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Thursday 14 July 2011, 10:00

Sally Producer Sally Producer


I'm Sally, the Producer on the new CBeebies Grown-ups website. We're in the process of making improvements to the site so I thought I'd drop by our blog to let you all know how it's going.

Before I tell you about changes to the Grown-ups site, I wanted to tell you more about me as I'm still excited. I've only been at the BBC for four months and came straight into CBeebies HQ. I have a 2 and a 5 year old at home, so, as you can imagine I was a huge CBeebies fan before I even started. When I saw this job advertised I jumped at it. My boss, who interviewed me, still laughs to this day at how overly excited I was when I walked into the CBeebies HQ and saw the famous logo. Although I'm very qualified for this job, I never thought I'd actually get my dream job! I've not been disappointed - everyone is truly lovely and to top it all, I met Mr Bloom AND the veggies in my first week. I am a very popular Mum at home!

Anyhow, back to Grown-ups. The current Grown-ups site has been around since 2005 and last year a report was conducted that found parents thought it a little dry and that users found it difficult to navigate their way around. There is a lot of good content in there but we needed to make discovery more intuitive - the hope is that grown-ups will be able to unlock the magic that lives within CBeebies, and use it to its full potential.

We hope the new site will be a favourite for parents and carers to visit when they want to dive deeper into CBeebies and find specific programmes, activities or support for their needs. I can't give you too much more detail yet without spoiling the surprise, but there will also be a few treats just for us grown-up fans too.

We've been very busy consulting diverse groups of parents, grandparents and other carers to ask for their help to shape the way the site will look and work. We've also been talking to parents and carers about what supportive features they would like to see on the site. So far, they've all been very positive and excited at what we can offer.

Talking of the grown-up fan base - our new facebook page and Twitter feed have already been launched and give us a place to talk to parents and bond over our secret (or not so secret) love for CBeebies. Our social media presence is only new and still growing in numbers but we have already had already some good fun - such as "You know you're a CBeebies Dad when…" - and the chance to ask the Producer of Mr Bloom some questions.

As our new social media offering is proving such a popular way to talk to you all and we are getting so much positive feedback and comment on it, we've decided to close the current message board so we can concentrate on talking to you grown-up fans on these more dynamic social media sites and this, the grown-ups blog. This approach is being used across BBC Online - you can read more about the approach here. If you've not done so already, join in by 'Liking' our Facebook page or 'Following' us on Twitter. (Just go to Facebook.com/cbeebies (CBeebies TV Channel) or look for '@CbeebiesHQ' on Twitter.) Don't forget to let your friends know too!

We're really excited about the changes and we'll be keeping you updated with improvements we're making to the CBeebies Grown-ups site on our Facebook and Twitter pages. For starters, we'll be asking what you think of the existing Grown-ups site, and whether you've used it. Why not join in the excitement?

See you soon,




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    Comment number 1.

    Hi Sally! Pleased you love the job, I'm v jealous of the time you're spending with the Stars!

    I just wanted to say how sad I am that the board will be closing. I have met many friends through the board and now we regularly meet up and even have an annual holiday together! I guess it's the end of an era. My children have nearly grown out of Cbeebies, but I don't think i ever will.

    We already have a cbuddies page but will 'like' your page too. See you all on the other side! xxxx

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    Comment number 2.

    Also very gutted to be losing the Message Board where I have made lots of wonderful friends who have been massive help to me over these past few years. As a part of the CBuddies page I am very glad not to be losing all of my wonderful CBeebies friends. There's also a "Mrs Tumble" page on that same FB site, so hopefully the legend can live on!!

    My daughter's also pretty much outgrown CBeebies but, like mumsy above candvjands, I refuse to outgrow it. My daughter outgrowing me is much healthier all round than Mrs T outgrowing CBeebies!!

    As has been said on the FB comments - this is the end of an era.

    Gutted :(

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    Comment number 3.

    Hi Sally,

    We too are gradually moving away from CBeebies, just a few progs the children still enjoy these days. But I like to see what's going on still.
    I too am sad you are closing the message board, and have said so on your FB page. The CBeebies messageboard could've been SO much more. Pleas for more features, and some questions about presenters/progs were ignored or moderated. It is such a shame. Many messageboards/sites have suffered because of FB. I guess you have also succumbed.


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