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Haye-Klitschko predictions

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Ben Dirs | 10:46 UK time, Tuesday, 28 June 2011

When WBA heavyweight champion David Haye fights IBF and WBO title-holder Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg on Saturday, he will be a betting underdog.

But BBC Sport has found plenty of wise heads who think the Brit has a chance of pulling off an upset on German soil. And one or two who don't...

Carl Froch


CARL FROCH - WBC super-middleweight champion

I fancy David Haye. I like the guy - he's ballsy, he's gutsy, he's everything I like about a man and a boxer. He's a warrior, he means business when he gets in there and I think he's going to do the business.

Wladimir is tall and rangy and awkward and presents a lot of threat for David Haye. But the way David will fight is to put him on his back foot and scare him to death, smash him with those big shots. He's going to hurt Wladimir.

You saw him sit back for two rounds against Audley Harrison, but when he decided the time was right he jumped on him and did what he had to do to get him out of there. Little grin, job done, see you later, go and pick up the cheque.

Lennox Lewis


LENNOX LEWIS - former three-time heavyweight world champion

Against Nikolay Valuev, David fought a perfect fight; he kept moving, he stayed elusive. He has the speed and the weight in his arms and any shot he hits Klitschko with will be a shocking blow.

Klitschko's strength is his size, his reach and his weight. He has all those advantages, and on paper he is the one they will pick to win because he is a natural heavyweight. If they get into a clinch and Klitschko puts his weight on David it may sap some of David's energy.

But if David is able to stay with his game plan and move and throw combinations, he should do very well. Haye is light but he can use it to his advantage if he can stay away from him.

Amir Khan


AMIR KHAN - WBA light-welterweight champion

I think Haye could shock Klitschko - if he's smart, jumps on him early, hurts him and puts him on the back foot. But if Haye lets Klitschko settle in and work behind that jab, the fight could become very hard work.

But my money's on Haye, I think he could even take Klitschko out towards the end of the fight. He's got the speed and the power to knock him out, but I don't think he'll rush into anything just in case he makes a mistake.

Joe Calzaghe


JOE CALZAGHE - former two-weight world champion

David is my kind of fighter, one of the most exciting fighters in the world right now. He's quick, sharp and classy and throws punches with bad intentions.

He looks even better than I could have ever imagined. The punch power he is showing on the pads is frightening, and everything is thrown with speed. He's moving like a middleweight with heavyweight power at the moment, and that can only be a good thing.

David has a chance. Wladimir is the bigger guy and has the tools with regards to the reach and the weight - but David is fast, can punch and Klitschko's been on the floor 10 times-plus. If he catches him, David can knock him out.

Frank Warren


FRANK WARREN - Britain's premier boxing promoter

Klitschko will be too big for Haye and stop him inside the distance. I know people straightaway will say, 'well, Nikolay Valuev was big', but Klitschko has got more mobility, he's got a great jab and he's got more boxing ability.

Haye says before every fight he's going to have a tear-up, but he never does. He ran and ran and ran from Valuev until the last round. For three rounds against Audley Harrison the crowd were booing because there was no action.

If Haye hits you on the chin he can take you out, but he's got to get inside that jab and let shots go and I just don't see him doing that. And if Haye gets hit on the chin, he will go down. But that's Haye's dilemma - if he's going to run, that will suit Klitschko as well.

Oscar de la Hoya


OSCAR DE LA HOYA - former six-weight world champion

David Haye is a great champion and a very charismatic person, but he's also a great athlete, which is one of his advantages over Klitschko. He can be one of the fighters who can knock out a Klitschko - he's that powerful.

He's fast, a thinker, he can surprise Klitschko, I believe. Klitschko's a great fighter, a big guy, so it's a dangerous fight for David, but I believe it's a very winnable fight for Haye.

Richie Woodhall


RICHIE WOODHALL - former WBC super-middleweight champion

Haye knocks him out. It will be a similar performance to the fight against Valuev, a very cagey affair, in that we won't see David just rushing into him - he'll stay on the outside, make him lead, make him miss, and then catch him on the counter with the right hand.

That will be the key, getting inside that jab. Obviously it's going to be a lot more difficult than against Valuev, because Klitschko has a lot more boxing ability. But David is a better boxer than people give him credit for - he can be elusive, he can avoid shots and he's sharp enough and quick enough.

It can be very difficult if you've got someone in front of you who's a lot shorter, it can be very tricky trying to nail him down with that jab, because you can over-commit. I can see Klitschko gaining in confidence as the fight goes on, coming forward, egged on by his own fans, and that could be his downfall.

Bernard Hopkins


BERNARD HOPKINS - WBC light-heavyweight champion

Haye will knock out both brothers. I'm not impressed with those guys. They've got the height and good records and a Hall of Fame trainer in Emanuel Steward, but otherwise they're ordinary. They ain't special. They're just lucky.

Wladimir will be real easy for Haye, but he'd run them both down and knock them both out. Without Haye, there ain't nothing going on in the heavyweight division.

Tyson Fury


TYSON FURY - British heavyweight contender

Haye's getting KOd, definitely. I can see Klitschko putting him down three or four times before the ref stops it. Haye is fast as lightning but he's a small heavyweight who has got no chin - and we all know what happens to people with no chin. In the heavyweight game if you don't have a chin you get knocked out, it's that simple.

If you leave Klitschko to his own game he'll jib-jab around the ring all night. But if you put him under pressure - constant pressure - and show you're not scared of getting hit, you've got a chance.

But Haye's not going to go to Germany for a war, he's going to run around the ring and nick a point here or there. I think that's the wrong move, you've got to put it on him. Look at the facts - Klitschko hasn't been beaten by a technician, all the fighters who have beaten him have been come-forward boxers.

John Murray


JOHN MURRAY - European lightweight champion

I want to see Haye do it because he's British and it's good to have the world heavyweight champion on these shores. I can see a Haye win by knockout. Klitschko is a class world champion but he's had his time and now it's Haye's time to shine.

He's younger and fresher and carries dynamite in his fists. The early rounds might be difficult until Haye finds his range and then he'll land one of his big shots.

James DeGale


JAMES DEGALE - former Olympic and British super-middleweight champion

In Hamburg, against one of the Klitschkos, it's a difficult task for Haye. Although, being British, hopefully he can go out there and do it and unify the division.

I see Klitschko knocking him out late on, that's the way I see it. He's just too athletic, too big and hits far too hard. But you never know - it's heavyweight boxing, all it takes is one punch, and David Haye can dig.

Anthony Ogogo


ANTHONY OGOGO - Commonwealth Games silver medallist and Olympic hopeful

Klitschko's never boxed anyone who's really come to win, not for a long time, and when he has, he's been beaten. Haye knows what he wants, to be out of the game in four months' time, so he'll go in there with so much desire to win and he'll be too quick for him, overwhelm him and stop him in about seven or eight rounds.

The Klitschkos are massive in Germany so I can't see Haye winning on points. But Haye knows that as well. He's got the confidence in his punching ability and a lack of confidence in Klitschko's chin.

It won't be a tear-up; Haye just talks about that to sell tickets, he's just a really good promoter. I can see him sitting off, losing rounds on purpose, lulling Klitschko into a false sense of security and when no-one's expecting it, whack, whack, whack, all over.

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  • Comment number 1.

    Hello folks. Think we had a few technical problems there for a while, looks like you can comment to your heart's content now though...

  • Comment number 2.

