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Friday 16 November 2012, 11:18

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Hey gang,

The sun is shining down in Barry Town, which can mean one thing only: we’ve finished shooting the exciting bits and bobs that will make Series 5. The weather has been exceptionally glorious since we left – always the way! It was sad to disband, of course, but this means that the series is one step closer to YOU and we like that.

Being Human - Damien

But where have we been, I hear you ask? Well, without giving too many spoilers away, we’ve been in our new place of work – it’s true, the Café on the Corner is no more – and this time we’ve got sea views. We’ve been back at the Archive, so brilliantly set up by the Man In Grey With The Bluest Eyes, Mr Rook. We’ve been in Captain Hatch’s lair – as disgusting he’s promised to be. We’ve gone deep underground, taken to the streets, had fun at the fair and travelled far, far away (within the realms of the universe and our budget) to explore the past. And to Honolulu Heights, of course. Lovely Honolulu Heights.

What about the characters along the way? I know there’s been some discussion recently about our favourite guest characters – and more about them on the blog in the future – but we hope we’ve created some new gems to be added to the pantheon of greatness. How do we go about that? In this series, like the ones before it, we’ve started by working out a character’s human equivalent. Whilst the supernatural type acts as a great catalyst for drama, it’s this that we use to define them. Sasha = WAG, Adam = horny teenager, Michaela = pretentious goth. Of course, by the end of the process, they’re hopefully much more layered, with an emotional truth at their heart. But they start out as “You know So-And-So? What if this supernatural was like them, times a thousand?” We make excellent friends. Honest.

In other news, I think the next update will come from a new BH Insider! It’s exciting times for you guys as this person will be dedicated solely to Being Human social media. We’ll be breaking them in gently, but in 2013 it will mean many more posts for the run up to Series 5 and throughout the broadcast. Enjoy!


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    Comment number 66.

    Think I might get 'repetative scrolling finger'... ;)

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    Comment number 64.

    Dera Saint -

    One of our Bloggers is now a qualified accountant YAY! The Blog accounts are a complex and laborious task. The last trip to IKEA... all those CUPCAKES we gave away... it all adds up.

    Shoe - I hope that this year we get more Blog Posts from now til the start of #beinghuman Series 5 - because we could do with the build-up. And we are worth it. Too many people go on-line half way through each series saying, "oh, is it back? I didn't know!"

    If we want Series 5 to get the best start possible - then I think we should start here. On the Blog.

    I'd like to see teaser trailers.

    Publicity pics.

    Interviews with Michael Socha, Kate Bracken and Damien Molony from now til the start of series 5 on the Blog. about what they enjoyed about their characters whilst filming.

    We know that some Bloggers were lucky enough to be involved in some scenes whilst filming - I'd like to see some Blog Posts about that. And also about some of the Crew that were involved in the filming.

    None of this would give away any spoilers - which we all hate - but it would be fun to see these things now before the bedlam begins in Jauary or February. Just saying...

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    Comment number 65.

    Hi Manc - re post 64 - I couldn't agree more! Re post 62 - what doesn't work?

    I am not really enjoying this new set up of the blog at the moment. I know it'll take a bit of getting used to and I'm a bit backward at accepting change but I'm finding it quite difficult to read this. The background is way too dark for me. I also don't think it is anyway near as easy to navigate about the blog which is a bit of a pain in the articles! But it is most certainly better than no no posts at all so that, for the moment, is moan over!

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    Comment number 1.

    Lovely to see a shiny new blog up and running!

    Not long 'til S5 now...

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    Comment number 2.

    So we can post, we can really post. Going to take a while to adjust to the inverted colour scheme.

    Aside from that will the fair ground have, vampires, werewolves or even be the home of a Type 6?


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