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Garret Keogh, Online Editor | 13:06 UK time, Friday, 20 March 2009



New to BH? This post does not contain spoilers, but the comments might...



We're starting a new strand here on the blog where every week we'll be throwing out a big question to you guys and we want to hear what you've got to say on the matter.


Now, in series one we had werewolves, vampires and ghosts.  But we want to know is...


"If you were writing a character into series two, who and what would they be?"


A leader of the werewolves, perhaps?  An exorcist?  Maybe even Vlad the Impaler himself?  Or perhaps another kind of mythical being?  We want all your weird and wonderful suggestions for series two in our comments section below. 


After all, anything's possible, right?



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  • Comment number 1.

    Wahey thanks BH production you listened :-)

    OK i just wanted to be first ill think of something now hmm...

    No van helsing though please :-( I really hope that hasnt been written in and ive just ruined it lol

  • Comment number 2.

    Old, cooler vampire(s) with kick ass powers and a much needed touch of common sense coming to sort them out along with their network of known werewolves and ghosts.

    A human who had a gift of some sort.. magic, psychic or some sort of were/human or vamp/human hybrid.

  • Comment number 3.

    'The First' vamp. Not so interested abou the werewolves but I suppose you could throw in 'The First' werewolf too.

    Someone who can explain about the men with sticks and ropes.

    Gilbert please :-)

    Erm, Annie possessing a body in order to get through a security clearance/give false instructions as that person or whatever

    For starters!

  • Comment number 4.

    More people from our 3's past/flashbacks

  • Comment number 5.

    Ooh, maybe George's family wondered what happened to him (I always wondered how he could just cut them out without them wondering how or where he was) and they asked The Prof to help find him? OR George's old girlfriend confided in The Prof to ask if there was any cure? But The Prof has his own evil plan? I am clutching at straws re: the new enemy's story

  • Comment number 6.

    Oh and also Bh could bring in someone who can explain how Nina got those burns.

  • Comment number 7.

    And I still want to know what happened to Jaynie

  • Comment number 8.

    Maybe the new enemy wants the three to appear on TV or write a book about their lives together...about Being Human...haha

  • Comment number 9.

    Oh God, I hope someone joins me here soon, I am taking over somewhat, sorry

  • Comment number 10.

    Can't wait till next Saturday already have a few left backs in place ready to be converted. At last they'll be able to see what I've been going on about all this time!

    I love the idea about George's family being involved in series 2 think that would really work. Also, would anybody in the vampire world question Herrick's disappearance? I mean do they have other "lodges" for example like the Masons. Did anyone think that Herrick's handshake was significant in the hospital when he was about to recruit the engineer guy or am I reading too much into this? Also would the police investigate Herrick's disappearance after a member of their force didn't turn up to work?

    Something to ponder...

  • Comment number 11.

    Those were all things I was wondering too. And, although not a popular idea, I still wonder if the Bristolian canteen lady is going to feature again? Purely because a)she was like Herrick's First Lady and b)she had that ring thing and c)she was going on about having the blood of the ancestors etc etc. to get around bringing her back, there could be a scrap over the ring or something and a fellow vamp or whoever could stake her to get it perhaps?

  • Comment number 12.

    Sorry, that last bit was supposed to be a new sentence, not following on from the etc etc. Capital didn't come out

  • Comment number 13.

    Another clutching-at-straws suggestion re: the new enemy - perhaps Herrick knew they were coming? Perhaps THAT was what the tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock was about and not the vampire bid for mass recruitment/feeding after all? Although, having said that, surely Herrick would have given away the exact location of the three? Hmmmm, I told you I was clutching at straws

  • Comment number 14.

    Also, when George was attacked, it was near a hotel or something wasn't it? And the other guy was killed? Well SURELY there would have been some investigation into what attacked them? So maybe the new enemies were looking for George? But then, why would he have said 'we've found THEM?' Hmmmm, I'm not very good at this.

    Oooh, even though I wasn't a fan of Tully, I reckon it'd be quite good to have him turn against The Three, as revenge for casting him out again. Or not even as revenge but just a desperate bid to belong and to be able to share info with someone - i.e. joining forces with the enemy/spying for the enemy, thinking that he will get what he wants from it but in fact the enemy is just using him? Sorry, I'm rambling. I know what I mean

  • Comment number 15.

    Also, Herrick did say that he realised his role wasn't to lead. Did he just mean that it was to make George kill? Or did he mean there was a much bigger game in play, of which the vamp plan was just a small part?

  • Comment number 16.

    Good plan re: the ring. Can't help but feel Herrick was spinning her a bit of a line with the blood of the ancestors thing though to big her up a bit. Might also be bad vampire etiquette to interfere on another group's patch. Can't help but feel that emphasis might be shifted a little from the vampire thing to start with in series 2. I mean we've Nina's scratches to contend with and I wonder if the evil professor is going to be introduced by that way. He could be involved in the hospital in some way thus taking us down the werewolf route. I'll have to come back to this a bit later.. my kids are going to be waiting at the school gate at this rate!

  • Comment number 17.

    I think you're right.. probably was a much bigger game in play but it was almost as if that idea had just occurred to him just a small cog in a bigger wheel kind of thing..

  • Comment number 18.