    Pete - bloke on a message board and never won a fight in his life

    I think we will see a very cagey affair early on. It is crucial that Haye doesn't allow Wladmir to start groping him and sapping his energy. Wladmir's 'jab and grab' style is devastating as we have seen, even if it is intolerably dull, and Haye has never fought 12 hard rounds. Valuev allowed him to move around without throwing too many punches, Wladmir is far better at cutting off the ring.

    I think Haye will land a fight ending punch at some point though and we will see the big Ukranian stumbling around again.

  • Comment number 3.

    The more the build up for this fight continues,the more David Haye comes across like a school boy.I've been impressed with Klitschko during this process,he interviews well and seems a lot more classy than Haye.

    I know it's hardly a golden age for the heavyweight division,but the 2 brothers seem to be the best there is out there at the moment.

  • Comment number 4.

    shuts up this little upstart. All mouth. A disgrace to professional sport and to see all these people supporting him is shocking.

  • Comment number 5.

    I hope that Klitschko shuts up the little mouth.

  • Comment number 6.

    Not being a boxing expert myself, but with the experts on here suggesting a Haye win, versus Klitschko being fave at the bookies, surely a decent lump on Haye is worth a shout?

  • Comment number 7.

    Love Bernard Hopkins view of things no sitting on the fence for him, good man. Also who’s care what Tyson Fury and James DeGale think one just big and the best of a bad bunch the other it just all hype no trouser’s.

    Looking forward to this fight win, lose or draw I’m confident Haye will put on a great display to do him, the UK and the sport of boxing proud, make up for the con that was his fight against Harrison.

  • Comment number 8.

    Muhammed Ali said some terrible things to people when hyping a fight. Mike Tyson enjoyed the image of the brutal lunatic. Why the disdain for Haye? He wants to draw in as many casual PPV subscribers as he can, and seeing as he is the one who has to get in a ring with Klitschko he can do what he likes to boost sales in my opinion.

    Who knows, after all his efforts the Americans might actually want to watch a heavyweight title fight! As nice a chap as Wladmir is, when the Yanks don't even televise a HW title fight there is clearly something wrong. He's a nice guy out of the ring but does boxing no favours when in it.

  • Comment number 9.

    Follow the money...Wladimir is too strong and mobile for David...

  • Comment number 10.

    Most of the wise heads here are British...English, right?...So you going for Haye. I want Haye to win but it will be a tough one for him. He could easily be knocked out, unless he gets his strategy right on the night. I think his actions during their press meeting was not the best for a fighter of his calbre fighting at the highest level. Refusing to shake hands is not respectful and does not show professionalism. Obviously, he is trying to hype up the fight as many great fighters do but there is always a limit. He is not going to have it easy but i hope he wins.

  • Comment number 11.

    @3 - that is purely to get under WK's skin and IMO it seems to be working a treat so far. Don't believe everything you see from WK, he is a vicious so-and-so when it comes down to it and the words are just for the benefit of the cameras.

    @4 - If you can't handle the fire get out of the kitchen. If Haye keeps proving himself then fine, if he get's KO'd then fine but I am inclined (biased) to think he won't and then you'll be calling it a well executed piece of psychological warfare.

    I am just excited to see a top-tier fight and good luck to both of the fighters - it's going to be a cracking competition if Haye can get inside WK's jab and not so much if he get's caught in the clinch or sits back too much. We'll see on the night!

  • Comment number 12.

    Hopefully Haye is going to get busted up real bad by Klits. Haye is a good fighter but this isnt beating up people like Audley Harrison and a 39 year old John Ruiz. Im hoping Wlad beats him up with the jab very badly before getting a KO/TKO in the later rounds. Its gonna be a good fight though got a few mates coming with the beers. We have already practiced our "KLEEEEEECHKO KLEEEEEECHKO KLEEEEEECHKO" haha!

  • Comment number 13.

    This is basically Haye's allies calling Haye and Haye's enemies calling Klit!

  • Comment number 14.

    At 14:28 28th Jun 2011, Digi_Mortal wrote:

    @3 - that is purely to get under WK's skin and IMO it seems to be working a treat so far. Don't believe everything you see from WK, he is a vicious so-and-so when it comes down to it and the words are just for the benefit of the cameras.

    Haye should be careful what he wishes for.He hasn't had a fight against anyone decent yet,and I know boxers all give it the big I am,but he's crossed the line from pre-fight hype to classless and obnoxious.
  • Comment number 15.

    I'm not really sure what this blog actually tells us. Most of those interviewed are either his mates, his rivals or jealous promoters. It would have been much better to get the views of the boxing press to try and get some impartial perspective.

  • Comment number 16.

    Got to laugh at posts 3,4 and 5!

    As petepostlethwaite said the best boxer in history (Ali) came out time and time again with some serious put-downs. It's all part and parcel of the fight game.

    Klitschko cannot compete with the street smart Haye in verbal sparring, so he will play the sensible, wordy, refined character in the build up, and in turn will try to portray Haye as some sort of animal.

    The build up to the fight would be pretty boring though if it turned into a mutual appreciation club - these men are here to hurt each other.

    C'mon Haye! At least he brings something to the heavyweight scene!

  • Comment number 17.

    David Haye will be severely punished by Wladimir Klitschko.The over confident Haye is making a terrible misake by comparing the giant Nikolay Valuev to a much more athletic Klitschko.David Haye will undoubtly rely more on his speed,a crusierweight style of boxing but Klitschko too has the steady movement and can use his combination to good effect apart from all the other advantages this huge Ukranian has like for example his good reach and very effective jab that can really hurt the relatively inexperiance Briton who has not really fought alot of great fighters from the heavyweight division.
    Perhaps in a couple of years more David could devolope into a more solid boxer if he gets the necessary exposure fighting top class fighters which are hard to come by these days.Hayes overconfidence against a much better boxer in the class of Klitschko is comparable to that of Frank Bruno and might work to his advantage in preparing him for top class boxing.
    David Haye is obviously very aware of the beating he will be exposed to against Wladirmir and he badly needs to psyche himself up by displaying his arrogance and also not wanting to face his fear and respect that Klitschko commands with his quality and standard.For more than 2 years Haye succeded in avoiding the Klitschko,especially the older brother Vitaly,presently the WBC who is the more aggresive,with very powerful jabs and a devastating right hand that normally draw blood from alot of his opponent.
    David Haye will face alot of flaks trying to get behind Wladimirs highly effective jabs.Klitschko can stop Haye at his tracks with those jabs and work his combination to set up the devastating left hook and the powerful straight right that can test Hayes chin in the earlier rounds.Naturally Haye will need to move around alot knowing that Klitschko will score points with those effective and powerful jabs.David Haye will have to take some really hard uppercuts and right hands before Haye can go down and move in to throw some of his big punches.Here,Haye will be extremerly frustrated as Klitschko jabs and solid right hand will unleashed the power and precision and by the middle rounds David Haye would be badly hurt and frustrated it wont be long before Haye gets wrongfooted and Klitschko's better reach,size and weight,better experiance and a much more superior class will send The younger Haye to the canvas at least twice before Haye himself will decide to stop the punishment.Its very dificult and improbable to see Haye going the distance as Haye will decide to take Klitschko out in the earlier rounds.Haye has the speed to move to avoid Klitschko power but wont be able to recover in time when he attacks Klitschko with big punches.He might even be hitting the canvas earlier than expected should Haye attempt to go for the offensive in the earlier rounds.Wladimir Klitschko has the experiance to control the bout and punish the arrogant Haye for failing to show respect to the 1996 Olympic Gold medalist.The bout will be over by the 5th round.Should it go any longer then David Haye might be hospitalised for observation of injury to his brain matter.Hopefully it doesnt need to go that far unless Klitschko badly insist on his 50th ko in Hamburg which Haye has instigated through his provocation.

