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Haye has mouth - and plenty of trousers

Ben Dirs | 12:10 UK time, Sunday, 16 November 2008

Monte Barrett was flat on his back before his opponent had even left his dressing room. David Haye was good, but he wasn't that good. Maybe Monte wanted to get acclimatised.

For it was a position the New Yorker would adopt frequently as the evening wore on - six times in all, if you include his ill-advised ring entrance.

Naseem Hamed liked to be lowered into the ring on a magic carpet. Barrett looked like he'd been blasted out of a cannon. After four and a half rounds of heavy shelling from Haye, he looked like he wanted to climb back in.

"I know I talk a lot of smack," said Haye following his demolition of Barrett at London's O2 Arena. "But I promised I'd deliver and I did."

And how.

Barrett, a seasoned pro who has been in with world champions Wladimir Klitschko, Hasim Rahman and Nikolay Valuev, as well as defeating a couple of much-hyped prospects, will not have seen the like of Haye before.

The former undisputed cruiserweight king was too quick, too slick and too powerful for his 37-year-old rival. Just as importantly, he showed he can withstand a heavyweight punch. Whether he can withstand a Klitschko punch, well that's a different matter.

Vitali Klitschko was at ringside to see Haye win

Vitali Klitschko, the WBC heavyweight champion, was the man watching from ringside, but Haye's trainer Adam Booth made it abundantly clear at the post-fight presser that it was his younger brother Wladimir, who holds the IBF and WBO belts, that he'd prefer his charge to fight next year.

"Monte's got a better chin than Wladimir, so if David can nail him, he'll hit the floor," said Booth. Which is all very well, but what if Klitschko nails Haye first? But perhaps I'm missing the point...

Haye admitted he had abandoned the pre-fight game-plan after two rounds against Barrett and been drawn into a slugging match. That might not be the best way to go against Wladimir, who also floored Barrett five times when they met in 2000 and who has 45 knockouts from 54 fights.

"Monte buzzed me a couple of times with good shots and once someone buzzes me, that's when I plant my feet and start swinging," said the 28-year-old Haye.

"In the cruiserweights, I could do what I wanted because I could take the shots that came back. But you take a shot at heavyweight and you're on the floor straightaway. It's a learning process. I'm nowhere near the finished article."

Then why the rush? Booth said Haye would have a tune-up in the spring if neither Klitschko is ready before then, but even Evander Holyfield (remember him? He was great once) had six fights at heavyweight before going for the big one.

Ah, but there I go missing the point again. In Haye's world, it's kill or be killed. It's all part of the package, what makes him so endearing to some, so unappealing to others. When asked which Klitschko he'd like to fight, Haye answered: "Flip a coin, I don't care".

Personally, I love it.

"I don't feel I have to be the finished article to win a heavyweight title," he added. "I want to beat both Klitschko brothers on the way to being the finished article."

Haye and Booth are acutely aware the Klitschko brothers need Haye as much as Haye wants them. "They're interested because there are no other exciting challengers for them," said Haye. And he's right.

"They want to secure their legacy and who better to fight than the undisputed cruiserweight champion who's stepping up with this big knockout ratio?"

Haye floors Barrett

And what will make a fight with Haye even more attractive to the Klitschkos is the interest of American television networks.

Haye may not be one of their own, but he showed on Saturday that he's a million miles away from the lumbering East Europeans that have dominated the heavyweight scene for far too long. And that will be good enough for the network bosses.

As Booth pointed out: "To Americans, heavyweight boxing's not supposed to be about points decisions, it's supposed to be about knockouts. Forget game-plans from now on, I think we'll just go out swinging." He was joking. I think.

Haye's stay in the heavyweight ranks promises to be a brief one. Who knows if it will be a glorious one. But if Saturday night is anything to go by, it will be a tremendously exciting one.

The O2 Arena was flogging two tickets for the price of one in the lead-up to his fight against Barrett. I can safely say that won't happen again for the remainder of Haye's career.

"We should enjoy him while he's here," said Booth. "Because when he's gone, there'll be no heavyweights around to entertain us."

The Bermondsey Boy is that rare thing in modern boxing - a big man with moves, a big man with speed and a big man whose trousers are as big as his very big mouth. They don't come along very often. The British public should clamber aboard. It's going to be a rollicking ride.


  • Comment number 1.

    In this fight, I wouldn't say Haye was "slick". He was frequently untidy, and seemed far too prone to getting into a brawl. Then there's the question of power. If he had really carried all his power up from the lighter division, would he have needed that many knockdowns to stop Barratt, who doesn't have the reputation of a man with an iron jaw?
    Good luck to Haye, but I can't see him beating Vitali K.