    I like all these ideas, but you could be more creative.. i would firstly like a bigger picture of the werewolfs like a pack george gets mixed in with for good or bad? who knows, and nina could go evil after been a werewolf and like to kill which would be fun... hmm anne could be visited by death or an angel or whatever im not good with christianity and become like a venegful ghost, work in progress :P erm, mitchel... i think of something, the doc guy could be a gov agent to cover up supernatural things but really wants the powers for himself/employer and try to force the 3 to give it to him... new ideas completely, maybe a warlock/wizard/witch or a demon cos i read a book about em.. thats it long one

  • Comment number 19.

    woo its working damn you're all gonna have interesting conversations tonight while im not here arent you - wont be able to check til sunday :-(

    Ok new characters - ive said it before but id really love to see some more people from particularly Mitchells past - hes had such a long and interesting life i think its a shame we cant see more of it and YES please to whoever said flashbacks lol im a big fan of all the oldy worldy stuff and would like to see some although must say im not sure this would fit in with the show :-S dont want it to turn into "just another vampire thing"

    I thought of the Herrick thing - him knowing about the professor but you're right i think he would have told them where they were....unless oooh anyone thought maybe he tipped them off - maybe he knew there was someone sniffing around for vampires for whatever reason trying to find them and maybe he told them about Mitchell and the other guys - if you're looking for a vampire and someone says hey i can do better how about a werewolf and a ghost as well?! theyd jump at the chance.......although why would he then try to kill Mitchell i guess....

    Also anyone considered the idea that it might have been someone at the hospital who tipped these people off? OK so people will rationalise anything if needs be however, if there was someone there who was already a believer or maybe had already had an experience - or a close shave with a vampire before then seeing all of mitchells symptoms might have been enough to convince them completely? not someone who works at the hospital though otherwise they probably could have just got his adress off the system. But how does owen come into it? where did they find him? unless the guy was a shrink - or usuing that as a cover so the police would have called him when this bloke came in saying what owe was saying?

    Woah sorry long post again :-S

  • Comment number 20.

    Ok "Atoral" frankly your ideas are no more creative than ours - if anything less creative as theyre just things hat have happened in other shows/films/books etc so if you have something constructive to say then great - but if all you have to do is point the finger at us lot then dont bother please thats no help to anyone is it and anyway what harm is it to you if someone puts an idea on here that you dont like/agree with?

  • Comment number 21.

    Annie- I hope she will become an unwilling ghost therapist now that new ghosts seem to come to her. That would really annoy George with odd ghosts in the house and loads more full cups of cold tea. And lots of possibilities with new characters and funny bits there. Good idea from Sperkii about possessing a body.

    George- I love Atorals idea about George getting in with a bad group of werewolves but I don't think his character would but something with Nina might push it that way.
    There can't be a 'first' werewolf appearing because he'd be dead.

    Mitchell- I stand by the Bernie storyline. It has to be done in series 2 if its done at all because the actor will grow. But there's always ways around that I guess (poetic license kicking in again). Oh one big thing is that the whole vamp culture is not based just in Bristol obviously. I'd imagine a worldwide population with various differences and the vamps themselves could be different with their abilities and outlooks.

    Mostly I want the ordinary people. The shopkeepers, neighbours, work colleagues, barmen etc. To keep it earthed.
    And I would like Owen back.

  • Comment number 22.

    I doubt Atoral meant anything bad by it. It's easy to read things in the wrong way sometimes.
    If everyone took offence everytime I said something off beat then I would have binned my keyboard years ago. Well actually I probably wouldn't; that's why I'm still here. :s

  • Comment number 23.

    (i think i posted this a long time ago although i think its been deleted by the moderators)
    But perhaps the professor is the father (or mother we havent considered it might be a woman lol) of one of Mitchells victims - if she told them she was going out with this man tonight and then suddenly dies...maybe theyd put 2 and 2 together - maybe theyve known a vampire (Mitchell told Josie so theres no reason why another vampire may confide in someone) and perhaps they knew - if they knew they exists and the death is unexplained they might have looked for the mark?
    OK thats a lot of waffle but do you get what i mean? lol

    Ooh another thought - we are taking "weve found them" to mean our three what if it means the vampires? if they are searching for revenge (perhaps as above) then they may think that Mitchell is a link to the vampire world OR the werewolves? perhaps they think by finding george theyve found the werewolves... although i like the vampire storyline the best so i hope they dont get put on the back burner for the next series...

  • Comment number 24.

    I hadnt written anything when s/he said that so didnt take offence so much just dont like people having a go for no reason but yeah you're probably right i may have got the wrong end of the stick :-S apologies if i did

  • Comment number 25.

    Like you eagle-eyes4 I often find myself wondering about Mitchell's past - and what he's seen and how he manages to be so contemporary through every stage of his life. What did he do before he was a cleaner at the hospital I mean he must have relied on some sort of income?

    Not sure about the werewolf pack thing Atoral. It just seems to mirror the mitchell going back to the bad side for me. But I'm definitely up for a bit more werewolf action!

  • Comment number 26.

    yeah I get ya. That could be interesting. In series 1 we had to take for granted that the police were all controlled by vamps and they could 'mop' everything up but that would be impossible with the media. One determined and well connected family of a victim could open it up.

    The guy asked 'did he actually use the word vampire?' I think. So he might be focused on the vamps. I never thought for a minute that he meant those 3 in particular.

  • Comment number 27.

    haha, yes superOchre, you're quite right, there could be no 'first werewolf'. I was in a bit of an ideas frenzy then and got a bit confuddled :-)

    eagle, yes that's what I meant about a tip-off.

    Gotta agree, although probably not meant offensively, Atoral your ideas weren't much more creative.

    I was thinking about Nina 'going wrong' as well. I'd hate to see it because they're such a nice couple but at the same time I think it would work for the story in a tragic way.

    Anyone got any thoughts on my Tully idea?