  • Comment number 18.

    @Amo78, you would prefer the opinion of a Journalist over the opinion of Lennox or Oscar de la hoya? very odd.

    really looking forward to the fight, of course all haye's talk is simply to sell tickets, the heavyweight division is a joke, everyone knows that. As people have said Kilts can even get their fights shown on american television, its all a show to sell more, Ali did it, (and people hated him for it) its all a show people to get you talking and to buy the event (which i will be doing)

    Good luck to Haye, im hoping for a KO but can see him winning a tentative fight on points, and will then hopefully go on to fight vlad before october.

  • Comment number 19.

    I'm with Freddie Roach; picks Haye to take out Wlad early if at all.

    A 50/50 so on the basis head has to rule the heart prediction is Haye to Ko Big Bad Wlad in round 3. Available at 40/1 with all good bookmakers #fillyourboots

  • Comment number 20.

    Barry McGuigan is backing Haye, so get your money on Klitschko. I love mcGuigan, and I genuinely hope Haye wins, however if you're a betting man backing the opposite of what Barry says will usually get you a result at the bookies.

  • Comment number 21.

    No point watching the fight after reading #17!

    Few points though -

    "The over confident Haye is making a terrible misake by comparing the giant Nikolay Valuev"

    Hay has never compared Klitschko to Valuev - the comparisons have been made by lazy journalists.

    "Hayes overconfidence against a much better boxer in the class of Klitschko is comparable to that of Frank Bruno"

    You are seriously comparing Haye to Bruno? Go have a lie down, they are chalk and cheese, both in the ring and out.

    "the relatively inexperiance Briton who has not really fought alot of great fighters from the heavyweight division"

    Name me a few great fighters Klitschko has fought - and beaten?

    The rest of this epic post merely states that Klitschko has a size, weight and reach advantage. Oh and he has a good and effective jab - I could have told you that in one sentence.

    C'mon The Hayemaker!!

  • Comment number 22.

    Im really hoping that David can win this fight but despite being a big admirer of what he brings to the heavyweight division, i still have my concerns. His natural stants is quite low and he leaves his left hand too low too often. That could well be his undoing against such a prolific jabber such as Wlad. Wlad has a greater reach too so David has to get inside and do some serious damage. If he doesnt protect himself then it could all be over too soon.
    Davids over-confidence is a breath of fresh air in a stale and dull division but i'm concerned that he is heading into this fight like Hatton did against Mayweather. He was too showy and cocky and his focus wasn't there. What happened next was inevitable.
    Haye needs to really concentrate on his game plan and find away of getting inside Wlad's jab and thunderous clobber shot without getting one to the chin.

    Haye all the way but i wouldnt put money on it.

  • Comment number 23.

    Skweaky bum time!

  • Comment number 24.

    Agree with EverReady. Who are all these great Heavyweight fighters that WK has fought??? Absolutely laughable.

  • Comment number 25.

    I’m really, really hoping that this is going to be a Haye win – not just because I have stumped up the £15 that Sky have demanded for the fight!

    However, there are just too many reasons why I cannot see him winning. For one, by Haye’s own admission, the difference in power in the opponents he has fought between Cruiser and Heavyweight is drastically different and Klitschko is one of the heaviest hitters in the division.

    Further to this, the ‘glass jaw’ that Klitschko apparently has, has not been exposed since he linked up with Steward (except for an earlier Brewster fight). Is Haye going to be able to expose this??

    And am I the only person who thinks that Haye has an issue with cutting easily?

    Anyway, enough cynicism. I'm still hoping for a Haye KO!

  • Comment number 26.

    Well what do you know, Warren puts Haye down just like he puts every boxer down that he doesnt promote. I get fed up of seeing Warren being jelous of boxers because he doesnt promote them. This is the guy who makes all his boxers fight trash.

  • Comment number 27.

    Warren. What a joke. Still upset that Groves who is in the same camp as Haye beat your pretender hey?

  • Comment number 28.

    As an Englishman, I cannot be anything other than 100% Haye.
    I dont care if its the first or last round, I want a Haye win.

  • Comment number 29.

    Ever Ready - couldn't agree more and thanks for summarising #17 i didn't make the end of it as i was falling asleep.

  • Comment number 30.

    lmao at frank warren, saying he ran against valuev and harrison - but he still won though didn't he? And that's the thing, Booth will find a way for Haye to win. You can say what you like about Haye & Booth's smugness but it's just to earn money. Ali played the game, Eubank played the game, the stakes are high so you do what you have to do to secure your future. There's a some clueless people on here not reading between the lines with regards to haye's behaviour. Like him or love him he's exciting, gets people talking, and has one hell of a dig on him.
    I genuinely think that Klitschko is under-estimating him, and I hope he carries that on into the fight so he gets ironed out. All this phoney charm offensive from Wlad' doesn't fool me, he is plain nasty and certainly not good for the sport.
    If you want to see Haye at his best, look his fight against Jean Marc-Mormeck, fantastic fight.

  • Comment number 31.

    I agree with Brendan Keegan. Haye is an embarrassment and I hope he gets knocked out - at least this would shut him up. Both Klitschkos conduct themselves with class and Haye should take note instead of all this self-promotion nonsense.

  • Comment number 32.

    Muhammad Ali:

    "I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalised a brick. I'm so mean I make medicine sick."

    "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Your hands can't hit what your eyes can't see."

    David Haye:

    "It's going to be as one sided as a gang rape."

    I know it's all hype and build-up for the fight but, as others have said, Haye just doesn't have any class when it comes to the trash-talk. Which is a shame because he seems like quite a decent guy when outside of boxing.

  • Comment number 33.

    Who cares what Tyson Fury thinks? Jesus, the guy can barely read, write, or talk. is a terrible fighter. Not only that, after all he has achieved he labels Haye as having no chin and this being why he will lose. Erm.......have you seen the chin on the opposition pal? Idiot.

    Moving on!

    Seriously, im reading above people genuinely impressed with Wladimirs demeanour in the pre fight. Are you serious? I mean genuinely serious? The guy waffles, waffles and waffles. He hardly makes sense, and his whole focus is about trying to belittle the guy who prefers and gets his own motivation from looking at the "enemy" as simply that, and he will not allow any niceties to infringe on his animal mentality.

    I think Wlad is coming across as A+ jock with a c, I actually think he is pretty scared and hence waffling so much rubbish and ensuring their is a public respect for him over the big nasty potty mouth.

    Grow up Wlad, you are in the business of knocking people out for a living. The guy doesnt want to shake your hand, he wants to smash your face in. You are annoying, you are boring, you are poor to watch, you are a terrible champion. These are all facts. he doesnt have to respect you. He respects your achievements, but he doesnt respect you. Get in the the ring, and fight you big puss!

    As for post 17, christ. Has to be the worst post I have ever read.

    No comment to those who comment on Hayes behaviour. Your doing your part by contributing to PPV like Haye wants, and you want to watch it, which is great, but if you cant read through the lines that monetary contribution is your only valid input.

  • Comment number 34.


    ....this is my prediction, and I have backed this up at my local bookies'. Those who go for Wladimir Klitscho can do the same, just to add that little bit more urgency as we await the Sat night set-to in Hamburg.

    Could go either way of course, like the Valuev fight, when neither dominated but the thunderbolt delivered by Haye in the last stanza swayed the proceedings towards him.

