Oh Hal.

With just two episodes to go, Mr Yorke is going to have to seriously get his act together if The Trinity are to go head-to-head with Captain Hatch and survive.

Can he clean up before it's too late?

Has Rook unwittingly signed away his soul?

Will we ever see what Kia-Ora does to our favourite domesticated vampire?

Let's talk some serious Being Human in the comments below...


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  • Comment number 5. Posted by topomostro

    on 24 Feb 2013 23:05

    OMG. Have v little time but just needed to come by his evening and say that not only was that the best written Being Humman episode this season (so far!) I think it is possibly the best there's been ... since S1E6! It was just - PERFECTION. I can't believe this show is being wound up. On the strength of this episode alone, a new series should have been commisioned. This was genius television, abolsutely gripping, sinister, the dark humour so well judged, and every actor, no matter how small their screen time, was brilliant, just brilliant. Not very eloquent, I know, but it's late and my breath has been completely taken away by this fantastic episode!
    Toby Whithouse, you truly have my admiration. And I never said that before! But it deserves saying now.

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