    If we do have an angel in it, can it be Gilbert? Pretty please. Oh my god, what if it was Herrick? Haha. Ok, I have a question - when vampires are killed and they go to dust, is that it? Or do they go somewhere? I think that's so sad for the original person if they do just go to dust and that's it.

    super, I am liking your 'Agony Annie' idea and, yes, it would drive George bananas

  • Comment number 28.

    I'd like flashbacks to Mitchell's past. When he met Bernie he told him he'd been bulled as a child so I still like the idea that he goes back to confront the bullies once he's made a vampire only to find they'd all been killed in World War 1 anyway.
    Also do the vampires want revenge on Mitchell for turning against Herrick and letting George kill him? Esp as George is a werewolf. Or are the vampires fairly disorganised without a strong leader like Herrick.

    I also like the idea of a female vampire in the 1920s (kind of based on Louise Brooks/Olive Thomas). She asked to be "vamped" by Mitchell because she wanted to stay young and beautiful forever but then it drove her mad because she could never see her reflection and because she was a narcissist she couldn't stand it and killed herself.
    I mean, if you think about it wouldn't it drive you mad if you could never ever see your reflection? And also your own self image, to an extent is based on how other people see you so how does it affect Mitchell that until he met Annie/George he presumably had gone years without ever seeing affection/respect for him in another person's eyes.

  • Comment number 29.

    SuperOchre i agree about the normal people as well as keeping the humour - please dont let it get too dark - well dark is fine we like deep storylines but it needs the odd funny scene to keep the essence of what the show is - i love the fact that it makes you laugh one minute and cry the next etc i dont want to cry for an hour lol

    and also - its kind of linked - i love the "normal" lines/scenes - a lot of the ones that unfortunately got cut in between the script weve seen and the final cut like mitchell eating all the cereals - and george getting dressed for his date etc more of that please - obviously too much would be a drag but im sure the odd scene would be nice :-)

  • Comment number 30.

    hang on there could be a first werewolf. One that started it all off or an immortal werewolf/vamp wolf.
    OK I'm getting OTT now.

  • Comment number 31.

    What of Herrick's "double life"? Could he have been a family man - ok so he wouldn't have fathered any children(?) but he could have a spouse and step children perhaps. Afterall he played the humble copper very well.

  • Comment number 32.

    Ever since that Mitchell advert where he's talking into the camera about his addiction, I've wanted there to be a Supernatural therapist/psychologist written in. George on the the couch would be the most hilarious thing ever seen, I'm cracking up just thinking about it. He'd be on four sessions a week and be keeping a mood diary inbetween, you know he would! Annie would alternate between babbling inanely about teapots and bursting into tears over repressed memories of kitchen utensils. Mitchell would probably start recounting tales of days long past with subtle name drops of really famous, really dead people that he's worked with/slept with/drank with and neglected to mention before.

    Oh god, I'll write it FOR you if you wont...

  • Comment number 33.

    Oh Sperkii sorry if i nicked your idea have to admit i only scim read it as i have to leve for work in about ooh 10 minutes and im not ready yet lol damn you being human :-)

  • Comment number 34.

    Jaynedoll- that idea of a vamp going mad and becoming a narcissist or addicted to people liking them because they can't see themselves (and because they hate what they do) is fascinating. *mulls it over*

  • Comment number 35.

    Lol as soon as you said that brownstudies an entire scene of george on the couch popped into my head i wanna write it down but i should be getting ready for work :-S...

  • Comment number 36.

    I like the Tully idea lots, it would sense. He'd become the vamps loyal dog because he's got nowhere else to go. But would the vamps want him?

  • Comment number 37.

    And somehow i cant see Herrick as a family man :-( sorry good idea and maybe im wrong but he seems to narcissistic and self involved to actually trully care about anyone else...i may be wrong though

  • Comment number 38.

    oo oo I hope Toby writes something like brownstudies idea in to next series that would be great!

  • Comment number 39.

    I'd quite to like to see other types of supernatural creatures/people but it depends on how it's done. But a witch would be good. Maybe she needs to find the 3 because she needs things from them for a spell --- like tears from a ghost, blood from a vampire, and er --- whiskers from a werewolf ---. Maybe she's not a witch but a succubus (therefore seducing Mitchell) and she wants a spell to make her human because she's the last of her kind and lonely.

    I'd like to see Bernie come back. Just because I've read Let The Right One in and I love the idea of child vampires. And I'd like to see the sarcastic vicar come back.

  • Comment number 40.

    There has to be a balance though.
    It would be difficult to get the domestic stuff in with a heavy, ott story about other creatures.
    After epi 6 I was the first to worry about it becoming Buffy like but I guess this blog is just for fun so who cares really?

  • Comment number 41.

    yeah that too id love to see bernie back and the sarcy vicar :-) and quite like the idea of george seeing a shrink - not sure how itd work in with the show but it would be hilarious - maybe they could do it as an extra on the dvd or something thats been done with other shows so maybe i dunno anyway i really actualyl have to go to work now :-( have fun speculating and chatting - think of me stuck at work lol

  • Comment number 42.

    Who would I write in? Me of course as itchels new love interest!

    sorry! first thing that came into my head.

    Bet someone else has already written something similar - or perhaps they just thought it but weren't sad enough to actually put it on here - just me.

  • Comment number 43.

    Itchel??? I mean Mitchel obviously

  • Comment number 44.