    Its pointless to base the outcome purely on the fighters' record in the Heavyweight division, as it would be Wladimir's fight hands down, since he has had more experience with big fighters. Haye, to be fair to him, can spring alot of surprises on the night; like Ali did to both Liston and Foreman when there was hardly any support for The Greatest.

  • Comment number 35.

    What has Haye done? He's made his name at cruiserweight and now struts around like he's god's gift to boxing. He's a best.

    His entire career is based on his achievements at cruiserweight. He's fought palookas at heavyweight. I mean, John Ruiz? Really? Latin America's only heavyweight champion and the guy who was made to look like a pre-school kid by Roy Jones jr. Roy Jones jr! The greatest light-heavyweight of all time, who moved up to heavyweight just for that fight and then had to drop back down. Pathetic.

    And everybody keeps going on about Haye's speed around the ring when he fought Valuev but have any of these people actually seen Valuev? He's a statue! Compared to him Butterbean's quick.

    And please, don't get me started on Fraudley Harrison.

    Any way you look at it, this is Haye's first proper opponent at this weight. And everybody who thinks they can predict the outcome of this fight based on Haye's previous bouts as a heavyweight knows nothing about boxing.

    David, this is your wake-up call.

  • Comment number 36.

    #33 - Tyson Fury not qualified to offer opinion according to you then?? Yet you are?? And your boxing CV is what exactly??

    Wanting Haye to win, but a good big un beats a good little un.

  • Comment number 37.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 38.

    All those saying Haye has only fought a 39-year old John Ruiz - this was because he was the mandatory WBA challenger who he was contracted to face once he'd taken the title from Valuev - it was take this fight or be stripped of his belt. He fought Harrison 1) Because a deal could not be agreed with either Klitschko brother and 2) because he knew it would make him rather rich with virtually no risk. He knew Audley would retreat into his shell and it was practically a "gimme" fight.

    Sure I would have preferred David to fight an Arreola or a Solis first, but due to the fairly weak heavyweight division, Wlad hasn't exactly been taking on the cream of the crop either. The only half-decent opponent he's had in the last few years was Chagaev and he was ill (recovery from Hepatitis doesn't happen overnight). Rahman? He'd been shot for 5 years. Chambers? Slick but can't punch his way out of a paper bag. Thompson? He's hardly got a name on his record. Samuel Peter was so slow it was embarrassing.

    I could go on all night about the merits and disadvantages of both fighters, yet it is clear that Mr K does not like pressure and is scared of being hit on the chin. Steward has trained him into a safety first style but one thing remains vivid in my memory - each time Wlad has faced a pressure fighter who can punch he has lost emphatically. I believe we will see a similar thing on Saturday night. Haye KO5.

  • Comment number 39.


    "yet it is clear that Mr K does not like pressure and is scared of being hit on the chin"


    What? As opposed to Haye's iron jaw?

    Please man, the more you rant, the dumber you sound.

  • Comment number 40.

    A good big 'un will beat a good little 'un

  • Comment number 41.

    It seems as though some of the boxing insiders might well be underestimating Klitschko and overestimating David Haye. Fighting low lifes like Dudley Harrison is the worst sort of preparation for the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion. Haye's preparation work, in terms of the calibre of heavyweights fought, has to be questioned. Also, Klitschko has a great ploy where by he leans all over his opponents as soon as they get within range. Inept referrees dont pull him up on this. Haye wont be able to get his shots off.

    Klitschko by knockout, i hope im wrong but hes 3-4 inches taller, has a better resume and Haye should have fine tuned his skills on top level contenders, rather then trash like a-farce and johnny louise.

  • Comment number 42.

    @Cape_Gooner...@ 35

    Apparently you don't believe in surprises yourself. Trawl through the history of boxing in The Ring Magazine and you'll find loads of upsets at penny-a-dozen throughout Boxing History.

    I mentioned in *34 when Ali surprised alot of boxing know-alls by thrashing both Liston and Foreman when he was given only a donkey's chance of beating them. Boxing is not straight forward, you know, not an exact science, a sucker punch could mean lights out, regardless of all the preparations and what the statistics say about each fighter.

    Now all the talkings are over and done with, just sit and enjoy. You never know, there could be a surprise waiting for you !!

  • Comment number 43.

    Well, well - reckon this may be the most interesting heavyweight title matchup since Vitali v Arreola - but then what a disappointment that turned out to be. However there are a couple of good reasons to believe this may be a much closer fight:
    (1) Haye is not another desperately overhyped American Hope (see "more in Hope than expectation")
    (2) Despite so many people's tendency to treat the Klitschkos almost as a single entity, Vitali is an entire different kettle of fish to his brother

    Before a prediction though, a quick word on outlook. Most of the comments on here seem to be conditioned by folks' emotional response to DH. For myself, I'm more in the pro- camp on that one. I think the response of a lot of people (inc Klitschkos) to Haye's chat is misguided. It's like someone who watches a Tom & Jerry cartoon, sees the poleaxings, squashings, decapitations etc and reviews it as a sick gruesome splatterfest. That's more fundamental than a mistake, it's a category error. And Haye is similar - essentially cartoonish in his sense of theatre and humour - and while he sometimes gets it wrong (see "gang rape") he generally has the kind of mischievousness that makes Tom & Jerry fun, and places him on a different level from, say, Iron Mike's hamfisted outbursts.

    So I'm neutral on that. Wlad is more dignified, DH less dignified but funnier. Grand. How boring would boxing be if everyone had the same personality?

    Prediction-wise however, it's very noticeable that nearly all the "experts" quizzed above are from the UK, and making little attempt at impartiality. The one guy who, for me, gets to the central issue is Tyson Fury. Yes, Wlad has a dodgy chin, yes he has three losses on his record. However none of those defeats has been against a technician. They have all been against spirited come-ahead guys with a strong chin who have simply ignored his jab long enough to spark him. Crude description perhaps, but not an oversimplification. Haye will not succeed with the sort of hit & run tactics that conquered Valuev.

    I admire Adam Booth, I think he's pretty sharp. And if I'm right, he'll tell Haye to go for the Corrie Sanders approach to Wlad-impaling. Come out all guns blazing, use your handspeed to daze him, and crumple his chin early doors. You will not win on points, and you don't have the chin yourself to walk thru that jab for 36 minutes.

    In short, Haye needs an early KO, or it's gonna be Wlad again. Peace.

  • Comment number 44.

    CW v HW? Both have been average at best in the last 5 years. At least Haye has decided we should have one champion unlike the brothers who just fight shadows

  • Comment number 45.

    Why couldn't they have had this fight in a more neutral venue,like vegas or somewhere in USA?

    I can see this going to points, and Haye getting beat despite haye being the better fighter on the night.

  • Comment number 46.

    I think Haye needs to fight the gameplan of sorts that Calzaghe did on Jeff Lacy. Keep it busy, busy, busy using hand speed and keep moving, peppering in 4/5/6 shot combinations and then moving on. Rinse and repeat.

    I've seen Klitch fight only one way and to be fair he's good at what he does. And I know Klitch is not the inside fighting, stalking, head down, bomb throwing Lacy, but I think Haye needs to be the head bobbing, hand speed, supremely accurate, throwing flurries as per Calzaghe here.

    I'm looking forward to this one. I rarely go for PPV, but have on this one.

  • Comment number 47.

    "What? As opposed to Haye's iron jaw?

    Please man, the more you rant, the dumber you sound."

