Photo spoiler: Aunt Babe's trifling arrival

Friday 17 January 2014, 00:01

 EastEnders News Team EastEnders News Team

Timothy West as Stan The Carter clan expands at the end of January, when a cash-strapped Mick is forced to plead for help from his dad, Stan (played by EastEnders newcomer, Timothy West CBE).

Stan and Mick

An aging Stan usually makes do with his armchair for company, having retired from his trade as a fishmonger many years before. He currently lives outside of Walford, but could he interpret Mick's cry for help as an invitation to visit? And why wasn't he invited over for New Year's Eve?

Aunt Babe meets the family Not long after the Carters visit Stan, his sister, Aunt Babe (Annette Badland), unexpectedly turns up on the doorstep of The Vic, brandishing a homemade trifle.

Aunt Babe

But can the Carters trust Aunt Babe? Perhaps the proof will be in the (very retro) pudding!

You can meet Stan on the 27th January and Aunt Babe on the 31st January when these scenes air on BBC One.


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    Comment number 11.

    What a scoop for Eastenders to get Timothy West and Annette Badland in the cast. I personally can't stand the Carter family, any of them, and don't feel they have added anything positive to EE but it may change with these new arrivals.

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    Comment number 12.

    Well this looks interesting, more arrivals for the end of January, and the Carter clan is expanding, how many of them are there, I heard Deano was coming back as Dean soon, so Shirley will be pleased. Well it looks like Shirley isn't alone anymore, we don't need to feel sorry for her anymore because she has so much family. Well anyway, im looking forward to seeing these episodes, so I hope we all enjoy it, thanks for reading my message, all the very best, take care, bye.

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    Comment number 17.

    Loving the Carters - such a refreshing change.....Even Shirley is getting better! I could do without the sister......what'sherface....can't even think of her name - annoying!

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    Comment number 18.

    A sletherine from doctor who is coming into the show!? LOOOL

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    Comment number 19.

    Phil made a mint out of selling the Vic, I think that he knew all along that it suffered from rising damp that was the reason why he wanted to get rid of it! So Mick has finally realised that he has been taken for a ride when the money dries up, and goes cap in hand to Daddy for a bale out! Welcome to the Square Timothy West, this could be interesting as Mick's Dad is retired and unless he is sitting on a gold mine he won't be able to help his son out. Mick should have really had a look round the Vic before handing over that sports bag stuffed with reddies! Oh well he didn't and now he'll have to shell out a small fortune to stop the Vic collapsing to the ground! We'll have to watch and find out whether either his Dad helps him out or Mick inadvertently wins the lottery and manages to save the pub from becoming a pile of rubble! Just when Mick thinks things couldn't get any worse his Aunt Babe turns up, brandishing a pudding of some description!


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