    Yeah i agree it might be hard - but they did manage it though after all George just killed someone they have no idea whats gonna happen to them all if theyre gonna survive until morning but we still got them sat round the table eating cereal lol just sort of proves that life goes on i guess im not sure just personally i like those bits - keeps it grounded stops it getting too farfetched and unbelievable - i can kind of imagine them getting ready to go and fight someone/something like when mitchell was meant to be meeting herrick and george (or annie if she gets to change now) stressing about what to wear lol anyway Reaaaaaaaaaaally gotta go now :-S

  • Comment number 45.

    Jaynedoll, Vampires can see their reflections in glass, just not silver-backed surfaces. I think it was covered by Toby a few blogs past. It would be an awesome idea for a piece of original work, though :)

  • Comment number 46.

    Hmm.. I had a weird idea. I was just sat thinking about Being Human one day and this idea came to my head of a really old (something like, 490 years old?) woman who still looks young (Suppose a bit like Mitchell) from the Shakesperian (sp?) years. I know back then that they were very into Witches, and I had an idea of the Witches capturing this girl and putting a sort of 'spell'/experimental thingy on her and from that day on, she's sort of live on forever in the shape of a 20 something woman.

    Mad, I know, but once you get to know me, you know I think up weird thing's like that, Lol x-)
    I think it'd be interesting in a programme like Being Human as well, as, like Mitchell, she's lived though so much tradgedy, loss, sorrow -and- happiness, love and bravery, that it would really 'change' George, Mitchell and Annies perspective of everything that they've been through.

    Anyway, before I babble on (and I'm famous for that) I shall go. Toodle pip (-:

  • Comment number 47.

    Brownstudies, oops I forgot about the fact the vampires can be seen reflected just not in mirrors or have their image captured.
    I hope they do something decent with Annie's character in series 2 and don't just have her mooning over Mitchell all the time.
    Also I'd like to see how Nina reacts to Annie and Mitchell. I can see her getting on OK with Annie but I'm not convinced she'll get on with Mitchell/want him around George when she finds out he's a vampire who killed/recruited Lauren who in turn killed Becca

  • Comment number 48.

    yeah in my own head apart from other stories I'm supposed to be developing I have a much more fun idea of myself as Mitch's love interest which now has a great back story. haha. *fan girl* I need BH fangirl badge.

  • Comment number 49.

    Is it just me and perhaps jaynedoll who dislikes the Mitchell and Annie romance? For me it doesn't work, I don't get what's wrong with a loving friendship between a girl and a boy. But maybe it'll get better.

  • Comment number 50.

    Wow! Fab ideas peeps. I love it. Haha, you know if all of our ideas appear in the new series that Mr W and Co had just plain run out of ideas and were using us all along haha. I don't actually think I'd mind.

    Yes, eagle, damn it! It was MY idea. I own it. Hee hee, not at all. There are only so many ideas we can all come up with and there is bound to be a lot of overlap :-D

  • Comment number 51.

    I so don't want a Mitchell and Annie romance! That would just be wrong on so many levels!!! I love the protection he feels towards her in a brotherly way and I loved how they coped with their accidental kiss moment - very dismissive but not in the lady doth protest too much" way.
    I'll go along with pretty much any plot line but not that one.

  • Comment number 52.

    Hmm I've just thought of something (again, something very random that, for some reason, is making me laugh) but I saw on something else that someone said about how baby werewolves probably couldn't survive lung failor, heart attack, etc so Nina could never really give birth to a baby werewolf, but because George and Nina would grow old, how would an elderly man and woman get through heart attacks, liver and kidney falior once a month?

    Very random I know and NOTHING do to with this topic (lol), but reading through all you're comments, it made me think.

    Any suggestions?

  • Comment number 53.

    SuperOchre - I love the idea of there being an unspoken attraction between them, but it has to go unrealised. I just don't want that complication in the storyline.

    It's a bit like Spaced, if you ever watched it - WE knew Tim and daisy were perfect for each other, we occasionally got glimpses that suggested that they might know it too; but it was never acted on, because... well, I don't know. The show was too clever for that.

    (Until the special edition DVD WHICH MADE ME SQUEE MYSELF TO DEATH.)

  • Comment number 54.

    aww Tim and Daisy I miss them.
    You're right that was perfect. But Annie and Mitchell aren't perfect for each other but I bet if in series 2 an equal of Mitchells came in as a love interest for him I'd instantly think Annie would be better suited. But I think Annie deserves better or is it just because she's dead and its all a bit pointless??

  • Comment number 55.

    and its not unrealised, they made it obvious that they liked each other but yeah I was hoping more for a sister and brother caring which would have been much sweeter and more important.

  • Comment number 56.

    "but i think Annie deserves better"

    Sometimes I think the reason I can't get behind the idea of them being together is because she's just SO fantastically portrayed, I've actually become incredibly protective of her. Mitchell is too complex, too much trouble. I want him to be there to look after her, but it would end up completely the other away around.

  • Comment number 57.

    I remember when Josie asked if George was a wizard, she wouldn't have been surprised at anything in Mitchell's life. That tickled my fancy, always been a fan of magic users and there are several different types to pick from to fit whatever type of story suits the series the best. My one concern is that wizards are not a separate species created or supernatural and might be wrong with the Being Human Universe.

    Vampires should possibly given time to regroup and let the series be dominated by something else. Probably Werewolf's and/or the mysterious man we saw near the end.

    Like the idea of George's family finding him.

