#AskMichael Socha Q & A

Online Team

First came #AskDamian... now prepare yourself for #AskMichael.

That's right! Thomas McNair actor Michael Socha is going to answer a selection of YOUR questions from the comments box below this intro.

It'll take a short while for us to get them to him, but he can't wait to answer whatever you want to ask. For the best chance of getting your question through, try to make them as fun, original and inventive as possible.

Want a few ideas to fire up your imagination? Here's what we've been secretly wondering since his debut in series three...

Did Michael go method before playing a werewolf?

Has he had any spooky experiences in real life?

Has Mr Socha ever been extreme fishing with Robson Green?

But enough from us. Now it's your turn! Ask away in the comments below...


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