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  1. Diversity in local radio

    Tuesday 27 April 2010, 13:26

    Angelique Halliburton Angelique Halliburton

    Politics, comedy, Jamaican rugby and hip-hop dance theatre. That's the line-up on UK Black, a 30-minute weekly podcast of the best bits of BBC local radio programmes aimed at the UK African and Caribbean community.

    This week, top billing is awarded to BBC Radio Leicester for interviews with...

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  2. Social media's sentimental journey

    Monday 26 April 2010, 13:57

    Trushar Barot Trushar Barot is assistant editor of the UGC and Social Media Hub at BBC News

    It's the Holy Grail for advertisers, marketers, companies, economists and politicians - how to know what people are thinking as soon as they think it.
    Leaving aside the possibility of discovering a way of telepathically reading minds en masse, sentiment analysis has been creating a bit of a buzz for...

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  3. Where the stranded went for news: bad news for news organisations

    Monday 26 April 2010, 10:58

    Charles Miller Charles Miller edits the College of Journalism blog and produces documentaries for the BBC Money Programme. Twitter: @chblm

    CoJo's Chris Walton
    This is a blog from long-lost College of Journalism colleague Chris Walton (left):

    I write this in the lobby of the Marriot Airport Hotel in Los Angles where the deputy British consul has just been harangued by hundreds of stranded Brits complaining they have been here for more than a week and there...

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  4. Let's get real about social media

    Friday 23 April 2010, 13:36

    Kevin Marsh Kevin Marsh is director of OffspinMedia and a former Today editor

    Social media is good - but not that good. And we really do need to keep a grip on common sense.

    Like when we look at social media's role in the travel disruption beneath the Icelandic ash cloud.

    Mashable's quick review - posted by Shashank Nigam, the CEO of who makes a living helping...

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  5. The TV debate: a great escape for politicians

    Friday 23 April 2010, 13:33

    William Horsley William Horsley is the international director of the Centre for Freedom of the Media and media freedom representative of the Association of European Journalists

    So they were wrong. Some of the political commentariat said the TV debates would reveal nothing and change voters' minds hardly at all. Now it's hard to deny that they've turned the election picture upside down. Or blown it wide open, at least. 
    For the parties, the debates are vastly magnifying...

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  6. The election and the press

    Friday 23 April 2010, 11:59

    Kevin Marsh Kevin Marsh is director of OffspinMedia and a former Today editor

    You do not have to support the Liberal Democrats or Nick Clegg or be carried along on the current poll wave to wonder, as a journalist, what was going on Wednesday in the newsrooms and editorial offices of the Telegraph, Mail, Express and Sun.

    You don't have to be a conspiracists, either, to ask some...

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  7. Crunching election stats for SEO

    Thursday 22 April 2010, 12:19

    Charles Miller Charles Miller edits the College of Journalism blog and produces documentaries for the BBC Money Programme. Twitter: @chblm

    This is a guest blog by Martin Asser, BBC Search Engine Optimisation specialist.

    Nearly two weeks ago I made my first foray into BBC News' political nerve-centre at Millbank. I was there to do some SEO (search engine optimisation) coaching with the Politics team, in the hope of capitalising on increased...

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  8. Video: CoJo Election Briefing - the Pollster

    Wednesday 21 April 2010, 15:23

    David Hayward David Hayward of Hayward Black Media is a writer, journalist and consultant for local TV. Twitter: @david_hbm

    Sir Robert Worcester gave a highly entertaining CoJo election briefing on polling and understanding public opinion.

    Sir Robert, the creator of the polling organisation MORI, outlined just how important he sees the role of the pollster in UK politics and why the 2010 General Election campaign came to...

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  9. That cloud and the reckoning

    Wednesday 21 April 2010, 12:47

    Kevin Marsh Kevin Marsh is director of OffspinMedia and a former Today editor

    So now the recriminations can begin and they will be played out in the media.

    Each newspaper will decide first who they want to blame and pick their facts to fit: the government; the EU; Eurocontrol, the Civil Aviation Authority.

    Broadcasters, with their legal obligation to be impartial, should do it...

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  10. Social media: a sideshow, even in closely fought seats

    Tuesday 20 April 2010, 11:12

    Matthew Eltringham Matthew Eltringham is editor of the BBC College of Journalism website. Twitter: @mattsays

    Filton and Bradley Stoke in Bristol is just the kind of seat you'd expect to be the subject of a local campaign fought without fear or favour on all fronts.

    A notional three-way marginal, the Lib Dems need - in these days of Cleggmania - a 'mere' 5.5% swing to take the seat from the Tories. Labour need...

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