  • Comment number 58.

    to eagal-eye.. i see now my suggestion where no more creative and i wasnt pointing the finger and any thing i say is just as constructive as anyone elses, im sorry if i offeneded you in any way.. this is a blog about BH not whether people agree or disagree... is anything really that creative concerning vamps/wolf/ghost and so if i was inspired by a book for my ideas i feel thats ok instead of making up something only i knew what it was... anyway i hope you see im not here to argue... back to BH i think bernie should come back at some point i dont know in what cercumstances, maybe he is being hunted by vamps or even werewolfs, maybe someones already said that lol and i agree would like to see more of mitchels past especially bit when he was in the army

  • Comment number 59.

    ok I'll just say i'm really grateful for the team providing this level of interaction / feedback for the fans. It's incredible.

    I'd like to se some goth kids or wannabe vampires finding out about mitchell and getting really excited and thinking they want mitchell to turn them because they are 'outsiders' but mitchell telling them it's easier to make an effort to get on with people. I know it's been done before but i think it would be a good storyline. then maybe one of them takes the rejection to heart and decides to become a 'vampire slayer' which could either be taken seriously or lead to further hilarity...

    Anything to do with human supernatural-culture, showing just how deluded and far from the truth we are. E.g. ghost hunters who are scared witless when they encounter annie..

    ummmm... what else...

    i don't really like the idea of a witch.. not like they had in buffy. That kind of all out magic doesnt fit with the show in my mind...

    a psychic? who can see the future or read minds? that might work... a luna lovegood type.

    i think a straightforward on-the-couch therapist would be a cliche but some kind of exorcist who turns out to be much gentler and more understanding than first thought would be good... like the new landlord hires them to 'exorcise' the house but when they're not looking the exorcist has a chat with annie and is just like 'pretend you're not here!'.. and they tell her all about the other ghosts they've met and are fascinated by the fact she hasnt gone through her door..

  • Comment number 60.

    brown- yup that's why it doesn't work. I also find it yucky that she would be written as a woman who always needs a man. We've sat through the whole obsessive Owen thing for weeks so for her to latch on again would be touching on desperation.
    Men and women can be close friends. My best friend in the whole world (you know the one you ring at 3am to cry to or the one you send your stupidest jokes to) is a man. I can't see why it wouldn't work for tv, but they rarely if ever show that type of friendship.

  • Comment number 61.

    I agree with those who've stressed the need for normalcy. An over-abundance of supernatural beings tends to turn shows too comic-book. The same goes for giving characters too much in the way of "super-powers". With Buffy, Angel and Blade we've had years of kung-fu vampires, demons and whatnot. The way this show has kept a grounding in the real world is what makes it different and special.

    I'd like to see more werewolf goings on, but not a pack/werewolf society. Suspending the disbelief about werewolves is really hard to do if the suggestion is that all over the place tons of ravening creatures are out there every 4 weeks, only there are no deaths by animal attack, no-one sees anything or hears any howling. All this in a country that doesn't have actual wolves to confuse identification. No, the established BH notion of the rarity of werewolves works best.

    Sorry, this has turned into a bit of a rant!

  • Comment number 62.

    i'd really like to see the gang make friends with a funny elderly person.. i dunno why.. just.. an old lady witha funny sense of humour.. who's lived in bristol her whole life and has never left the country or done anything exciting (other than go to butlins/the circus)

    maybe she had an encounter with mitchell as a child - he killed her beloved older brother or something but he doesnt remember and eventually she tells him.

    and she befriends the group and can help them in some way.. and she's fascinated by this other world she's just discovered..

    and the gang are all jealous of her nice normal happy life.. it's dull but.. nice. something they'll never have.

    and then she dies in her sleep or something!! or maybe she gets to do one reaaallly exciting thing before she dies.

    or they were planning to all go to the zoo together but she dies before they can go!

    i dunno i just like the idea of some old bristol lady meeting the gang.

    don't ask me why.

    actually that's like a whole movie in itself .. you don't really have time for all that do you?

    oh well, YOU asked!!

  • Comment number 63.

    oh also don't know how we got onto mitchell and annie but ok you wanna go there let's go there!

    I 100% support the pairing. I'm not in any hurry for it to happen but i think the best relationships are a good friendship with attraction mixed in and there's CLEARLY something there.

    Annie's sweetness and light makes her the perfect comfort for Mitchell, and all you saying she's too delicate for his stuff.. you're right, she's too innocent NOW but i think her character arc will take her to a place where she's strong enough to handle it.

    She needs to build confidence... that's the POINT of her story, and growing into the kind of gal who can handle a mature, happy but challenging relationship with a LOVELY guy who CARES about her who just HAPPENS to have his own issues.. seems nice.

    I'm not saying the relationship with a man is the only possible vindication of herself. That would suck.

    But it would be a nice bonus.

    The chemistry is there. There are no arguments.

    No one does that kiss in ep2 and all the crying hugging/ face cupping in ep 6 without knowing what they are implying.

    I don't get the brother-sister relationship argument. They're not brother and sister. Having a brotherly/sisterly fatherly/motherly element ina romantic partneership is normal and necessary for long-term success.

    People who say 'ew they're like brother and sister' bemuse me.. what IS a relationship, in your opinion? Just sex?

    Annie-Mitchell allll the way baby.

    But I'm in no hurry.

  • Comment number 64.

    just keep the hints coming...

  • Comment number 65.

    "The chemistry is there. There are no arguments."

    I'll argue it.

  • Comment number 66.

    oh more from mitchells past yes that would be great.

    i second the no werewolf packs request..

    and yeah i'd like Annie to be given something .. darker.. to get involved with. Don't know what. I guess you've got that covered with the kind of avenging angel thing..

    but maybe someone who knows a lto about ghosts - the 'next dimension' or whatever..

    oh also this is just a random thought... if you tied a rope around someone.. say... george.. and they walked through a ghost's door.. would it be like going through the portal in poltergeist? Could they go visit the other realm then come back? Lol. Funny... not a serious suggestion though.

