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White Van Man: The preparation

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Joel Fry Joel Fry | 12:18 UK time, Thursday, 15 March 2012

Joel Fry and Darren

Joel Fry plays White Van Man's Darren Brown, Ollie's long-suffering second-in-command... or is Ollie the long suffering one? Either way, Joel's kindly written us a blog post:


A new series of White Van Man started a few weeks ago - catch up on iPlayer if you missed it! To celebrate, I've been asked to tell you what making the show is like from the point of view of one of the actors.

Everything begins with the director's week of physical and mental preparation. The director (Iain B "Psychopath" MacDonald) served not only in Iraq and the Falklands, but also in World Wars One and Two. He is a lethal weapon.

The physical preparation involves an elaborate assault course. We all struggle with it, particularly Georgia Moffett (Emma). It may not seem likely thanks to the magic of television, but Georgia is in fact 6 ft 7in - the tallest women I have ever met. In all of her scenes (bar none) she performs either sat down, crouched or on her knees. You would never know it because she is such a professional.

I struggle in the mental tests because I suffer from extreme vertigo.

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Once the director is satisfied we are physically and mentally prepared, we begin a week long meditation in absolute silence. Will Mellor (Ollie) finds this difficult, and in fact at the beginning of Series One he went AWOL. He was found in Tunbridge Wells, furiously playing the bongos. He had also marked out all the veins on his body with a red biro.

And after this week of purging, we are finally ready to dive into continuous filming.

White Van Man continues every Thursday at 9.30pm.

(Ed: We’d like to point out that at least 2% of what Joel has written is true. We’re not so sure about the other 98%...)


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