British Soap Awards 2014: have your say!

Monday 17 March 2014, 10:00

 EastEnders News Team EastEnders News Team

21st April 2014 update: Voting for the longlist has now closed. Voting for the shortlist will commence on 28th April.

The longlist nominations have been announced for this year's Viewers' Vote at the British Soap Awards - and we need your help to conquer the following catagories...

Sexiest Female

British Soap Awards: sexiest female Sexiest female nominees

Lovely ladies Danielle Harold (Lola Pearce), Jacqueline Jossa (Lauren Branning) and Shona McGarty (Whitney Dean) are all up for the Sexiest Female gong.

Sexiest Male

British Soap Awards: sexiest male

Phwoar-tastic lads Ben Hardy (Peter Beale), Danny Dyer (Mick Carter) and Khali Best (Dexter Hartman) are in contention for the Sexiest Male title.

Villain of the Year

British Soap Awards: villain of the year

Wicked Walford antagonists Carl White (Daniel Coonan), Sam James (Cornell S John) and Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) will fight it out to be crowned the Villain of the Year.

Best Actress

British Soap Awards: best actress

One of the biggest battles of the night will surely be between Diane Parish (Denise Fox), Lacey Turner (Stacey Branning) and Lindsey Coulson (Carol Jackson), who are all up for the Best Actress award.

Best Actor

British Soap Awards: best actor

There's tough competition in the Best Actor catagory too, with Nitin Ganatra (Masood Ahmed), Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale) and Danny Dyer (Mick Carter) all nominated - but who will take the title on the night?

Best Soap

Biggest of all the nominations is, as always, Best Soap. Watch the video below to find out why EastEnders deserves to win - and don't forget to spread the word on social media with the hashtag #ClickTheVic!

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You can cast your votes in all of the catagories above on the British Soap Awards website from 17th March until 22nd April. After that, a new vote for those shortlisted will take place between 28th April and 23rd May. So uncross those fingers long enough to get clicking and keep them crossed again until the ceremony on the 24th May!

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    Comment number 1.

    Some weak nominees this year imo. Steve John Shepherd, Linda Henry and Samantha Womack should have all made the list! Lacey Turner has only been back five minutes and therefore I don't think she deserves to be nominated on this one.

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    Comment number 2.

    I still don't think the show has picked up enough to win most of the awards even though I do think they will do better than last year witch isn't going to be hard to beat really after they walked a way with not one award they were nominated for .Lindsey Coulson deserves to win best actress in my eyes I think she's fantastic .Janine deserves to win best villian .

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    Comment number 3.

    where do you vote

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    Comment number 4.

    sexiest female, (not my thing) but the prettiest i would say Lola, Lauren don't look so pretty without the makeup, and Whitney is pretty but alot of make-up...sexiest male, i would go with Dexter. Villian has to be mean Janine!!! Best actress i would say Carol, as Stacey has been bk for 5 mins and already annoying, and Denise hasn't done anything impressive, and last but not least, best actor has to be Masood, think hes played brilliant being a muslim and going through the alcohol scene and the gambling, i think Masood deserves this award, brill actor :)

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    Comment number 5.

    Really gutted at the nominations tbh, easties is by far my favourite soap, but I don't think any of the nominations here are worth a vote, sexiest female, is a bunch of (on screen) teenagers, so I find that highly inappropriate, sexiest male, same answer as before, Danny dier with his beard does not do it for me, best villan is a little better though none of them stand out to me, best actress I have to agree, love Stacy but she's been back 5 min, Denise nah doesn't do much I'm afraid, and carol yeh ok, but she's not one of the people's favourite charectors so I unfortunately not gona happen there, male actor again just no lol such a shame my fab soap but I don't think there gona win any of these category's :(

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    Comment number 6.

    Here is the voting link since the Eastenders Website people are so stupid as to not add it in

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    Comment number 7.

    The nominations are pretty good this year but i'm pretty disappointed that Michael French a.k.a David Wicks hasn't been nominated for best actor, as in my opinion, he's definitely outshined all the other actors since his arrival in September. He's had so many great storylines and he's been amazing, especially with Lindsey (Carol). Also, the sexiest male category is pretty weak, and no doubt the boys from Hollyoaks or even Emmerdale will take home that prize. I mean, Mick Carter?! If you put Wicksy on that list, he'd have stood a chance! As for the best actor category, I think it's pretty disappointing and I think the wrong people were nominated. Mick Carter has only been on the square since boxing day and not appeared much since the Johnny coming out storyline, Ian Beale is a good contender as he's been on EastEnders since it began so he deserves an award, and Nitin who plays Masood was great, especially when he was displaying how the death of his mum/split from Carol affected him turning him to alcohol and gambling. I'm not sure Stacey should have been nominated for best actress, considering she's only been back for a few weeks and has hardly appeared in any scenes as she's always leaving and coming back. Lindsey should definitely win because of how well she's playing her role in the breast cancer storyline but she'll no doubt lose to Julie Hesmondhalgh. I'm not sure why Denise has been nominated, unless she's starting a big storyline soon (could be related to the Lucy storyline happening throughout these next couple of months?)