  • Comment number 67.

    ok superochre it's fine if you dont see it. It's just i do.

    So if all it comes down to is whether there is chemistry or not.. i guess it just depends on what the writers/actors etc think.

    So i guess there's really no point in debating it.. because it's just based on the instinctive sense of whether there's chemistry or not..

    for me, on paper, they'd make a great match... and i think in person the chemistry seals the deal.

    But if not everyone sees it that's toootally cool.

    Thankfully it's not up to any of us!!

    It's not all about the romance for me.. i just think they'd be really really really goddam sweet together.

    Ok end of my campaign!

    .....for now...

  • Comment number 68.

    hi people
    some great ideas i don't know log off cos computer playing up and when i finally get back on i have to read for 2 hours all these new blogs.

    there some great ideas i wood like to see more about Nina how she got the burns whats gonna happen with her now and all that

    George is he really coping with kill Herrick or is it all a front.

    Annie i want to see her become like a angel or something helping all the other ghosts and things like that.

    but i don't know if adding any more supernaturals wood make it too far fetched but i do like the idea of a human with supernatural gift. but i would like to keep the format of the show the same. i don't know but there was defenly some kind of connection between annie and mitchell

  • Comment number 69.

    yes def no wolf packs George although finally admitted that he is one he still doesn't want to be around them which is bad i guess for Nina i don't know i guess i'm just rambling

  • Comment number 70.

    To be honest I don't see much of a future for Nina. I certainly can't see her as a werewolf - think that the scratches might be a bit of a red herring. I don't know - maybe it's because I just see George destined to be unhappy.

  • Comment number 71.

    blimey - I think the red wine's made me feel a bit maudlin!

  • Comment number 72.

    Bexter2001, I like the idea of goth kids/wannabe vampires seeking out Mitchell.
    I'd like to see more ghosts who've been around a bit longer, even Gilbert was only from the 1980s.

    It's not that I'm against Mitchell and Annie full stop I just don't want it to happen just for the sake for having a romance. I feel like it would be great to see her finally being strong and independent and having loads of great adventures instead of just being stuck in the house making cups of tea crying over her horrible ex boyf. I loved the way she developed in Series 1 and personally I think it would be a shame if they threw that away just to pair her off with Mitchell.

    But yes, there's chemistry between her and Mitchell but I think there's chemistry between just about everybody and Mitchell!

  • Comment number 73.

    How about....a wizard? Like when that lady thought George was a wizard and he found it hilarious? Yeah, that'd certainly be interesting! Or a witch, even! A new friend for Annie!

  • Comment number 74.

    Two words. Disgruntled Zombie.

  • Comment number 75.

    ooo goody this is a good idea i have such a weird mind i had ideas flowing when i read the first word about this blog. :)

    my first charcter is carla she is a messanger, she looks about 6-10years of age. she wears a plain white dress. she is either crying or is emotionless. she will george, annie and mitchell things that will happen in the future but it won't be clear. she will then dissapear like a ghost.
    well that is my first big idea i will most more when i think hard enough
    see ya

  • Comment number 76.

    i think some sort of necromancers would be good. maybe thy would be able to control mitchell and annie but not george?

  • Comment number 77.

    sorry i meant tell george, annie and mitchell things about the future. lol soz

  • Comment number 78.

    I would love to see annie possessed by lauren or another one of mitchell's past acquaintainces and try and seduced mitchell but of course he will cotton on and it's a fight against time to try and bring annie back but i am for one for the whole annie/mitchell romance or even just acknowledge it maybe george can make a funny comment :-)

  • Comment number 79.

    Completely irrelevant but -
    Im back, hooray! No more essays for at least a fortnight, which means I can sit here and think of weird and wonderful things that I'd like to see in future episodes ...

    ... right, let me just get settled in for the next half-hour or so to read the mountains of comments and then I shall see if I have anything constructive to add ... probably not tho.

    Straight off the top of my head tho, I agree with eagle_eyes4 about van Helsing

  • Comment number 80.


    yeah i agree, the individual development of each character is most important. And Annie is probably my favourite character in terms of writing and depth.. and she definitely needs to get over her tendency toward being dependent on/subservient to a guy.

    and as i said, i don't HAVE to have the annie-mitchell romance. It's not whay i watch the show. I just think the potential's there. And i think the writer/actors/directors know this... i hope they know this...

    And i think if it happened it wouldn't be 'for the sake' of a romance.. it would be because it made sense for the characters.. i see a kind of symmetry in their stories and a nice balance between their characters and i dunno it just makes sense to me that at some point they'd get together.

    anywho i don't want to make a big thing. I just wanted to register my support in case there's anyone else out there enjoying the odd mitchell-annie daydream.

    ok more ideas for next season... wow i still can't believe how GREAT these people are.. actually asking us what WE want!

    comedy seance scene..

    Annie shoplifting pretty clothes then getting annoyed she cant try them on.. ends up shoplifting pretty clothes for George and Mitchell and wanting to give them 'makeovers' heehee

    Annie trying to help out old friends maybe? You know, the helpful stuff she did for Owen, only for people who deserve it? To counter-act all the dark avenging stuff i reckon she'll be doing.. or maybe she meets an old friend in the course of her 'avenging' who she used to be jealous of but who she sees a vulnerable side to when she sees her again.


    oh oh oh!