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Belmons - Yes Haye was frequently untidy, but he was too slick for Barrett. As for his power, seriously, what more do you want? He had Barrett down five times and every flush shot he landed had him in trouble.

    And I'm not sure he'll beat Vitali Klitschko either, but it will be good fun watching him try...

  • Comment number 3.

    Very happy Haye won, some wild moments and I'd like him to use both his jab and feet a little more, but mutiple knockdowns within 5 rounds is what the division needs. The final one was a peach, long straight right and a left hook to finish.

    Love him or hate him, and Haye will polarize since he's not shy about his abilities, the best thing is the excitement and interest he brings to the division. You can knock him down but he can do the same to you, and you only need to look at how popular and successful guys like Earnie Shavers and Tommy Morrison were because of that in the past.

    He doesn't rush in throwing with abandon, but when he does it's with precision and timing. Defence and chin will always get question but it was good to see that he's managed to carry both his power AND his speed up. I don't think he'll blow up just for the sake of it, I reckon he'll get heavier but not 230-240 odd just to look bigger. He doesn't need to.

    So, warm praise and harsh critcism lie ahead for Haye. That's boxing, that's sport. But no-one can say he won't attract a lot of attention, and that's great for the sport.

    Best wishes to the Hayemaker!

  • Comment number 4.

    Well done Haye.
    Was nice to see an interesting heavyweight fight for once.
    I look forward to your undeniable championship request coming true.

  • Comment number 5.

    Belmons.. there you go.. you typical pessimestic Brit!... oh how the world loves negative people! Fact is... he didnt land the Hayemaker till the 5th knockout. Guess what? the opponent could not continue. The other 4 knockdowns could not have been bad... considering Barrett was.. ERRRR.. knocked down FOUR times.

  • Comment number 6.

    You're lucky you've GOT a mum....

  • Comment number 7.

    I was very impressed with Haye. I knew he would win, and to be honest he was seconds away from his 3rd round knockout prediction coming true.

    Vitali has no bouts coming up, and so it would work against Haye to have another bout before K2, as then the chances are Vitali would also, and it would never really happen - if he leaves it as long as Holyfield, then it will be another few years on the Klitschko's lives, and if he beats them people will say they were past it as they seem to do for all British boxers these days (some with justification).

    I'd like to see it happen, and it seems that it is going to - K2 realise the marketing power of fights with Haye, and they obviously feel quietly confident of defeating him. You never know with Haye though, and it will definitely be entertaining to see!

  • Comment number 8.

    bladeswinger - Yes... yes... I suppose I am, I suppose I am...

    deperer - Yeh, I thought old belmons was being a bit pessimistic as well. I don't think anyone who knows anything about boxing will think that was a great technical display against Barrett. But if you want pure boxing, you go and watch the featherweights. I can't imagine people in the 1920s stood around after watching Jack Dempsey fight and said "yeh, it was exciting, but I wish he wouldn't hold his hands so low, it ruined it a bit for me..."

  • Comment number 9.

    I was a bit concerned at Haye's 'tic'. He would realise he'd dropped his left hand and then cross his hands in a flurry like it was all a big ploy, but apart from that, I thought it was a pretty good display.

    I never thought that Barrett was as threatening as people were making him out to be (and I know that sounds like 20-20 hindsight), but any decent heavyweight - considering the paucity of quality in the dvision - should have been in for some version of the title at some point.

    I liked your blog and agree that Haye is the most exciting boxer we've had in years at the heavy end, but there is a big, big step up in class if he's going to fell a Klitschko.

    Bonin - Haye's other hw victim - lest we forget, turned away from the awesome skills of Audley Harrison.

    Haye would be far better off taking Wlad - with his suspect chin and stamina - than Vitali who, injuries and potential ring-rustiness aside - is an extremely good, and rugged, fighter. I fear both might just be too big for the fifteen five Haye.

    I just hope the big match-up stays off Pay-per-view in this country. There's a recession on, you know.

  • Comment number 10.

    Both Vitali and Vladmir move slowly in the ring... both have good solid jabs (Vitali's is better) and while Vladmir doesn't always look like he can take a shot the older brother definitely can as his record suggests.

    What is making me smile is the continued speculation about whether Haye can take a HW punch. I think he can... but a single shot can finish a HW fight in the blink of an eye which is why for years it has been the most exciting division. 15/16/17/18/19 stone of human being transmitted through a fist is exciting stuff if the receiver is turned into a baby giraffe.

    I would imagine if any boxer took a clean HW punch he would be travelling south. So let's enjoy Haye for what he is.

    Can Haye win a HW title? Course he can... but whether he does or not he adds colour to a very dull HW division.

