Into the darkness

Wednesday 17 June 2009, 14:30

Adam Curtis Adam Curtis

It Felt Like a Kiss started life as an experimental film I made for the BBC last year. My aim was to try and find a more involving and emotional way of doing political journalism on TV. I decided to make a film about something that has always fascinated me - how power really works in the world. To show that power is exercised not just through politics and diplomacy - but flows through our feelings and emotions, and shapes the way we think of ourselves and the world.

This is a slightly longer trail.

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    Comment number 1.

    Hi Adam and Adam Curtis blog gang.
    Will we be able to ever purchase/ download The Trap/ ...Nightmares and suchlike? Some of your stuff like your Nick Leeson doc are so little known and so brilliant. Hope we'll be able to se them again some day legaly and in dvd/ hd versions.

    Looking forward to It Felt Like A Kiss. How scary IS it??

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    Comment number 2.

    Found the blog via Brooker's Guardian article. I'm such an admirer Adam. Brooker explained your work perfectly as 'the consequences of ideas' and I have felt the same way for some time now. So happy you are online in some form. I would love to hear your opinion on how The Mayfair Set has held up. The insight into the rationale of US Junk Bond traders was so eye opening.

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    Comment number 3.

    I went to It Felt Like A Kiss on Thursday 16th & loved it - if it is possible to 'love' being terrified out of ones wits for three hours in the dark. The film is fantastic, profound, thought provoking & with a terrific sound track.

    It says on the BBC site that you will be posting an hour long cut of it on your site today, June 19th, when Manchester Festival finishes. No sign of it yet...please don't forget. I have directed readers to it from my blog [], which this week is devoted entirely to the boot shaking experience of walking [& often running] round It Felt Like A Kiss.
    Bravo Adam Curtis, you're work is magnificent.

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    Comment number 4.


    IS it possible to buy your previous documentaries anywhere?
    You don't seem to be on Amazon......

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    Comment number 5.

    try internet aucion sites - it worked for me!


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