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  1. Keep your eye on personal

    Wednesday 9 December 2009, 09:52

    Kevin Marsh Kevin Marsh is director of OffspinMedia and a former Today editor

    If we're honest with ourselves,  journalism is taking a long time to get the hang of what a relentlessly personalising web means for us - news providers.

    If you were being hyper-critical, you'd say that we - and I mean the business as a whole - are no more than tentative about personalising the way...

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  2. Copenhagen and news values

    Tuesday 8 December 2009, 13:24

    Charles Miller Charles Miller edits the College of Journalism blog and produces documentaries for BBC History and Business. Twitter: @chblm

    If you were editing the Six O'Clock News on Radio 4 last night and had the following packages for the first half of your programme, what order would you put them in?

    - 100th solder killed in Afghanistan this year (2 mins 10 secs)
    - Cuts in public sector spending, and how to quantify spending cuts (4...

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  3. Hanging on

    Monday 7 December 2009, 09:04

    Robert Orchard Robert Orchard

    Talk of a possible hung parliament is back on the Westminster agenda as an increasing number of commentators and politicians predict that no party will have an overall majority of MPs after the general election in 2010.

    The shadow Business Secretary, and former Chancellor, Ken Clarke provoked consternation...

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  4. Journalism 101: the journalist's DNA

    Friday 4 December 2009, 10:45

    Jon Jacob Jon Jacob Editor, About the BBC Blog

    What journalistic values did Rory Cellan-Jones have to bear in mind when he wrote a blog analysing Google's move to implement restricted access to news stories earlier this week?

    TV and radio journalists recommend planning a news package or documentary. Where budgets are involved and teams of people...

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  5. Financial journalism: boom or bust?

    Thursday 3 December 2009, 12:15

    Charles Miller Charles Miller edits the College of Journalism blog and produces documentaries for BBC History and Business. Twitter: @chblm

    How well have financial journalists acquitted themselves in the current crisis? Were they too passive - ignoring signs of an overheated, overcomplicated market which, in retrospect, any old fool could see was about to implode? Or too assertive - making too much of early signs of trouble and creating...

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  6. What was that about facts and a good story?

    Wednesday 2 December 2009, 21:00

    Kevin Marsh Kevin Marsh is director of OffspinMedia and a former Today editor

    The Health and Safety Executive have hit back - well, in truth, they hit back some time ago but I've just caught up with it.

    It's a website that every journalist should bookmark - not because it's infallible; I'm sure it's not. But it's a useful other voice on those stories that have become one of lazy...

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  7. Translating the World

    Wednesday 2 December 2009, 13:18

    David Hayward David Hayward of Hayward Black Media is a writer, journalist and consultant for local TV. Twitter: @david_hbm

    Unlocking the potential of the World Service.

    The BBC World Service broadcasts in 32 different languages, creating a mass of content and original journalism. Because of the difficulties in translation, there has always been problems making the most of this material - that is, until now.

    Sally Thompson...

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