  • Comment number 11.

    What can we say, i think there is only one thing. Well Done David Haye. He said from the start if he can;t beat barret then whats the point.
    For starters i think some of the things said about barrett are a bit unfare some mentioned he never fought for a title, but he met valuev in 06 for the WBA and took him 11 rounds, he was a more than dangerous oppent for someones second fight at heavyweight. Some one who is apperently chinney (which i dont agree with). Its always the same things i hear, oh haye dosnt have a very good chin, he wont be able to handly a heavy weight. he wins then comes the " oh well the oppent wasnt very good" "he wasnt a real heavyweight". To be honest dosnt anyone know what a real one is. 7ft 23 stone??? no its just the weight that makes a heavyweight. The skill makes the fighter, and to be fare, david has had that from day 1. And i for one cannot wait to see the ride he is going to take us on. i dont want to see boring boxing at 3 oclock in the morning. i want david haye throwing bombs, saying hit me or ill hit you. Welcome back boxing!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 12.

    Haye is exciting not just because he has tremendous power and speed but because he takes risks, the low hands lead to taking shots on the chin, sometimes they put him down but not often. He has you on the edge of your seat and is a breath of fresh air at this weight division and win or lose I look forward to watching him against either of the Klitschko brothers.

  • Comment number 13.

    Ben Dirs, you are the best.

  • Comment number 14.

    As i said earlier alot of talk about Hayes chin. How many times has he been down in his career? Twice is it, in 22 fights, twice in 6 years as a pro at crusierwieght, i think some flywieghts dont even have that sort of record. Give the chin a break its getting hit by fellas bigger than that most boxers ever have to face

  • Comment number 15.

    Despite what someone (predictably) said, I don't think I'm being negative - just trying to be realistic.
    By the way, the whole fight can be seen on YouTube.

  • Comment number 16.

    Haye is an overrated fighter.

    Techincally Barrett was beyond poor, everytime he hit a jab he had his chin hanging out inviting Haye to hit him. This guy was no better than a pub brawler who let the occasion ge the better of him.

    I nearly choked on my dinner when one commentator suggested that neither Lewis or Bruno jad managed such a convincing win on their way up. Absolute rubbish! Remember Lewis destroying Ruddock?

    I would hasten to add that Haye will slip up before he meets either of the Ks. Still think that the likes of Samuel Peter or especially Povetkin would cause Haye real problems.

    Haye would be wise to go for Vladmir first as he has a better chance of beating him, Vitali is a different prospect altogether.

    Like Amir Khan he has a glass jaw, in heavyweight boxing you will not be around long enough if you have this flaw. Lewis didn't have the best chin in boxing so he changed his style, I don't think Haye has the pedigree or discipline to do this.

  • Comment number 17.

    Didn't see the fight (hopefully they'll show it on Canadian TV), so I'll refrain from saying "overhyped British fighter" or "horizontal heavyweight" -- for now. Best of luck to him, like...

  • Comment number 18.

    Rubbish article, Rubbish Fighter, Rubbish Fight.

    Barrett was totally shot, he was totally shot from the moment Wladimir Klitschko routed him in 7 brutally one sided rounds all of 8 years ago. 8 years ago Klitschko destroyed him. So how relevant can a win over this utterly wasted version of Barret be??

    That was a fresh Barrett against a green Klitschko, and it was painfully one sided then. Why would it have been any different last night? Barrett has more miles than an old Ford Transit. And even then he had Haye down in the 5th with a short left hook.

    English Jingoism and Nationalism is as alive and well today as it was the night an NF crowd chased Marvin Hagler into a Portaloo on the night he cut up Alan Minter.

    Haye tried to hit Barrett when he was down. Then he clubbed him over the back of the head. When Barrett floored Haye in the 5th with a short left hook, he took his revenge.

    Did it get called a knockdown? Did it crap. And Barrett lost a point, even though Haye was excused an identical infraction in a previous round.

    Maybe what the Yanks say is true. You cant get an even fight in Europe. How dare England say that Germany is a bad place to go. How dare they. Barrett was never going to win last night but the truth of the matter is that that is all the more reason not to rip him off.

    Needless to say, a Mr Croft, who was doing the commentary, conveniently missed, or ignored, take your pick, the infractions of Haye, preferring to concentrate on those of Barrett. Brit Jingoism at its best.

    All this against a 37 yoa man who was totally shot and who has never won a big fight in his life. Of course, the jingoistic bullshit fed crowd, half of whom got in for free {massive attraction that is when you need to give away tickets} were only there to see Haye win, so what the hell, who cares about the finer points of pugilism when you can import an OAP and scrabble to a win.

