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Being Human fans are a damn witty bunch.

So, beloved bloggers, we're going to post three 'Pie and Prejudice' stills (complete with a selection of the funniest Twitter and Facebook responses to fire up your imaginations) and we want to see YOUR caption suggestions in the comments below.

It doesn't matter if you've got the killer gag for one or all three images. Just give it your best shot and that treasured slice of Success Pie will be yours...

1. #HalTomSandwich

Hot Hal & Tom Sandwich

@Charl_Atkinson: "This is barbaric! The napkins should never be the same colour as the tablecloth!"

@lozzie_lo_" "You put my marigolds in the sandwiches?"

Felicity Willcock: "Watch out Hal! BUFFET the Vampire Slayer is hiding under the table!"

2. #TomLarryGentPic

@JoeWilkinson12 must have been Ghostbustin' to go when he wrote this...

Larry: There's something very important I forgot to tell you.

Tom: What?

Larry: Don't cross the streams.

Sardaran Ahmed: "So this is what Noel looks like with no hair."

Charlie Nash: "So who's the bloke in the cut out then?"

3. #AboutLastNight

@cillamilla: "Erm you seem to have lost your name tag."

@JulieGreen28: "Quick! Find Vince! He has The Plan Pony!"

Laura Anne Jayne: "It was all Milky Joe. He didn't like the jazz."

That heavy clinky, clunky sound you just heard?

That's the noise of a gauntlet being thrown down. Let's have your captions please Being Human bloggers!

Alternatively, if you're not feeling all that funny tonight,just tell us which caption you think is the winner.



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