    @39. Suggest you look back through your boxing history. Wlad vs Puritty. Went down. Wlad vs Sanders. Down 4 times. Wlad vs Brewster. Down and all over the shop. Wlad vs Peter #1. Down 3 times. He is chinny. He fights safety first. I think the fact that he fights safety first is pretty much acknowledging he's scared of being hit on the chin. It's what boxing is about - hit and not be hit. That's all I was pointing out.

    And Haye's been down, yes. I don't deny his chin is suspect. But once against Mock in his 7th fight and a flash knockdown against Mormeck does not make him a serial canvas kisser.

  • Comment number 48.

    Forget what either of them say- it is to sell tickets and to get under one-another's skin. Do you really think either of them want to kill each-other? Of course not. Get a grip and understand how this business works!

    As for the fight- it is a fascinating battle between the solid, rigid long reach and power of Klitschko against the speed, elusiveness, and explosive shots of Haye.

    On paper, Klitschko is a favourite and if he gets the jab connecting with any regularity then Haye will be in trouble. However at the same time, if Haye lands a couple of bombs that shake Klitschko, let's see how he fights on the back foot. He looks good against slow plodders who can't get inside the jab, but we don't know how he can cope against speed, power, and angles.

    I don't think there is any way this fight can go to points. Klitschko does not know what to do when he gets hit and the thing here is he will be hit with combos and not just one shot. At the same time, I don't think Haye is as strong-chinned either, and if Klitschko lands any right hands then Haye will truly be tested.

    I cannot see it going past 5 rounds, a) Because Haye will have landed by then (hopefully!) and that changes Klitschkos game-plan b) A more agressive Klitschko makes it dangerous for Haye to get caught on the way in and c) the pace of the fight will be faster than a usual Klitschko fight.

    What do I think might be new in this fight?

    Body shots from Haye, and uppercuts.

    Who will win?

    I'm not sure, but there will be a KO.

  • Comment number 49.

    Klitschko hasnt been on the canvas in 6 years, under Emanuel Steward's tutelage hes a different boxer. His losses to Puritty, Sanders and Brewster (avenged in 2007) dont carry the same significance.

    Haye hasn't shown us he is capable of beating the main man. I hope Haye wins but i cant see it. Everything is against him - size, venue, referee, Klitschko's jabbing style etc etc.

  • Comment number 50.

    All of the experts who support Haye are British. They have obviously met Haye and are his friend and so of course they will say he will win.

    Bernard Hopkins supports Haye because he hates Klitschko cos Klitschko is white. We all know Hopkins is racist after what he said to Joe Calzaghe ( I will never lose to a white guy).

  • Comment number 51.

    Chris, I think Bernard Hopkins made that comment as a joke. There's two sides to B-Hop, hes a joker at times but on other occasions hes a delight to listen to, a real intellectual and a credit to the sport. What a career and life the man has had.

  • Comment number 52.

    Ever since Ali ushered in a new age of trash talking, we've had classless plonkers like Haye and Mayweather joining the fray who do more running than fighting. It's pretty hard to respect a fighter who predicts his fights to be as 'one sided as a gang rape'....where do they get these guys? I'm even more surprised to see his fans on here referring to his fight against Audley Harrison as some kind of barometer to his ability in the heavyweight division. How can anyone one question WK's opponents when Haye has fought donkey's like Harrison? Good thing is the running stops on Saturday night when the fists do the talking.

  • Comment number 53.

    I would very much like to see an undisputed world heavy weight title come to Great Britain, but am afraid this big hyped up heavy weight fight between Klitschko and Haye will not produce that outcome. I agree with Bobmahen's comment which makes sense. But in my opinion most of the boxers that predict Haye to win are from these shores, and naturally they have to encourage such support. A good big man will always beat a good little man, that is a saying I have heard in boxing. I still think of David Haye as a light heavy weight. I do hope that he can prove me wrong, but being realistic I cannot see that happening.

  • Comment number 54.

    100% with comment 50. Hopkins is an ignorant moron. The comments here are like when Frank Bruno's sporting friends thought he had a chance at beating Tyson. "If he catches him, he can knock him out". This is a guy knocked down several times with headgear on (Haye) in the ameteurs vs an Olympic Super Heavyweight champion. That's not taking into account their acheivements as a professional. This is a clear mismatch but the pre-fight hype is luring people into thinking its a 50-50 (there we people who started to believe Harrison had a chance of beating Haye!)

  • Comment number 55.

    Haye's behaviour is outragious, but this is a fight, not a tennis match. It is a planned stragegy and is more a sign of a problem of our society than of a problem in his personality.
    Why is he doing it?
    1) To get a H/W profile fast -- H/W title shot in his third fight. --Tick.
    2) To manipulate the media into promoting the fight for him -- about £5m vs each of Valuev, Ruiz, Harrison & £20m vs W.Klit. --Tick.
    (blame the media for only covering outrage, not the person who plays them, else you must also include Ali & Tyson)
    3) To make Klit. fight with anger, if he forgets the jab, jab, clinch strategy it will improve Haye's chances greatly. -- Only time will tell if that has worked...
    (watch the Max Kellermam Face Off with them)
    4) To make me laugh and provide an atmospheric countdown that has been absent from the H/W division for many years -- Tick.
    (and provide an excuse for a good night out watching it down the pub)

    If Haye stays away from the jab and throws lots of big rights whenever in range, he wins by K.O. within 7
    If Klit. stays composed he will win late by K.O. late, as Haye gets tired or desperate

    Go Haye!
    A Haye win means another good fight with the big bro Klit.
    A Klit. win means more H/W boredom for years to come.
    (I care little for Haye's undoubtably-tarnished memory post-boxing, just bring on the fights!)

  • Comment number 56.

    I will be watching the pub in Cardiff city centre on Saturday. Can't honestly say I have spoken to one person who wants Haye to win so hopefully I will be in a pub full of Klitschko fans. As an Irishman living in Wales I wish Wlad all the Celtic luck in the world

  • Comment number 57.

    David Haye is the fighter that makes the Heavyweight divison intresting probably the only one and the Klitschko's should be happy that he's there. I really admire him for taking risks in his career and fighting outside of the UK to win titles in France and Germany. So many take the easy path usually with Frank Warren and never find out how good they could be. He has speed, punch power and the UK's best trainer in Adam Booth.

    Wald is a solid Heavyweight however and I don't think that his chin is such a probelm now. If he use's his height advantage and jab its going to be hard for Haye.

  • Comment number 58.

    hope haye wins as its the only thing that will keep the heavyweight divison worth watching for me untill he fights the next klitschko.

    love his comments and t-shirts they are jokes just to get media attention and they work brillantly. and come on, lots of boxers talk trash and if haye didnt we would prob not even care about this figth or even any other heavyweight fight recently.

    i actually think haye can and will win through knockout. but hey thats just my opinion from watching both boxers.

  • Comment number 59.

    #17 - Wow, no point watching the fight now you've Mystic Meg'd it! Full of holes but honestly too boring to pick at..

    Haven't made my mind up about Haye as yet. Yes, he has to sell the fight, but in terms of trash talk he's long on the insults but short on the wit. Wit which I think is what allowed Ali to shoehorn his way into our affections - along with his abundant talents of course! Haye so far hasn't shown enough humilty or ability to carry on the way he has been, and some of the comparisons with Ali at this stage would be offensive if they weren't so ridiculous! Maybe Saturday will be another step though..