    As for Haye himself, leaping shots, wide open half the time, takes too long to decide what his next punch is, misses and falls short and, most worrying of all, appears to have no strength in the clinches, even against an older man like Barrett who is tiny compared to the brothers.

    As for this pathetic, moaning, and downright false assertion that the Klitschkos are boring and safety-first, inspired in part as it was by the utterly irrelevant ramblings of an increasingly removed Bert Sugar, let me ask just this: who has the highest KO ratio in the HVY wt Division?

    Answer: its not David Haye. It is Wlad and Vitali Klitschko.

    Truthfully, David brings less to the show than Kirk Johnson did. He wont reach either Klitscho, especially Vitali, with his lead hooks and rights. He has no jab to work his way in and he tires badly. He is there to be hit and he will be.

    Ironically, just as people call Klitschko boring, they fail to remember that there is a distinction to be made: the fact that he is "boring" means he has a defense. Larry Holmes could defuse big punchers and find them out. Both Klitschkos will do the same.

    Haye is only trying to leap frog his way to a title shot. He talks about cleaning the division up, in reality, he only wants 4 more fights. It is the Klitschkos who have cleaned the divison up, beating over 40 Americans and Ex Soviets between them. Not to mention a good few Brits too.

    Here is hoping Haye is the next Brit to fall to them.

  • Comment number 19.

    Listen, another classic example of some of the crap that Hayes promotional buddies in Setanta were coming out with.

    Steve Bunce: Haye has been down only once.

    Objective Sports Fan: Actually Steve, Haye has been down at least 3 times, to Lolenga Mock, to Mormeck, and to Carl Thompson.

  • Comment number 20.

    David Haye is a great fighter. He has got all the ingredients to become a success at heavyweight. He's got the skills,the power,the speed and the fitness, but in my opinion he will come unstuck against the Klitschko brothers, simply because his defence is not that great, he keeps his hands low and that one weakness of his will be exploited when he fights at that higher level against either Vitali or Vladimir.

  • Comment number 21.

    I too doubt Haye has it in him to beat the Klitschko brothers but his style and charisma are far too attractive to ignore. Dare i say a modern day Ali? If he could somehow back up his talk and all action style with the heavyweight belts then yes, absolutely.

  • Comment number 22.

    Modern Day Ali???

    Do me a favour, and button it.

    You have been listening to Setanta again, havent you, young man??


  • Comment number 23.

    ironDirkDiggler are you Monte Barrett?

    if you're a brit, you should be ashamed of yourself, depressing, moaning and boring idiot. you got nothing better to do than complain?

    good article ben, enjoyed it a lot

  • Comment number 24.

    Good victory for Haye. A win is a win period. Haye can definely take out or win against the Ukranian brothers. People on here make me laugh,Vitali only looked good becaue quite frankly Samuel Peter was just in another zone. Vitali did not KO or had him blleding liek hew was when Lennox Lewis was using his head as a speed ball depsite what the blind judges where scoring....Anyway what I like about Haye is that he is going for it. Win or lose you have to admire him his courage.

  • Comment number 25.

    Same old story, a fighter who's done well (Haye) wins a fight easilly and then goes after the big fighters in Kitchkos but people say he won't beat them but when he does you just know it's going to be "oh but they were past it or off form" or some other excuse.

    Same thing happened with Calzaghe, he beat Lacey who all the american commentators said in interviews etc would paste him but he didn't then I recall everyone on the BBC boards saying Kessler would batter Joe, he didn't. Hopkins was past it who beat a 26 year old later on then Jones was paste it yet similar age to Joe.

    ^ Same thing will happen with Haye mark my words, he will beat the best, do it well and then people will say he has to beat this or that. Haye did well last night, he beat the man case closed. Haye wants Wladmir and Vitalli now but can't get them yet.

  • Comment number 26.

    Irondirk, you are wrong. Wlad and Vitali don't have better KO ratios than Haye.
    Haye 21 KO/22 wins / 23 fights.
    As heavyweight = 2/2/2
    Just thought i'd clear that up.

  • Comment number 27.

    princethechihuahua, Povetkin has a small chance against bcuz he is a conditioning fighter not a highly skilled fighter. Haye will blow him out the ring. I expect haters including Ben Dirs and other to persist. When Haye fights Wlad he will tie up areas in his game that he cannot get away with against Wlad.

    Haye to take the HWs by storm with his skills, speed, power, athleticism. Remember Barerra's chin used to be questioned until he moved up in weight and it helped him because he didnt have to drain weights to make fights, i expect Haye's chin to be better @ HW but he should leave Vitali to last on his list of opponent bcuz he has an excellent chin.