    An underworld bar!! not for vampires.. vampires are too evil.. it's mainly ghosts... ghost-seekers.. psychics...hippy university lecturers... and the odd self-restricting werewolf. And there's a really cool barman who runs the place! and it has a jukebox and a darts board and a pub quiz which is run by a ghost from the 16th century who always asks about really obscure medieval poets and the history of the lute and the secret ingredient in the recipe for 'pheasant a la pumpernickle'..lol.

    and the people there are cool and tell cool stories and george and nina and annie love going there but mitchell's banned at first cos he's a vampire but maybe they let him in eventually when he stops it getting burnt down or something...

    man this show just inspires so many IDEAS in me!!

    they're all way too big and complicated but it's still fun!

  • Comment number 81.

    This show inspires me too!

    How about Mitchell meets someone at the hospital who he used to know who is now a recovering alcoholic/drug addict? So that gets him thinking and he decides to try AA/NA based on the theory that addiction is addiction and he'll just lie about what he's addicted to.
    And it's all going so well until they catch him in the pub getting drunk with George.

  • Comment number 82.

    @ river 7

    love the annie possession idea. they did a similar thing in x files. Yes yes yes for little annie mitchell hints!!


    yeah similar idea with the necromancer i like that although i don't see a vampire being overpowered by that.. something about them not having a soul.. wouldnt work.

    but yeah someone who could control Annie

    yeah actually that's a GREAT idea - the threat of annie being exorcised/weakened/controlled by some kind of... ghost whisperer?

  • Comment number 83.

    @ jaynedoll i like that!

    except maybe he just goes to a meeting with his friend.. as support.. and the meeting group mistakenly (or rather rightly) identify him as an addict.. and then their welcoming him makes him go back..

    yeah.. that's great!

    cos that allows for the therapy aspect but in a slightly less cliched way..

    yeah although of course the aa/na thing is done a lot so you'd have to try to make it unique in some way...

  • Comment number 84.

    although i guess a vampire being at an aa meeting is quite unique!!

    i just mean the set-up can be quite predictable.. so ther'd have to be something new about the group.. like they get there and no-one's telling the typical sob story..

    they're all talking abouthow they fell off the wagon that week and someone's complaining that he's put on lots of weight and he misses 'junkie-chic' and being skinny...

  • Comment number 85.

    I like the idea of some sort of 'hang-out', for the 'freaks', bexter2001.

    I shall throw my two-bits worth in re: the whole discussion about Mitchell/Annie. I personally think it *could* happen - and there'd be no chance of Mitchell killing her, lol! - but I think on some level it would make George kind of a spare part.

    Other points. Nothing terribly creative at the moment and a bit repetitive of other peoples brilliant ideas but ...

    Mitchell's past - that's just ripe for the picking isnt it? When you've got a character who is a hundred-odd years old, you just cant fail NOT to explore that some more, can you? I mean, he's got to have a few more ex's rattling about somewhere - human or otherwise.

    And I think having a psychic in there somewhere along the lines would be good - hell, you could have an ex of Mitchell's being one. Been trying to think of some other 'supernaturals' you could have in without preventing it from being 'grounded' any more, which is the key thing I think.

    It has to be grounded. Always the storytelling foremost rather than the 'cool' powers, otherwise it gets a bit ... well, you all know what I mean, you've got your heads screwed-on properly :D

    Apologies if any of this doesnt make sense... I need to go to bed, really, I havent been to bed for two nights running. Never good.

  • Comment number 86.

    Hi guys, loving all the ideas, I too would like to see a ghost or two from much longer ago than Gilbert, say maybe medieval or Elizabethan or something.
    and Annie's clothes - there must be a way of putting a bit of colour into her toggs, eh? now she's more powerful she seemed to have more control over her clothes at the end of episode 6, could that be followed up somehow?
    and I think the understatement of the Annie/Mitchell relationship is best, a full on romance might spoil things.

  • Comment number 87.

    oh, and what about an exorcist?!? an evil exorcist out to get Annie, except Mitchell and George save her.

  • Comment number 88.

    yeah i think annie's clothing seems to be linked to her confidence level.. so fingers crossed she'll be able to stretch to a sexy LBD for a nigth out...

  • Comment number 89.

    Well Tully was excellent, so it would be great to see him return. Bernie should make a return at some stage, although I imagine the young actor that plays him will have aged. So that makes it difficult. How about some sort of mad professor who wants to experiment on our 3 heroes, in some sinister plot to develop a super army of sociopathic undead humans to take over the world.;-)

  • Comment number 90.

    and any chance of a Herrick flashback or two? or a quick view of Seth?
    Well well, I'm on my own here again. I suppose you're all out as it's Friday night.

  • Comment number 91.

    I take it back, I'm not alone here! Lol bexter, I think what Annie needs is some colour. My hubby says how about she starts with little things ie a hair clip or choker/necklace moving up to like a shocking pink top or sparkly jeans or whatever?

  • Comment number 92.

    and thank you again, Being Human production and Barry Pilling, you sure know how to keep us BH fans satisfied and out of mischief on a Friday night! Thanks for giving us all this cool stuff to ponder over and discuss.

  • Comment number 93.

    oh dear, I am alone again.
    Just read brownstudies and superOchre's stuff from earlier - LOVING the idea of George and Mitchell therapy sessions, and also the Annie as a ghost shrink idea! yes, that would drive poor George barmy! Can't you hear him now - "not in the house, Annie!"

  • Comment number 94.

    Maybe for annie as she turned down death and has these new powers maybe, just maybe she is able to channel it and change her clothes, i also like to see what happens to owen (even though i don't like him haha)

  • Comment number 95.