    I've bought the fight, and the sucker I am I'm looking forward to it, but honestly I think it'll be a snoozefest. Despite the tough talk, neither of these guys have shown themselves to be true warriors at HW, with Wlad doing an awful lot of holding and sticking behind the jab, and Haye essentially trying to avoid Valuev like the plague for 12 rounds to try and nick a points win. (Valuev was quoted afterwards as saying he never felt Haye at all. Haye just did the more fancy work. Wlad being more mobile than Valuev though, and a better athlete, the difference between the two on the night won't be so glaring.)

    I think it'll be same again from Haye this time, a very dull cagey affair, with both fighters aiming to nick it on points. Mistake for Haye though, as I feel a decision in Germany is only gonna go one way unless all doubt can be removed.

    I'd love a knock down/drag out war, but i'll be settling in fully expecting a full 12 rounds..

    Marvellous Marvin

  • Comment number 60.

    Bit disappointed that Carl thinks Haye is a everything he likes in a man. As a fighter maybe but Haye is being exceptionally classless and hasn't endeared himself to the nation. Which is why he got almost nothing in the Sports Personality of the Year and then mysteriously was ill for the ceremony.

    However Haye has a decent chance of an early-ish KO. Otherwise Wlad will work a decision. But one thing Haye is right about. We know how Wlad will fight. So the ball is in Haye's court. I hope he wins to keep the division alive etc but a lot of me wouldn't mind seeing him knocked out.

  • Comment number 61.

    Klitscko doesn't have to commit to attack in this fight, he can simply fight behind a solid jab and force Haye to try and step in and then nail him. Haye has nothing to lose, he has already stated he is retiring and hopes to go out on a high. H e has a puncher's chance and he has quick hands but he is up against a fighter who has dismantled America's best fighters and they resent him and his brother just as they resent Pacquia. Both these fighters are costing them money and they don't like it.
    I hope Haye loses because he has been disrespectful and ungracious in his attitude. It's a noble sport and it doesn't deserve to be tarnished with cheap t shirts and media stunts. If he wins he will do it because he has earned it but my money is on the true champ Mr Steel Hammer.

  • Comment number 62.

    Used this piece in my article at

    Thanks for putting it up and great stuff.

  • Comment number 63.

    If Klitschko stays on his feet he'll win. Don't get me wrong, I'd love Haye to win but he's fighting on the Russian's home turf and the judges will back Klitschko no matter what goes on in the ring. If this fight was in America I'd really fancy Haye but his only way to win is a KO and I think Klitschko is too strong to let that happen. Here's hoping the Hayemaker proves me wrong!

  • Comment number 64.

    Just about all the British "experts" going for Haye, hardly surprising! Hopefully he will get knocked out and then I wont need to hear any more trash talking from him.

  • Comment number 65.

    Nothing if not predictable, some of these "wise men". I doubt, for example, if Richie Woodhall has ever met the British fighter whom he hasn't blindly tipped to beat foreign opposition. Truth is that not only is Haye's stamina and chin still to be conclusively proved, but I have also yet to see the evidence that he is a truly concussive hitter at heavyweight. Nine rounds to get rid of Ruiz after having him in real trouble early in the fight; not much of a dent on Valuev; I'm not clear where the evidence is that he has the power to breach even a chin as suspect as Wlad's. Someone like David Tua, who blasted Ruiz out in one, is a proper heavyweight hitter - Haye still has it to do to show that he is in that kind of neighbourhood.

    Having said this, I agree entirely that Haye is most unlikely to win this by decision. His best chance is to go for broke at some point, although that needn't necessarily be in the first two rounds. The dilemma he faces is that this exposes his own fragile chin to examination. However, surely that is preferable to the long drawn-out trial by ordeal of the jab, jab, right cross, hug combination that Klitschko has employed so successfully in recent years.

    Klitschko has taken few risks in most of his fights. The strategy has served him well, and he most certainly will not be changing it. The question is whether Haye has the tools to negate it. Personally, I doubt it. I can see him having his moments, but ultimately getting severely busted up by the severity of that jab. Somewhere between the tenth and the twelfth, I feel, the referee will be called on to intervene, with Haye an exhausted sitting target on the ropes.

  • Comment number 66.

    Hey All,

    What time are they meant to be stepping into the ring? I had been assuming around 10pm but I've just heard someone say its going to be around midnight!?

    This is the first Heavyweight fight i've been truely excited about in a long long time - I think it's too close to call but whichever way it goes, I think it will be all over before the final bell!

  • Comment number 67.

    Haye early or Wlad late.

    As long as Haye circles to Wlad's right, it takes away his jab - Wlad rarely leads with the right...but this also negates Haye's own right-hand.
    More worringly is a) Haye's stamina late on and b) Haye's finishing overall

    Unless Haye drops the hammer REALLY early then Wlad will get that jab going, throws the hook and the fight will follow a predictable pattern.

  • Comment number 68.

    Think this needs to be a Haye victory if HW boxing (and boxing in general) is to continue to be watched by the general public as from my opinion boxing has really stagnated. There doesn't appear to be the personalities there has always been in the sport, the bash, controversial, the ridiculous and the "Hollywood" stories just aren't there anymore. The fight that nearly everyone wants is now between someone who was on a dancing show and a member of the House of Representatives in the Congress of the Philippines. This seems a long way off the days when Tyson was biting people’s ears off and two men set out to beat the life out of each other.

    Anyway hope that Haye wins but he’ll have to box clever and go for the win, otherwise I think this could be one of the last blogs we see on this site of HW boxing as outside of Haye, there just aren't any interesting people to talk about.

  • Comment number 69.

    Win lose or draw, Haye's the better boxer. And the more entertaining. Klitschko's are just big and boring. And the fact that the yanks don't want to watch it adds 'more weight' to that.

  • Comment number 70.

    This feels like the buildup to any other fight between a British fighter and a better opponent, where most peoples hearts are overruling logic. I'm pretty sure most of the same boxers thought Hatton could beat Mayweather in the days before that fight?

    It's heavyweight boxing so anything can happen in an instant but Haye is really up against it here. Haye hasn't fought against anyone in the heavyweight division who is a decent test and he's suddenly going to be in the deep end. I get the feeling Haye will come with a Valuev fight gameplan and run around trying to occasionally get single shots, and I dont think that will work this time. You have to worry about someone who was knocked silly by Carl Thompson trying to take Klitschko's power.

    I'm not a Haye fan and don't care for his antics (especially the gang rape and ambulance comments) so want Klitschko to win anyway. Interestingly enough plenty people in my London boxing gym want the same result, and for the same reasons.

    Wlad in 6 rounds for me.

  • Comment number 71.

    I also dont understand all the comments saying that for heavyweight boxing to be fun and interesting again, Haye has to win. Did any of you watch the Valuev fight? It was so boring that I ended up flicking channels during most rounds - Haye just ran round the outside of the ring all night not wanting to engage. Yes the Klitschko's aren't the most exciting boxers to watch, but neither is Haye against a half decent opponent.

    Just cause Haye can knock out a so-scared-he-didnt-throw-a-punch Fraudley or a way-over-the-hill Ruiz doesn't mean he's the new Mike Tyson of the division. The fact that Haye has such a great reputation after beating bums is whats wrong with boxing these days.

  • Comment number 72.

    I am not what you would call a huge boxing fan but always watch the bigs fights at whichever level or division they are at. Klitschko has not fought anyone great in the heavyweight division, but has there been anyone great to fight. Lets face it Haye has only been in the heavyweight division for about 2 years and he has had to earn his spurs before getting a shot.

    Both Klitschko's are worthy champions as they have fought who they need to, they may not be the best champions but thats the game. However finally we now get a unification fight against the percieved "lesser" brother.