  • Comment number 28.

    ironDirkDiggler - "Here is hoping Haye is the next Brit to fall to them." I can understand you thinking Haye might not beat the Klitschkos, but why would you actively not want them to do so? That strikes me as a little bit odd. And if I remember rightly, I don't think I said at any stage in my piece that Haye would beat the Klitschkos, I just said it would be an exciting ride. But what if Haye did manage to beat Wladimir - it's heavyweight boxing, it could happen - it seems you'd be actually upset about it.

  • Comment number 29.

    ironDirkDiggler is an apologist for British history and loves to slam anything quissentially from these islands.

    Nevertheless ironDD has been proven wrong already about the KO ratio... and also about Steve Bunce's comment on Haye being down only once...

    he has... once in four years was what I head him say.

    ironDD just cherrypicked part of the quote to suit his anti-British bias.

    But hey never let the truth get in the way of the your facts ironDD ;-)

  • Comment number 30.

    "Like Amir Khan he has a glass jaw, in heavyweight boxing you will not be around long enough if you have this flaw. Lewis didn't have the best chin in boxing so he changed his style, I don't think Haye has the pedigree or discipline to do this.


    Here we go. Haye is english and therefore overrated. If his name was Davido Hayeo hailing from Cuba hed be the best thing since sliced bread.

    On what do you base your assumption that Haye cannot take a punch and that he cant adjust his style?

    I tell you who is chinny. Wladimir K. The guy looks terryfied every time he throws a punch. He could take most of his opponents out in a few rounds if he wanted bu he has no bottles. Haye will go at him with all guns blazing and hell drop a brick. If Haye clocks him a couple of times its over. Wlad could get lucky and clock Haye before it but ill bet on the brave man over the one with his eyes closed every time.

  • Comment number 31.

    "Objective Sports Fan"


    Hmmmm liberal use of that term me thinks.

  • Comment number 32.

    PRETTYBOY 88, This is what I said:-

    "let me ask just this: who has the highest KO ratio in the HVY wt Division?"

    It is The Klitschkos and not Haye, because all of Hayes fights previous to this, except Bonin, was at Cruiser.

    The Klitschkos have the highest KO ratios out there at the HVY Division for people holding HVY Wt titles.


    David Haye has been down 3 times. Period. None of this 1ce in 4 years shite. If thats the case Wladimir hasnt been down 3 years.

    Down is Down. End of argument.

    Haye is another UK Hype-Monster like his Boy Amir.

    He will lose to the culturally superior Europeans in Germany- you can take that to the bank. But dont take it to HBOS, Northern Rock, Halifacx, Bradford and Bingley etc etc etc ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Klitschko Uber Alles.

  • Comment number 33.

    OK, no pussyfooting - Haye has got a couple of major negatives as far as I'm concerned.

    1) Yet another example of an overhyped (over here) British fighter. For the life of me, I can't understand the difference it makes to some people what nationality someone else is. Same with Amir Khan - the whole Union-Flag-shorts thing simply panders to the very worst (not to mention the very cheesiest) elements.

    2) In boredom terms, heavyweight boxing is almost invariably a straight right to the brain. With guys like Pacquiao, Margarito and Calzaghe plying their trade, why would anyone in their right mind want to watch a couple of beefy sluggers trudge round all night trying gamely to move their arms?

    So quite surprising really, to find that I actually rather like Haye.

    1) He has a fine hat.

    2) When he does mouth off, he's actually articulate and funny, and doesn't burble on embarrassingly about killing people and dining on their families. An approach which has been of benefit to Matt Skelton - who, I gather, is fit as a fiddle after eschewing the use of his stairlift.

    3) He has given the finger to the usual closed-shop, dodgy-as-you-like, Lavender-Hill-Mob British promotional circus. The punk ethic lives. No boring, conservative overprotection here.

    4) He has a fine hat.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm far from convinced he can live with either of the Brothers Karamazov, and the plaited-rows hairstyle is as straight-out naff as it's always been. But there's something to be said for him all the same - and in the modern heavyweight division, anything worth saying is a novelty.

    Did I mention he has a fine hat?

  • Comment number 34.

    I think Ben Dirs' comment on Jack Dempsey is the most resounding point made here, some people seem more interested berating boxers and broadcasting their armchair opinon than actually enjoying the fights. So much sh*t gets talked on all sides before and after every fight. People need to chill out!

  • Comment number 35.

    Too many people on here thinking that thet are boxing pundits rather than armchair commentators with no knowledge other than what they have read or heard.
    Haye is more entertaining than any heavyweight out there, and who cares if he has a glass jaw or not? At the end of the day, he wants to go out there and find out in the ring, not fence around a load of deadbeats waiting for an easy title shot. Fair play to the guy. If he goes out there and gets hammered by VK or WK then so be it - I reckon it'll still be v. entertaining!

