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Fem Fel Lyrics

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Dana Stevens | 14:00 UK time, Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Fem Fel is a grime and hip lyricist who has performed an exclusive rap for BBC Three as part of Jail Tales. In 2002 he was sentenced to six years for robbery and firearms offences. He was released on parole in 2005 and has since learnt a professional trade while pursuing an interest in music.

Watch Fem Fel's video on You Tube.

The lyrics...

Rolling in a sweatbox this ain't me b
Rolled past my estate this ain't easy
Feeling like a kid, going off the ends
This time it ain't camping it off to pen.
Handcuffs to tight, tracksuit don't fit
Man I really can't see me getting used to this
Got me thinking 'bout cells, all the food and s**t
Man the thought of going in is still ludicrous.

Now I'm sitting in my cell
Thinking how long I have to put up with this hell
Trying to put in for my bail
Heard some other youths trying to put it on my girl
And you can't do nothing but put it in the mail.

All the shouting on the phone
Stressed with my co-d
Gov's trying to push it but I got to stay low key
First it's my letters, now they're saying no gym
Done my induction, still I got no pin (no phone calls).

Looking forward to my canteen
Lost in the system, plans turned gang green...
And I just wanna get in the court
But they put me on a cleaning and listeners course
Green mop for the landing, red for the toilet
Pressing on my buzzer just trying to annoy them
Truth hurts and I'm trying to avoid it
Sentenced for something I was trying to toy with...
Reception call kinda made my month
Couple air force 1s cd's to pump
So much canteen for the tapes I made
Had my prison cell looking like a takeaway...
And just when I thought I was settling in
Reality hit, such a terrible thing
One brother gave up and it was burning me
'Cos the poor kid had the same bird as me...
Felt sick in my belly,
Sat down on my bunk speechless,
Had to thank god for my telly
That's all you really got,
No friends, no henny
So I hate when I hear them say we don't deserve a penny
Freudian slips got me calling it home
Heard my boys on the strip still getting in doe
That's funny cos I ain't heard a peep from them.

One night left, nerves going crazy
Butterfly stomach when I hear keys waving
Guys coming back, caught slipping, got lazy
HOMETIME, man I hope somebody saves me!!



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