Eastenders they way it is. But there comes a point when you need to move the plot on. Seriously ! I was never this bored with the Masoods focus or the Mitchell focus, or the Slater focus. And on that note, please please PLEASE bring Kat and Alfie back together - they belong together!!!


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