  • Comment number 36.

    I'm not being funny Dirk, but not only do you not seem to know what you are talking about, you also make yourself look incredibly stupid whilst doing so. I bet you sit moaning and cussing about everything yet you still watch it. Typical hypocrisy.

    Do yourself a favour and stop embaressing yourself.

    Good win for Haye, love to see our lads doing well, show some support!

    Would love to see him against that upcoming mexican heavyweight, his name escapes me at the moment though.. Chris something, would be a great tear-up.

  • Comment number 37.


    Down is indeed down, but down is not out - and HAye has never been knocked out. The fight against Thompson was stopped by Hayes corner - and if you actually watched it Haye smashed Thompson all over the shop until he got knackered because he was trying so hard for the KO.

    Bare in mind this was only something like his 11th fight. Every other fight Haye has hit canvas in he has got back up and knocked the other guy out pronto!

    What's the problem with that!?

    Haye would knock out Vladimir no dramas. My fear with Haye and Vitali would be the same as the Thompson fight. If Haye keeps smashing someone and they don't go down, then what does he do next? Would he tire and get taken out? Who knows? - Thats the beauty of it. I'd like to see Haye drop one on him anyway and see what happens!

  • Comment number 38.

    David Haye was very impressive in defeating Barrett but one question still has to be answered: can he take a solid punch from a big heavyweight? In the coming months/year(s) we'll find out.

    As an offensive fighter David is excellent and when allowed to throw punches he could beat anyone. However, I have a sneaky suspicion that once he gets in the ring with a big heavyweight who has a decent jab and good power then David may fold under the pressure. Remember Herbie Hide getting blitzed by Vitali? thats the way I think David 'could' go.

    Although Haye is a cocky so-and-so at times he can also be brutally honest. He openly admits he could get blown away by a big punch. This also makes him great to watch: devastating in attack and potentially fragile in defense.

    All that being said I hope David does well and achieves his goal of becoming heavyweight champion. It is going to be one hell of a show for as long as it lasts!

  • Comment number 39.

    Haye is the most honest fighter out there... he knows his limitations but he doesn't get hung up about them. He doesn't white wash his flaws but puts on a show which is what boxing needs.

    I think Dirk needs a round or two with the Hayemaker because the guy is no hype at all... he is the real deal and has fought some cracking fighters which is what it's all about.

  • Comment number 40.

    Haye could do ok. There's no doubt he's a highly talented boxer and with the Heavyweight division being so poor, he's certainly capable of going far.

    However, he shouldn't underestimate the Klitschko's. Both of them can fight and none of them will buckle like Monte Barret.

    It's easy for the west to dismiss the Klitschko's because we don't see them on tv a lot, but they *are* great fighters. Right now, they are too good for Haye but in a years time, and more importantly - 2 more heavyweight fights under his belt - Haye could be the next world champion.

    Haye's undoing could be his impatience. He's young comparitively and doesn't need to rush into these fights.

  • Comment number 41.

    Haye could do ok. There's no doubt he's a highly talented boxer and with the Heavyweight division being so poor, he's certainly capable of going far.

    However, he shouldn't underestimate the Klitschko's. Both of them can fight and none of them will buckle like Monte Barret.

    It's easy for the west to dismiss the Klitschko's because we don't see them on tv a lot, but they *are* great fighters. Right now, they are too good for Haye but in a years time, and more importantly - 2 more heavyweight fights under his belt - Haye could be the next world champion.

    Haye's undoing could be his impatience. He's young comparitively and doesn't need to rush into these fights.


    the most sensible post out of them all....

  • Comment number 42.

    I think Haye is very capable of winning a version of the heavyweigth title, i would go for Viadamir rather than Vitali as i think Vlad would be talior made for Haye who is quicker. But Vlad can be very cagey and dosent like to take too many risks if he feels he is aganist someone who can beat him, i could see him tieing up and frustrating Haye causing him to make a mistake. But if Haye can stay cool and box his way in, Haye will win the fight.

    If he fights Vitali well that could go either way, as i think that can be a proper fight, as Vitali will stand there and go toe to toe, i can see Haye being up for that as he has that reckless streak, and could end up getting knocked out. But if he goes in and out quickly with fast combos he has a chance.

    Haye is a man in a hurry and wants to clean up the division as he sees the big picture of trying to restablish the heavyweight champion as a well known individual again and reignite American interest. I really hope he and believe he can do it, but like post 40 said, his impatience could be his undoing.

