Photo Spoiler: Kat trouble!

Monday 22 July 2013, 10:52

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When Michael lets slip that it’s Alfie and Roxy’s engagement party, Kat decides to fight back with leopard print and lippy! She takes no heed of Alfie’s warning that Carl’s bad news…

Kat Moon, Carl White

In fact, when Alfie snaps at Kat for always throwing herself at the nearest man to make herself feel better, Kat decides it’s time to take the action outside! And, unsurprisingly, Carl doesn't put up much of a fight...

Kat Moon, Carl White

But will Kat's heel-wobbling advances mean she ends up fulfilling Alfie's accusation, or will she realise the error of her ways?

Tune in on Friday 2nd August to find out!


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    Comment number 1.

    What's it with KAT and the villains? Who's next? Phil? She is SO desperate, isn't she? It's quite an achievement for her though, keeping her legs crossed since Michael, if I remember well.
    I like Alfie being with Roxy and we've seen a bit of chemistry between them recently. I know that an awful lot of you want KAT and Alfie to get back together; but you see the thing is, I can guarantee that Roxy won't cheat on Alfie under any circumstances, but does the same go for KAT? I doubt it.

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    Comment number 2.

    what a surprise another two people getting it on .can the show not think of any better storylines apart from affairs and one nightstand's ??? do have to say maybe Kat and Carl would make a good couple though

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    Comment number 3.

    i think their quite a good couple actually. But she shouldn't kiss him to get back at Alfie he's done nothing wrong he's only moving on and so should she. So maybe they are a match but what would really make it even more exciting to watch is if they make a plan to make the ex partners jealous of them

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    Comment number 4.

    Can't stand Kat, that is all she does get off with different people. I personally like Alfie and Roxy and think they make a great couple. Hopefully Eastenders has turned a corner now, as a lifelong viewer since the start even I was getting bored and not bothered if I missed an episode or two, great news about Peggy coming back, just wish it was permanent and some of these new characters they're bringing in actually look half decent.

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    Comment number 5.

    Right let me get the cleared up for 1 alfie only wanted to marry roxy to make kat jealous 2 why is alfie and roxy rubbing it in kats face 3 the only reason she kissing carl is because she upset and she lonely she just wants some love 4 atleast she not making a fuss AND ALFIE AND ROXY ARE HORRIBLE WITH EACH OTHER KALFIE ALL DAY

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    Comment number 6.

    I Really feel sorry for kat poor thing after having the news rubbed in her face what else is she meant to do kat is moving on but how can you move on from the person she loves the most?

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    Comment number 7.

    if anyone has watched Eastenders from when kat and alfie started they are meant for each other eastenders ain't the same with out kat and alfie being together i don't like alfie and roxy together there boring to watch and sooner or later they will be back together.


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    Comment number 8.

    love kat and alfie cannot watch alfie and roxy very bad hope they split up soon. will have to wait till then to watch eastenders. unwatchable alfie and roxy.


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