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Friday 15 February 2013, 18:55

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Hot Tom

It's Friday evening, you've made it through the week and the nightmares about The Men with Sticks and Rope have just died down now.

What better time to revisit the shocks of Episode 2?

Here's our gallery full of classic stills and EXCLUSIVE, previously-unseen photos from the filming of 'Sticks and Rope'.

Wanna see? CLICK HERE!

Clicked through them all?


Now... how excited are you about Episode 3: Pie and Prejudice?


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    Comment number 1.

    No pics of Rook in this, I'm disappointed, Steve ;P

    But thx for putting them up :) I always love the ones with the quotes on it, especially the Men with Sticks and Rope one is fab ;D

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    Comment number 2.

    Neither link nor galleries button shows any pictures. Can't see them. They seem to play vampire with me... ;-)

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    Comment number 3.


    The Washington Post in the USA had a hilarious essay on the general goofiness of Downton Abbey plots last weekend, claiming “Everybody Can Write One!” So here’s mine (I still miss Mr. Pamuk from Season 1!):

    Season 4:

    Mr. Pamuk, secretly buried on the back estate of Downton, is revealed to be a vampire! He is dug up by Lord Grantham’s dog, and wanders into the female servant’s hall.

    “What ho!? A man in the ladies hall?!? huffs Mr. Carson. “Off with ye, ye scoundrel!!!”

    Vampire Pamuk bites off Mr. Carson’s head, and blood spatters all over Lord Grantham’s dress shirts! Creepy Cricket Expert Servant From Isobel Crawley’s Place Whose Name I Don’t Remember slinks in.

    “Hey, I know how to remove those stains!”

    Vampire Pamuk kills him too.

    Edith returns from London, and has an urgent call from her editor. His crazy wife has escaped the asylum and is heading to Downton Abbey to stalk her down and kill her!

    “Oh dear,” cries Edith. “What should I do?”

    Lady Mary slaps her across the face. “Do shut up, Edith! Stop being such a tiresome bore!”

    “Err, now Mary, isn’t that a bit uncalled for?” says Matthew. Lady Mary slaps him too.

    Just then, the dog returns with something small and pink in his mouth. It’s a bar of soap!!!!! O’Brien, seeing the soap, screams and runs into the kitchen, overturning a giant bowl of oil and kitchen grease. Turns out that Branson is a mole for the IRA, and will use his new role as estate manager to finally reach the Snobby Old Guy In The Dining Room Who Spiked His Drink and dump the bowl over his toff head! Curses, foiled again! Up the Republic!!!

    Bates enters the kitchen and slips on the greasy floor. Mrs. Patmore, who vainly refuses to wear her new glasses doesn’t see him and trips, landing in a heap. The kitchen door is blocked, and no one can reach the dining room, where Lord and Lady Grantham, Violet, and The Hot New Actress Playing The Young Girl Who Ran Off With The Married Man are sitting.

    “Good Lord!” grumbles Lord Grantham. “What can be keeping dinner?”

    Jimmy, his ego swelled from his recent promotion to First Footman, rushes to the kitchen.

    Vampire Pamuk kills him too.

    Vampire Pamuk stumbles into the dining room and kills everybody except Violet, who grabs her silver-tipped cane

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    Comment number 4.

    @buzzbrain weird, working fine for me o.o

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    Comment number 5.

    There's some lovely photos. I love all the ones with Kate and the little boy who played Oliver.
    Can't wait to see next weeks episode and photos.


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