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Hand Painted Fabrics...

Olaf Parker Olaf Parker | 10:00 UK time, Friday, 17 September 2010

Navina from Cambridge has made a really lovely collection based on Ceramics.... Her collection is based on beautifully hand-painted fabrics which are then made into simple, almost architectural shapes... well that was the idea anyway but it's always a bit of a "moment of truth" to see how the fabrics actually work. There are a few slight issues to sort out but overall I think they work really well...

she's used bleach, gold paint and black dye to create this dress:

Navina's gold dress

Navina's hand painted black and gold dress

...and fabric paints mixed with water to create the "watercolour" effect on this one:

 Navina's watercolour dress

navina's ceramics inspired watercolour dress

 I think they look great.


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