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Holly, Becky and Megan in Gloucestershire

Olaf Parker Olaf Parker | 17:24 UK time, Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Just got back from a mentoring session with Holly, Becky and Megan in Gloucestershire.

I have to admit I was quite worried about what progress they might have made with their collection, last time we met they hadn't done that much, I think they'd been struggling with their patterns and they were being really ambitious with some of their ideas.

I was pleasantly surprised that they are on the right track now and have got some outfits pretty much finished. There's loads of little details to finish but I think they can handle what they need to do (and fit in coursework and some "me time" too!).

Their collection is all in red and black with Japanese characters and lots of wooden beads and bamboo, here's one of the styles that's nearly finished:

Front of Japanese inspired dress

Front of Japanese inspired dress

Back of Japanese inspired dress

It should look great on the catwalk with the bead fringes swishing about.

They've also been thinking about the music they want to use, the consensus seems to be something Japanese and Punky!  

I got the invitations back from the printers yesterday and when I gave some to the girls I think it actually sunk in that they're going to be part of a runway show in less than 4 weeks!
let's hope they get it all done...


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