Toby’s Top 5 Moments from Series 2

Thursday 14 February 2013, 20:00

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Once again Lord Toby Whithouse has delved into the crypt to select his favourite five moments from the second series of Being Human.

Here's how it works.

We post Toby's choices below, then YOU clicky this linky to vote for the moment you'd most like to see again via the medium of this blog.


Here goes...

1. Nina tells George she's a werewolf.

George and Nina

Episode 1: Nina tells George that he gave her the werewolf curse.

2. George teaching his class to swear.

George teaches his class to swear
Episode 4: George teaches his class to swear: "STFU, which stands for Shut The F*ck Up."

3. Annie and "Red Robin" on their headphones.

Annie and Red Robin
Episode 6: Annie & "Red Robin" on their headphones before Alan Cortez's psychic show.

4. The Box Tunnel Massacre

The Box Tunnel Massacre
Episode 7: The Box Tunnel Massacre.

5. "We're going to get her back."

Annie in Purgatory
Episode 8: Mitchell, George and Nina talk to Annie in Purgatory. - "We're going to get her back."

To vote for your favourite scene from *deep breath* Toby's Top Five Series Two Moments *exhales*... simply click HERE.




Let's have your own personal top five series two moments (or just moment) in the comments below please!


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