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Friday 25 March 2011, 11:32

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Hi there. It's Katy here!

Welcome to my first ever CBeebies blog. I've been having a fantastic time with Alex, Cerrie and the gang at the CBeebies house lately. I was in the studio with Andy the other day trying to persuade him to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with me next year. I'm well up for the challenge but I think Andy might take some persuading! I'm a really active person so when I'm not bouncing around in the CBeebies house I can be found doing all sorts of outdoor pursuits.

I'm a keen cyclist and I also love doing Brazillian dancing. It's an intensive workout and its loads of fun. It helps me to stay energised so I can jump around a lot on CBeebies.

I love entertaining children, which is why working for CBeebies is so great. I run two children's choirs a week - one in Hampshire and one in Bristol. This just about leaves enough time in the week for my main passion, cooking. I've been experimenting with some new recipes and having a whale of a time. I'll be bringing some new tasty treats to you and your little ones very soon so watch this space!

What's your favourite thing to cook with your child? I'd love to know your tips on what your children love to eat. Why not sign in and post a comment or two?

Bye for now



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    Comment number 1.

    Hi Katy, I am glad that there will be new recipes. Can you tell me if there is somewhere the recipes are scaled up to perhaps 4-6 portions? Producing individual mini meals with my children is fun but sometimes when time is limited it would be good to make these recipes for the whole family.

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    Comment number 2.

    I spend more time chasing after my 17 month old who loves to run off with the cooking utensils!

    He loves I Can Cook, maybe that's why he always wants to be in the kitchen. I think he may be a little chef in the making. He also loves Big Cook Little Cook.

    I have made some of the recipes from the show and Jacob's favourite is the Easy Peasy Pizza, although I do have a confession to make - I leave the grapes off. Sorry, Katy.

    I hope there will be another series soon. I think Jacob liked the the first series best when you sang with your guitar.

    We also loved the CBeebies Aladdin pantomime, Jacob loves the song at the end. I hope CBeebies do another one this year.



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    Comment number 3.

    Katy, you might not be able to tell us this, but I do need to ask - have they signed you up as a full-time presenter now? Because I have to admit, we love you. You seem very natural in the CBeebies house with the rest of the gang. Please do more and please stick around!

    I'm not much of a cook, but my wife can frequently be found in the kitchen with our second child (nearly four), who is prone to concentrated bouts of obsessive cooking. He'll usually demand to "do baker baker" and they have to make buns or flapjack; usually something hideously unhealthy but we do try and include fruit wherever we can!

    Good luck with the Kilimanjaro thing. I don't blame Andy for being cautious; he's extremely tall and the air's probably thinner up there...

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    Comment number 4.

    Hi Katy,

    Can you please please tell me what make your green boots are as I absolutely love them?

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