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This is Blast: Your Label

Olaf Parker Olaf Parker | 10:52 UK time, Friday, 3 September 2010

Hi... I'm Olaf Parker, I'm the resident fashion expert at Blast and in the wider fashion world I'm a designer. I've been designing clothes and teaching fashion for around 20 years, showing my collections on catwalks all around the world.

My major job at Blast is to organise the Your Label competition which gives aspiring designers the chance to show their ideas on the catwalk during London Fashion Week. This is the third year of Your Label and we've made things a little bit different this time: instead of taking just one group of young people and meeting with them each week to help them make their collection and organise their show we ran a competition to choose 10 different designers, all of whom get to show a capsule collection on the catwalk as part of the same show, a bit like a graduate show but during London Fashion Week.

It's proving to be pretty complicated, I'm hoping it's worth all the extra headaches!

The 10 designers (or design teams) we chose are:

Roxanna & Megan from Bolton, Ally from Buckinghamshire, Kirie-Lea from Essex, Heather from Gateshead, Jeyda from London, Jessica from Basingstoke, Evan from Surrey, Enya from Peterborough, Megan Holly & Becky from Gloucestershire, Navina from Cambridge.

Some of them are quite skilled at making garments, some of them have never made a garment before! We felt that their designs all had something really interesting about them though and they've each got a mentor to help them when they get stuck. They've also all got really supportive parents to stitch on beads, drive them round the fabric shops, help make patterns and just about anything else that needs doing.

So.... they've all started their collections (6 outfits each) and they've got just under a month to go until London Fashion Week. Their designs were great, I'm just hoping that they can turn them into actual outfits.....

I'll be posting regular updates and pictures so you can see how they get on and whether they can all finish in time.....


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