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    Comment number 8.

    I think that whitneys the sexiest female, her voice, her lips & everything.. I think that Peter is the sexiest male.. Masood is the best male actor, I remember when he was smashing that thing up in his garden, because of Zainab! Aha, can't really say that Lacey is a good actress when she hasn't been back long :/ She's just bitchy, it seemed convenient that when I said I wanted her to come back.. The week after they said she's coming back xD I was excited aha & I have to say that the best villain actor is Carl because he even scared me more than Phil & that takes some doing :P He deserved to die

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    Comment number 9.

    I have voted for EastEnders as 2014's Best Soap, and I also chose Jacqueline Jossa as the Sexiest Female. I voted for Adam Woodyatt as the Best Actor in soap, although Nitin stands a good chance. However, I agree that the other categories seem very weak and may lose out to some of the other soap operas. Lacey may actually win Best Female because of her successful 2004-2011 time on the show, however to be named the best actress in soap of 2014 would be weird as she hasn't done much yet, unless bosses give her big storylines in the next couple of months, and Diane and Lindsey are always overlooked.

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    Comment number 10.

    Here is the link for voting

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    Comment number 11.

    Chantelle I agree about David Wicks

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    Comment number 12.

    See kat or alfie wasnt their irs because they not getting good story lines.

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    Comment number 13.

    They didn't choose a very good selection did they?! Don't get me wrong, I love Stacey, but she's only been back five minutes so I don't understand why Lacey's up for best actress just yet?! I personally think Samantha Womack should be nominated for best actress, or at least best villian instead of that stupid Sam who nobody even cared about. Also, where's Shirley?! Oh well, I suppose Coronation St will continue its winning streak for this year!- Hopefully this time next year EastEnders will be in an even better place, as it's improved massively since DCT joined the show.... Then maybe it will reclaim its rightful place as the best soap on TV! Also, hopefully Danny Dyer will win something, I think he deserves to!

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    Comment number 14.

    I personally think Coronation Street will take most of the awards, shocked that Michael French was not nominated. Bad nominations, who decides who gets nominated? Not impressed with Masood, they said it was going to be a long running story and after a few weeks of liking like an idiot he's back to his old, boring self.
    Ian didn't get it last year when he played the vagrant. If Ian didn't get it last year I doubt he will win this year, even though I think he's a great actor.

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    Comment number 15.

    sam womack and charlie brooks (ronnie and janine) should have been nominated for best actress. they had the bigger and memorable storylines and viewers are more likely to vote for them over denise, stacey and carol.

    sexiest female none are my type as i am gay but none of the males are my type either. i wanted Max Branning, Johnny Carter or Danny Pennant (Gary Lucy) to be nominated.

    best actor should have had Steve John Shepard (michael moon) nominated.

    i dont know who made these mistakes but they might have cost eastenders some big awards,

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    Comment number 16.

    how can it be the british soap awards which includes australian soaps and disregard an excellent soap made by bbc scotland called RIVER CITY which actually has a descent storyline and not a load of crap ptoduced by oter channels.this is aother case of discrimination against the scots we would probably need to provide subtitles .to english bbc if you are going to do it do it right, firstly by bumbing philip schofield sick of the site of him or is that the best they can do?

    which include australian

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    Comment number 17.

    I voted for E.E on all of them except one, in which I voted for Doctors.

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    Comment number 18.

    Sexiest Female: Daniella Harold. (Lola Pearce).
    Sexiest Male: Ben Hardy. (Peter Beale).
    Villain of The Year: Charlie Brooks. (Janine Butcher).
    Best Actress: Lacey Turner. (Stacey Branning).
    Best Actor: Danny Dyer. (Mick Carter).

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    Comment number 19.

    Sexiest female: Very tough decision as they're all so beautiful. But I'd have to say... Lauren.
    Sexiest male: Peter, tough choice between Peter and Mick.
    Best actress: Carol. Stacey hasn't been in long enough and Carols acting with her cancer storyline is brilliant.
    Best Actor: Definitely Masood, he's earned it a lot lately.
    Best Villain: It's hardly going to be Sam... So I'd have to say Janine, as always, she's a superb actress. It's a shame she's gone.

    They're my votes anyway. I have no idea why Denise and Sam are even in the selections, both of them haven't done much at all.

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    Comment number 20.

    Choices are not great at all, Lauren for female, Danny(mick) for male and prob Carl for villain, the best actress category is awful, Denise can't act, Stacey is only just back and Carol, well if I had to chose I would chose carol but not great options. Best actor seriously Mass, Ian and Mick lmao, Mass was ok for about 5mins when he was drinking ect but NO, Mick has been there 5 mins and hasn't done nothing, I would have to chose Ian if I had to chose lol only cos he has been in it longer and it shows you him more in it. Not impressed at all tbh. Still laughing at the best actor category haha


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