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  1. Browsing the web? Got a licence?

    Friday 29 July 2011, 16:35

    Kevin Steele Kevin Steele is a freelance media law trainer

    If you are a working journalist and make a habit of keeping an eye on what that day's newspapers are doing by visiting their websites (and who doesn't?), you may be falling foul of copyright laws.

    This week the Court of Appeal upheld an earlier High Court judgment in a case involving an online, media...

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  2. We need a new McLuhan

    Thursday 28 July 2011, 17:17

    Charles Miller Charles Miller edits the College of Journalism blog and produces documentaries for BBC History and Business. Twitter: @chblm

    "Real, total war has become information war. It is being fought by subtle electric informational media - under cold conditions, and constantly."

    The Canadian academic and media guru Marshall McLuhan was writing in 1967, in The Medium is the Massage, a graphic book of his ideas.

    Cover of the book 'The Medium is the Massage'.

    He might have been...

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  3. News is more than just eyewitness and a mobile pic

    Tuesday 26 July 2011, 12:47

    Robert Coxwell Robert Coxwell

    I was in Camden on Saturday afternoon when I first started to read the rumours on Twitter that Amy Winehouse had died at her home.

    Being the inquisitive journalist, I easily found her address and by the time I'd arrived there were numerous police officers, snappers and large swathes of Camden Square...

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  4. Police corruption claims: Are PCs trained to talk to journalists?

    Monday 25 July 2011, 15:06

    Simon Ford Simon Ford

    The World This Weekend on BBC Radio 4 on 24 July explored the kind of training given to police officers in how to conduct relations with the news media.

    The peg for the story was the confirmation by Surrey Police that a detective had been taken off the Milly Dowler murder investigation following allegations...

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  5. So what can Google+ do for journalists? Good question...

    Thursday 21 July 2011, 17:16

    Ramaa Sharma Ramaa Sharma is a multimedia journalism and production trainer for the BBC College of Journalism International. Twitter: @ramaamultimedia

    I think, to be frank, it's probably too soon to say (but when has that ever stopped a blogger).

    I've been on Google+ since the day it was launched and it feels like we (the extra keen ones) are all still taking the temperature and having a good ol' play.

    The difference however is that, unlike with some...

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  6. The long arm of the bribery law

    Wednesday 20 July 2011, 12:23

    Kevin Steele Kevin Steele is a freelance media law trainer

    What happens when you, as a journalist, are covering a foreign story and need to make arrangements to gain access to a local official/politician/location or similar?

    In many parts of the world it is normal practice to engage a local 'fixer', someone familiar with the local environment or administrative...

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  7. 'Churnalism': demonising PR is too simple

    Tuesday 19 July 2011, 15:59

    Fiona Fox Fiona Fox is chief executive of the Science Media Centre

    What has 'churnalism' got to do with the phone hacking scandal? Plenty, according to Chris Atkins in his support for the motion "This house believes news articles based on press releases should be marked 'advertorial'" at a recent debate at the Royal Statistical Society.

    Atkins opened by claiming that...

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  8. Visualisation: radio with pictures

    Monday 18 July 2011, 17:41

    Simon Ford Simon Ford

    'That's television, isn't it?' I hear you cry. No, it isn't. But the combining of radio programmes with web video is an interesting phenomenon that warrants exploration.

    It's become known as 'visualisation' and it's becoming increasingly popular and sophisticated, as Roger Bolton reported for Feedback...

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  9. Starting out at the BBC: my work experience on holiday

    Thursday 14 July 2011, 16:48

    Hannah Livingston Hannah Livingston

    "Barça, Barça, Baaaaarça!"

    I was on holiday, in the middle of my time on the BBC's Journalism Trainee Scheme.

    People were dangling from the tops of light stands, others climbing up palm trees, and more jumping up and down in a haze of deep red and blue on the Arc de Triomf - all angling their...

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  10. Changing the law on libel

    Wednesday 13 July 2011, 14:43

    David Hayward David Hayward of Hayward Black Media is a writer, journalist and consultant for local TV. Twitter: @david_hbm

    Will the Defamation Bill protect robust debate in the UK?

    The Media Society recently debated the rights and wrongs of the Bill (published on 15 March 2011). Although the panel came from different areas - journalism, media law and academia - there was plenty of agreement, making the discussion more forensic...

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