    My feeling is that Haye will lose and lose badly. A 7th or 8th round KO. I really want him to win but I cannot see it. His speed is only an asset if can keep it up for 12 rounds and get the big hits in. But Wladimir is much smarter and quicker than Hayes other Heavyweight opponents and think he will just tire him out.

  • Comment number 73.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 74.

    David Haye reminds me of Lewis Hamilton, both of similar mixed-race background and quite good at injecting life and excitement into the sports that they enjoy. And what are the reaction of some British bloggers on these pages ??.....Negative, and quite disappointing. Buit never mind Dave, go out there and do it for yourself and family. We shall wait for our sporting hero, by the name of Becks to cheer us up in next years Olympic football - now that really would be something to look forward to, won't it ???

  • Comment number 75.

    I think Klitschko will teach Haye a painful, protracted lesson. His jab will be his main weapon and depending on how badly he busts Haye up he may finish him late on, if not he'll be five or six rounds clear on the cards. Wlad is streets ahead of Valuev as a fighter, Haye's only significant opponent in the division, and too good to fall for the hit and run tactics used there. I'm afraid a lot fo the pro-Haye comments sound terribly reminiscent of the hot air you used to hear before a big Frank title shot; a lot of noisy denigration of the opponent as there is very little positive to say in the home fighter's favour.

  • Comment number 76.

    @ 56

    Cant believe those Welsh boys still crying over E Mac's destruction, though it was very brutal.

    Can't believe all the sad acts who find Wlad's antics "charming" and Haye "trash". Get over yourselves. Wlad is acting like an idiot and just talking rubbish. Jibbering about respect, making a big deal about a handshake.

    Look, you are in the business of knocking people out, get in the ring, and fight stop trying to be the man that everyone will say, "but he is nice guy". sounds desperate!

    Despite all the views on Hayes speed, Klits attributes, etc, Haye will win this fight on hunger and desire, and having the appetitie and animal within for a fight. Wlad never has nor ever will have this, and for this reason, when it gets heated, Haye will find a way through while Wlad winces and backs ups and twitches like he always always does when he gets hit.

    Haye gets up fired up from a knockdown, and he has only had flash knockdowns of late, and destroys the oppoennt. Everytime Wlad goes down, he is finished and scared, and if anything dives to floor to avoid more punches.

  • Comment number 77.

    Wladimir imo is on track to be the greatest heavyweight ever.

    He would destroy ali, tyson etc.

    The US and UK has degraded with evil properganda for years now, but now people have finally found the "saviour" of boxing, i think the whole world will see how good wladimir really is.

    Not beaten any good opponents??byrd, chagaev, peter, eddie chambers, rahman are all very good fighters.

    So we will see whos right i guess this weekend, but if wlad wins, he beats lewis's defences of 17 and gets all 5 belts.

    enjoy the count down folks...

  • Comment number 78.

    I once thought Brian London would knock out Cassius Clay after Brian's performance against a mediocre opponent. I dont want to be unpatriotic to go against David Haye who is a classy boxer amongst his size/weight group. Calzagie would beat Haye if Calzagie is aged back by 5 years. Reluctantly I will have to say Haye has the chance as Brian Londod had with Clay. Sorry

  • Comment number 79.

    Cant believe those Welsh boys still crying over E Mac's destruction, though it was very brutal


    I didnt know anyone in Wales was still crying over "E Mac's destruction". Who hasnt KTFO of Enzo over the last 2 years. No one cares. Im Welsh so have no national allegiance to Haye as he is English but realistically although I should be watching this fight as a neutral me and my mates and many other people I know all want Wlad to smash Haye and shut his evil mouth up once and for all

  • Comment number 80.

    I've never rated Wlad and I think a lot of people are completely over valuing his ability.

    Haye imo has always had the tools to take Wlad out - Haye is spot on when he says Wlad is robotic. His movement is very laboured and he has to get in position and set to throw anything.

    Haye is smooth and fluid, he has excellent footwork for a heavyweight (at least in comparison to todays heavyweights) and excellent speed and varietY of punches.

    I think he can take Wlad out and take him out impressively - in the first 6 rounds and, I wouldn't be surprised if he took him out in under 3.

    Wlad hasn't beaten anybody of note - they've either been half decent or worse than that.

    Neither has Haye at Heavyweight - so you have to largely base the ooutcome on styles, and, for me, Haye style is all wrong for Wlad.

    IMO Haye has the movement, slickness and speed to get past Wlad's jab and take him out. Whether Haye decides to use his movement to avoid Wlad early on to frustrate him to draw openings, or whether he just looks to get inside Wlad jab early and land his bombs, I don't know, that's a tactical decision his team has to make.

    Whast I do believe is that he has the tools to do either, and watching the Peter fight last night, has only reinforced my belief.

    Peter managed to get very close and inside Wlad - and he is an overweight, slow heavyweight.

    Wlad is a plodding, awkward, robotic fighter - yes, effective and efficient against the level of oppo he's been facing, but he isn't this fighter that a lot of people seem to believe he is, a fighter that has this inpenetrable defence and jab, it simply isn't true.

    Booth and Haye are smart, they never wanted Vitali. Vitali is the born fighter and one with a proven solid chin, they new that the longer a fighter stays in with Haye the greater the chance of Haye getting tagged.

    Haye's been down many times and by his own admission - is suspect in the chin department, which is certainly something that makes this fight exciting, as both he and Wlad are known to be vulnerable.

    A lot of Haye's antics have been distasteful, but I have to agree with Haye, a fighter will do anything they can to get an edge and Wlad isn't a born fighter, he doesn't have that killer instint that fighters have. Haye is right, Wlad is a manufactured fighter, Vitali is the born fighter.

    Vitali does, which I think is another reason team Haye seeked out Wlad over Vitali.

    I've never really liked Adam Booth but rec

  • Comment number 81.

    @ 65

    Would loved to have read more but your first paragraph derides Haye for not getting rid of Ruiz earlier, as Tua done it one.

    Please look at Tua's respective career and Ruiz's and have a re-think.

    Even Audley can land a decent punch sometimes. See Sprott.

  • Comment number 82.

    The only great fighter either Klitschko has fought is Lennox Lewis - and lost. Granted many people feel he would have won had the fight not been stopped but the record still reads a loss and it was Lewis' last fight.

    Post 17 - Yawn.

  • Comment number 83.

    Cant believe those Welsh boys still crying over E Mac's destruction, though it was very brutal.

    Wtf - most people don't want Haye to win because of his attitude. He has a personality that a lot of people can't take to. I'm Welsh and was in pub full of Welsh people cheering on Ricky Hatton against Floyd Mayweather.

    Don't be petty and turn this into a nationalistic thing, when most people tend to back a fighter that they like - be it stylistically or personality wise.

    There are plenty of English people that want Haye to lose too, why don't you highlight those comments.

  • Comment number 84.

    @ 70

    One response, you state Haye hasnt fought anyone in HW division who was decent test. Well neither has Klitchko and he has been down 12 times, and lost a few times too.

    He will be fighting probably the best opponent he has fought too.

    Works both ways.

    Alas, fail.

  • Comment number 85.

    Sorry, only got to this comment: "You have to worry about someone who was knocked silly by Carl Thompson trying to take Klitschko's power"


    Please watch the fight.


    "Interestingly enough plenty people in my London boxing gym want the same result, and for the same reasons"

    Why lie? it serves nothing.

  • Comment number 86.

    Oh sorry yeah I forgot, its the evil mouth and bad attitude of the guy. thats right.