  • Comment number 43.

    Haye looked untidy at times but carreid the power and is very quick off the mark, with single shots which will suit him better at heaavyweight. The leading left hook he started the last knockout with would have given vitali and wlad some trouble but his balance was a little off with right hooks and why he was vulnerable before it was ruled a slip. I think he would beat Vitali by decision but lose to Wlad because Wlad protects his chin much better and will be able to land straight shots on Haye. Haye should throw more straight rights rather than hooks all the time , but congrats on a very good fight - heavyweight boxing is back - I have uploaded highlights of the fight

    stand up tall - hayemaker is comin 4 ya'

  • Comment number 44.

    David Haye was class, well done David. much better then the crap I had to watch a week earlier concerning a certain JC.

  • Comment number 45.

    British boxers are going to challenge for the top again? the swine... It was good without them at the top in the all-important division. It was good while it lasted... anyway either of the Klitschkos is going to make a chunk of salo from Haye.

  • Comment number 46.


    You point out that most of Haye's KOs have been at cruiserweight. Is it not true that Haye has had 2 fights at HW and KOed both fighters, therefore, resulting in a 100% KO ratio at heavyweaight??

    Just a thought.......

    I'd also like to register my appreciation of David Haye - he is a refreshing heavyweight, I've been a boxing fan for many years now and this is the first time in a while that i have been looking forward to HW contests. I do hope Haye can sort out his long game with more effective jabbing tho - he'll need that to get close enough to the Klitchko bros to do any real damage.

    Nice one David

  • Comment number 47.

    After reading more of ironDirkDigglers comments i have concluded that he is a bit of a wierdo.

  • Comment number 48.

    David Haye looks good and hes in great shape. We in england should be happy and that we have a decent fighter in the heavy weight division who may be a champion soon.

    Well done David!

  • Comment number 49.

    Oh dear oh dear...just watched it all on YouTube.

    Haye did well, but in all honesty he'd do well to avoid either of the Klitschkos. Barrett was absolutely dreadful -- one of the worst heavyweights I've ever seen -- and even then he knocked Haye down twice (despite what the referee and Setanta made out).

    A good big 'un will usually beat a good little 'un -- I can't see Haye going the distance with either of the Klitschko lads, but he might get lucky -- make hay while the sun shines... (groan)

  • Comment number 50.

    Ben, let me ask you a question, who were the "Much Hyped Prospects" that Barrett beat??

    Guinn?? Lost to Phony Jim Toney.

    Tye Fields?? Lost ages ago and had...wait for it...NO AMATEUR RECORD worthy of the name.

    Besides, Fields was white and we all know what that means down at the BBC/Guardian websites, right??

    Barrett has lost EVERY big fight he was EVER IN. Valuev, Klitscho, Rahman, Mesi, Whittaker....lost them all. And now in what was probably his last fight, he has gone and lost to Haye. Even though he had Haye down and badly hurt.

    Mate, you cant be South African. You talk too much tosh.

    The Klitschkos "need Haye"?? Let me tell you something: The Klitschkos sell out MSG, The Staples Center, and any arena you care to mention in Germany. For fun. They have big names sitting at Ringside to watch their fights. Actors. Models. Politicians. High Society bro.

    Who does David Haye have? I'll tell you...chain snatching, jive ass monikered motherfu**ers, thats who. Page 3 tramps. Steve Bunce. Setanta Sports. Its not exactly Ku Damm StraBe material, now is it???

    David Haye has to give tickets away. 2 for 1. Cos he is such a major draw, right??

    Pull the other one. I have been following the game since I picked up my first copy of Boxing Monthy in 1998. I watch every stream, every video, every download, I can get my mitts on. Some of us actually KNOW the fight game mate. Haye is a puffball. A trick-o-the-loop man. He aint no Heavyweight destroyer. He is a half-pretty cockney wideboy with some power and a bit of speed.

    Big deal. He is probably no better than Danny Williams, at least Williams had the decency to beat Tyson before asking for a crack at a Klitschko.

    Not only does Haye think he deserves a fight with a Klitschko, he has the temerity to think that the game, and the Klitschkos, actually NEED it, and, wait for it, that he can make it happen at his tuppeny tin shed down in the docklands.

    Its a perverse state of affairs. David is actually living in la-la-land.

    Cologne, next Summer, 70-30 Split. Take it or leave it.

  • Comment number 51.

    My god, some of you people are boring.

    Move on. Who cares whether he's gonna beat someone else or not, the possibility is there, and that's the exciting thing.

    If you don't like Haye, why are you watching his matches and even commenting on it.

    At the end of the day, it's a sport, and we all know anything can happen.

