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Coming of Age interview with Tony Bignall (Matt)

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Steve Hornby | 15:10 UK time, Wednesday, 20 January 2010


We gave you the chance to put your questions to the Coming of Age cast, here the lovely Tony Bignall who plays Matt answers your Questions

Dylan Loxton: how did you end up getting your role in Coming Of Age?

Well a couple of years ago I did the pilot along with Joe Tracini who plays DK. Originally I auditioned for the part of DK actually but the casting director thought I'd be more suitable for Matt. So I did a reading and I had to do a couple more auditions and they gave me a part in the pilot. I've been acting since I was about twelve so for about eight years. I played Frank Skinner's son in a sitcom and just mainly comedy based stuff, like the odd random episode of My Family and stuff.

Daniel Millican: Who is the biggest joker off set?

It varies from day to day; I reckon Joe is very funny most of the time. Ceri (Phillips who plays Ollie) is a bit of a practical joker and I reckon I make people laugh a lot from doing silly things very similar to my character. I think everyone's pretty funny and we all have a laugh to be honest.

Peter James Davies: I've heard your music on MySpace, how does your band affect your filming and social life? And are you playing at any gigs, if so where and when?

Well I'm not in the band at the moment but I started off as a singer before acting. I still do a lot of pub singing, weddings and birthdays to make extra cash when I'm not doing acting work. It fits in pretty well because it's self employed, so I'd definitely like to continue singing alongside the acting as it saves me having to get a bar job or whatever!

Patrick Bulmer: How has it been different working on series 2 compared to series 1?

I think all the characters have got a lot better this year and there's a lot more structure involved in every episode. So every episode links together now rather than just random story lines and I think the production team have worked extra hard this year to help the show have a good image. I think we're all just a bit more relaxed this year as well, because last year we were all new to it and now we're all used to our characters. And we knew a lot of the people watching in the live audience were fans we were a bit more relaxed this time because we didn't have to make such a big impression.

Simon Loyns: the show is really awesome do you all have fun filming? And is Ollie really scared of needles?

Well I'm scared of needles; I'm not sure about Cerri (Phillips who plays Ollie)! We all have a lot of fun and when we're not filming we all go down the pub afterwards. So what you see on the screen is near enough what goes on when we're all together anyway. We all hang out when we can, some people are obviously busier than others but when we can we all meet up and have a few drinks. 

(This interview first appeared on the BBC Three Facebook Page.)



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