  • Comment number 87.

    ahaha, vitali was batterinig lewis, fact. Lewis was down on all three score cards, he claimed he would rematch vitali after the luckly cuts stoppage and low and bhold, 40 million plus offered he retired, wheras vitali at a 39 is still schooling top level fighters.

    wlad despite popular belief imo is more talented than vitali, better technique etc.

    Wlad has good hand speed and footwork for a 6 ft 6 guy, and imo his atg status should be sewn up by saturday hopefully...

  • Comment number 88.

    My comment got cut halfway through

    I've never really liked Adam Booth but recently he proven himself to be an excellent strategist and tactictian. He's shown a high level Ring IQ with his tactics for the DeGale fight and with the exception of one or two UK trainers, he puts the rest to shame.

    Both Haye and Booth have been spending a lot of time in the American gyms and clearly mixing with such knowledable fighters and trainers is having increasing their boxing IQ no end.

    The British media will go way ott - (don't mean you Ben) and Haye will be lauded as a great fighter and comparisons will be drawn with Ali etc, like after the Valuev fight.

    Media aside - you have to feel sorry for Haye as far as legacy goes -


    Mormeck - decent
    Big Macc - a run of loses and may even be a LH


    The worst the divison has been in its history

    Wlad and maybe Ruiz are the only two worth mentioning on the CV.

    Haye simply doesn't have the names in the W column to create a legacy, but the fighters simply haven't been there to fight, which is why you can feel a bit sorry for him.

    To his cerdit, he also taken on Wlad before he retires and gone to Germany to it, so he deserves full respect for that.

  • Comment number 89.

    Wlad is a boxer
    Vitali is a fighter
    Haye is both

    Boxers get beaten by better boxers

    Fighters get beaten by better fighters and good boxers

    Good Boxers / Fighters beat good boxers.

  • Comment number 90.

    Both fighters have tremendous power and both have suspect chins - this is a recipe for a great fight yet a quick finish. I don't see this bout going past 3 rounds. Someone is getting KO'd. My heart wants David to win but my head says Klitschko.

  • Comment number 91.


    Do you know anything about boxing? Or are you just another football fan that cheers on any boxer from the UK when a big fight comes around, blind to their faults?

    I suggest its you that needs to watch the Haye Thompson fight again if you don't think Haye got knocked around. Particularly the end where he is sagging against the ropes taking heavy shots with no reply. Even Haye's camp admitted he badly struggled, after throwing in the towel! And that was a Thompson who was 40 years old and should have been retired by then. I think its perfectly reasonable to say someone who gets knocked out by a 40 year old Thompson might struggle against Klitschko's power. Hardly an outrageous or controversial comment. I'm happy to accept Wlad also has a suspect chin, but personally i'm more worried about David taking Wlad's punches than Wlad taking Davids.

    And Wlad has fought several decent fighters in the HW division. I didn't say he'd fought amazing fighters, I said he'd fought decent tests. Most people would agree with that - not sure why you wont.

    And as for the people at my gym, I think you'll find plenty british people supporting Wlad. Look on any of the UK boxing forums and you'll find about half the people from this country that are posting are supporting Wlad. These are knowledgeable boxing fans. Boxing isn't about blindly supporting people from your own country. And if you want to be happy with Haye talking about gang rape then thats fine - but don't expect everyone to support someone who talks like that (there are many posters in this thread who want Haye to lose also).

    Sad that big fights (if this is one - no-one in the USA seems interested) bring out the football crowd onto these forums who know nothing about boxing but will taunt anyone who hasn't jumped on the british fighters bandwagon.

  • Comment number 92.

    Tried this post yesterday. Din't go.
    "As for the post 33, Christ!" You suppose to be at least Lennox Lewis to mock Tyson Fury. Then Lennox only before he scared ran into that retirement after the fight with Vitali. It looks like you are, but only after Vitali. And watch the language! ...Tyson can read it...
    Moving on!
    Boxing is English sport, sport of gentlemen and for this reason there suppose to be some respect. Respect for the opponent. To be so arrogant and ignorant? snobbish and so on....even I don't know if that is on behalf of Haye or £33.
    Klitschko grew up on streets of Ukraine in 90th and that means a lot for those who understand what I am about....still they behave well and their attitude and demeanour you judge for yourself....but boxing is watched by kids and good manners in sports should be promoted

  • Comment number 93.

    I'm not really bothered by all this hype rubbish which is going on and I really think there are far worse out there than Haye who think that because they are a boxer they simply HAVE TO be this arrogant trash talking moron- DeGale comes to mind recently. I think Haye is not as stupid as those that simply think that is how they have to act and does at least think about his jibes no matter how annoying, and at times embarrassing, it is.

    However the only thing which does annoy me is that he wouldn't shake Klitschko's hand- whatever the sport, that is a supremely important thing to demonstrate at least a little perspective and dignity.

    I still really want Haye to win and think he can if he keeps the fight fast and active rather than the tempo dropping and Klitschko drudging to victory. Certainly not paying 15 quid to see it however, absolutely disgraceful that you already pay for sky and then they charge (a ludicrously high) extra to see something- and what's especially insulting is that they still play loads of adverts all through it- unbelievably disgraceful!

  • Comment number 94.

    #65 is very right about Richie Woodhall.

    #74's post is very funny. Points out race and then does Richie Woodhall analysis.

  • Comment number 95.

    #91 your analysis is correct but for one thing. Carl Thompson was very good at the age of 40.

  • Comment number 96.

    Haye keeps his left hand very low. Klitschko's money shot is the big right hand. Its game over.

  • Comment number 97.

    A bit off topic but Lewis was not getting hammered by Vitali in there fight. Lewis's original opponent dropped out & Lennox took the fight at 2 weeks notice. He was uninterested by then & Vitali hit him with everything he had & not only did Lewis stand up to it but if you care to watch it again it is Vitali who is out on his feet by the end of the round & had to be pushed back to his corner. 1 more round & Vitali was getting counted out of there, no danger.

    Back to Saturday's action & I will tip Haye simply as I believe he wants it more than Wlad. Even Manny Steward seems a little uncertain about his man.

    People knock David & no doubt he can be a pain when he lets his mouth go but he is fighting a back foot fighter who does not like to engage with his opponent toe-to-toe so Haye is trying to upset Wladimir's game plan by winding him up & forcing him to abandon his tactics & walk into a few punches, this might work it might not but you cant blame him for seeking any mental advantage he can.

    Klitschko is a very boring yet effective fighter but any fan of boxing will tell you he does not like getting hit, he seems to freeze when a punch hits his whiskers & looks to hold on as quickly as possible. His defeat to Corrie Sanders is a case in point, granted Manny has worked hard to stop him from putting himself in those situations but for all Haye is yet to fight a quality HW to be fair neither has Wlad, especially with his refusal (for obvious reasons) to fight his brother.

    At least people care about this one and are excited for a HW fight again.

    It could go either way but I will stick a few quid on Haye in round 4.

  • Comment number 98.

    @24...and the great Heavyweight fighters that DH has faught are......

  • Comment number 99.

    @19 DH has a punchers chance, 40/1 well worth a flutter

  • Comment number 100.

    Lewis was lucky against Vitali. He could have won but there is no doubt he was losing. The judges, Larry Merchant, every fan watching etc. He knew his heart wasnt in it either and retired. The idea he has two weeks notice is hardly valid. Lewis was training anyway for Johnson/ Its Vitali who got the short notice.

    But anyway none of that is relevant to here!


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