    And even if Barrett may not have won many of his matches, he went a fair distance in most, expecially with Klitscho, and as you get older, you may lose the ability to punch as hard, or move as fast, but you don't lose the ability to take a punch. That's something that stays with you till the grave.
    So if Barrett can go 11 rounds with Klitscho, then David Haye did something right.

    Oh but wait, he got knocked down. Boohoo, he must be awful.

    What's that? He got back up again.
    Ah, that's irrelevant, obviously.

    Go do something constructive, like eating 4 tons of asbestos.

  • Comment number 52.

    iron DD...

    "Kiltschko uber Alles"

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and ignore the reference to the third stanza of the German national anthem that is now widely villified due to its association with the Third Reich.

    As for the rest of your comments...

    you talk some tosh.

    I dont know how good Haye really is but as Ben said...I'm looking forward to finding out.

  • Comment number 53.

    Re above.

    Its meant to say First stanza.

    The third stanza is what is now widely recognised as the german national anthem.

  • Comment number 54.

    I have to conclude that ironDD is a racist without question... especially considering his comments on the BBC boards.

    Needless to say he provides some sort of valid entertainment. Which is more than I can say about any Klitschko fight ;-)

  • Comment number 55.

    Klitschko, Klitschko, Uber Alles, Uber Alles In Das O2 Arena.

  • Comment number 56.

    iDD may be a bit of a bloeder kerl, to use the German he appears to be fond of, but I agree with a lot of his post (no. 50) -- at least when it sticks to boxing critique.

    Nothing I saw in the Haye-Barrett fight persuaded me that Haye is anything but a pretty good cruiserweight -- and certainly nowhere near as good a boxer as, say, Joe Conteh was.

    Just out of interest, "Deutschland ueber alles" is not in itself racist -- it translates as "Germany more than anything". The British national anthem (especially the 2nd and 3rd verses) is far more jingoistic("rebellious Scots to crush")...

  • Comment number 57.

    John Conteh (typo)

  • Comment number 58.

    I've got a lot of time for a lot of what Iron Dirk says.

    Firstly, boxing is the ultimate non-jingoist sport. Boxing fans love great boxers regardless of where they come from and so Ben, you hinting that it would be odd not to support Haye against another fighter is complete tosh. If Haye was American and spoke like he does you'd get on your as-tabloid-as-I-can-be-at-the-Beeb bandwagon and whip the crowd up about his big mouth. I don't hate David Haye though, I dislike him. However, bar Vitali, I don't care much for robot East European heavyweights and I think Haye will dispose of them all rapidly. Vladimir has a glass chin like Haye does so it'll be over in 3 rounds. First man to hit the button wins.

    Has David Haye done anything as worthy as almost beating Lennox Lewis in one of the best Heavyweight tear ups of the last 20 years? Nope. Has he beaten a truly world class fighter in his career? Nope. NO cruiser has any kind of public profile and that's because they are all utter pony. Enzo is Welsh the press love him here and he hits quite hard. But, as demostrated by his abject hammering at the hands of Haye, he's poor. The last Cruiser to get a public profile was Evander Holyfield and for good reason. Since then it's been the toilet of world boxing weight classes. Men too lazy to trim down to Light-heavy and plodding about for a buck, or big men shedding the weight because they're too powder puff for the big boys.

    Vitali and his inferior brother have worked hard for 10 years, beaten everyone around and fill stadiums across the work. iron Dirk is totally right and you're suggestion that they need Haye is laughable. It was though good of Vitali to be so generous in his praise of Haye despite that rabid glass-jawed idiot spitting vitriol in his direction. Vitali is probably not the fighter he was and Haye might be lucky in that regard as he may have a chance of avoiding him for 12 rounds and sneaking a decision. But if you watch the tape of Dr Ironfist's barney with Lennox, and in particular the huge uppercut he walked through in the 5th, you'll know there's no chance that Haye will knock him out. If Lennox couldn't, Haye sure as hell won't.

    That said, he could do Vladimir.

  • Comment number 59.

    I'm on the fence with regards to how I feel about Hayemaker...

    Offensively I see he as the skill to put opponents away unfortunately at his weight it aint always skill it's just a matter of physics but none the less I cannot fault him offensively...

    Defensively he tends to look sloppy at times and his chin is questionable (but I suppose you could always put it down to a matter of physics)

    Now the part where I dont understand him is how he feels he's ready to take on the Klitschko brothers (Vitali more so).. I feel he needs more of a test at HW than Monte Barrett... maybe a taste of the fringe contenders???

    But if he pulls it off fair play to him and if he doesn't at least he's brought some excitement to HW division...


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