    Heee, yeah brookesiesjennkins, there could be a line of ghosts stretching outside the house to get advice from Annie^_^

    Hmm, what would I like to see. Well I was thinking, a better role model for George than Tully. Kind of more of a calmer person than Tully that is better at teaching werewolf 101 to George, could end up being a kind of father figure for George, the one that he goes to to chat about anything bugging him about his lycanthropy. Both very comforable with each other's company, in both human and wolf form.(A good actor that could play this character would be Paul McGann, if you got him it would be class)

    However, in saying that, I would love to see Tully back to bug George as well(don't make that character description become Tully, the one above is a totally different wolf, if you do I will get cross)

    Word of a pack of werewolves somewhere else

    More werewolf powers for George

    (Jeez, my ideas are v.George-centric aren't they)

    Mitchell wondering over the aspects of himself that are human and not vampire.

    Oh go on than, flashbacks to his life in Ireland before he was a vampire(come on, dare ya for the history lesson,Parnell,Redmond and the like)

    Annie visiting Owen over....something(probably confronting him over what he told yer man that played the scientist in Einstein & Eddington)

    Somehow I'm seeing lots and lots of cages at Professor Gerrard's place.

    And finally, that breakfast club-esque dancing sequence that I mentioned before(song ideas on other blog post)

  • Comment number 96.

    Oh, where to start. I would definitely like to see the vicar back in series two (or even three) as he holds so much comic potential.
    Also, as other posters have suggested, people from Mitchell's past. We've seen in some detail how both Annie and George arrived at their paranormal state, but unless I've missed something major, the exact details of Mitchell's 'recruitment' have been a bit vague.
    Nobody seems to have thought about members of Annie's family putting in an appearance. Someone in her family must have heard that Owen is saying she is living (is that the correct term for the dead?) in their house in Bristol. A curious relative anxious to contact the dead could provide an amusing side story.
    As to an Annie/Mitchell romance - please NO. surely the strength of the trio lies in the fact that they are friends regardless of gender. We've had 'love turns to hate' with Annie/Owen, and 'against all odds' with George/Nina. Both very much part of and neccessary to the story line. A romance between two of the principal characters, however, would weaken the bond between the three.
    Enough said. I think I'll shut up now.

  • Comment number 97.

    My idea: a sarcastic, frequently drunk guardian angel that has failed in her duty to protect her charge and has gone slightly off kilter. Like Annie/ghosts, she can only be seen by other supernaturals, but her allegiances are unclear and she could go either way. She may have history with Mitchell, or - more likely - he's the one in the group who is able to explain her/recognise her in the first place.

    But when I say 'guardian angel' I don't mean wings, or any actual religious dimension necessarily, rather that there is a supernatural being whose purpose is not violence towards humanity, which is the case with vampires. A 'Being Human' rewrite of angel stereotypes :-)

  • Comment number 98.

    wow so many posts i dont think ill be sleeping tonight lol ok i havent read all yet but just to say - i also dont like the idea of an annie-mitchell romance - theres something lovely about a man and woman being close friends and nothing more yet some people still cant seem to comprehend that thats it lol my best friend is a bloke whos nearly 10 years older than me we have been friends for years and years and nothing more and it still gets commented on - id hoped people would be used to it after so long lol hes just a surrogate brother :-) and thats how i see annie and mitchell - hes a lot older than her he knows things hes got a big brotherly sort of wisdom about him and i think its really sweet - i dont want them to spoil it :-(

  • Comment number 99.

    ok reading through still not finished lol but spottted something else that caught my eye "annie deserves better than mitchell" i agree with whoever said we feel protective of her - i think its true and i think thats down to brilliant writing on Mr W's part and also Lenoras brilliant acting so well done guys :-)

    Im afraid we will always love the bad boys - women feel some sort of attraction (not necesarily in a sexual way!) but a sort of fascination and whether they are concious of it or will admit it i think the blokes are jealous of it in a way - we would all like to do things we cant and never will do them but like to see someone who does if that makes sense? lol i think we are all intrigued by mitchell and all care about him and would hate for anything to happen to him but at the same time we know he is trouble! I dont think he means to - its in his nature and i think itd be incredibly difficult for him to be "good" lol

    Woah what a load of waffle lol sorry :-S its been a long day i cant quite manage coherent sentences...

  • Comment number 100.

    Oh atoral im sorry i never meant to cause an arguement i feel really guilty now :-( had bit of a rough day - i write in my spare time and someone has basically stolen something i wrote and is now taking credit for it (which i dont because i write for myself and very few other people read my work) and i know damn well its mine because it was quite an obscure sitcom idea and like i said very few people have ever read any of it - id written the pilot and was quite proud and anyway now everyone is saying how brilliant she is and its great she must be a natural to come up with a decent idea so quickly and how i should help her because im the one whos been writing for years and wouldnt it be nice for me to help her out maybe work together and im thinking no because i know exactly whats gonna happen ive already written it and have storylines for a series :-( (im not against working with someone else but not when they started out by stealing something) anyway naffed me off big time - luckily its not good enough to go on tv or anything anyway just the idea that someone could so blatantly steal an idea - if that happened to a famous writer thered be a right uproar. sorry needed to vent and atoral im very sorry your comments are just as valid as everyone elses and nothing wrong with taking inspiration just seriously naffed off this afternoon.

    apologies that isnt BH related and i know it probably seems ridiculously trivial to you guys but felt i needed to explain why i was maybe a bit harsh earlier it is not my normal self honestly...


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