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Comic Relief Boot Camp

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Becky Want | 15:01 UK time, Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Becky Want meets Jo Brand

And so the nightmare continues. I'm obsessing about having to do Stand Up for Comic Relief.

For me, the culmination is a five minute spot at a local comedy club next week. (I've actually just been asked to reprise what I'm laughingly calling an act, for a later event. I thought about it for a nanosecond before I said no!)

At the end of last week I, along with 40 other BBC radio presenters, went down to London to try our stand up acts out on a panel.

That's ok, until you hear that the panel included Comedian of the Year, Jo Brand, Jon Culshaw and Hugh Dennis. We had to perform, on a stage, to an audience of our fellow presenters.

I sat there, in the BBC Theatre, waiting for the announcer with the big voice to boom out my name. I felt the expectation of a 'live' audience, the spotlight on me and the thought that I'd better step up to the mike.

I have to say, it went by in a flash, and I was massively relieved when the klaxon sounded, although the audience wanted to hear the end of a story that I was only half way through.

That was encouraging, as were the comments from the panel, but having watched the routines of the other radio presenters/wannabe comedians, if you haven't got "funny bones" as Jo Brand put it, then no amount of training or rehearsal can give you them.

Mind you, they all laughed when I said I was going to do stand up comedy. Well they're not laughing now..........


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