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Coming of Age Interview with Anabel Barnston (Chloe)

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Steve Hornby | 14:59 UK time, Wednesday, 20 January 2010

chloe_qanda.coa.jpgAnabel Barnston (who plays Chloe) answers your questions

Mark Johnson : What have been the cast's favourite scene to film and why?

I haven't spoken to everyone but I know that one of our favourites, well me, Tony (Bignell who plays Matt) and Joe (Tracini who plays DK) was in the last episode. There is a very special rap which me and Tony manage to get a part in as well and it has to be said I really, really enjoyed being part of the rap. And getting to say Balamory was the highlight of the episode!

Josie Mottram: What do your parents think of you being on the show and seeing you do the rude scenes? Do you get embarrassed when you're in rehearsals?

I do get embarrassed, especially because my mum watches the show quite a bit. She quite likes it actually and she knows it's me acting so she doesn't take it personally but I do tend to walk out of the room if we're watching it and a rude scene comes on. I go and make a cup of tea at that moment. But actually they are really supportive of it so thanks to them for that!  

BeeJay Guy: While filming the new series, did you prefer filming on location or in front of a live audience, and why? 

I think the whole experience of a live audience is just so much fun, just having the immediate reaction and you know whether the jokes work or not. And sometimes the jokes are just a major cause of hilarity and it's always a great feeling when the whole audience is cracking up at something you've said. So I do prefer the live audience. Also on location it takes a whole day to film like four scenes, but we do a whole episode in like two and a half hours in front of a live audience. It's a much faster pace which is a bit nerve racking at first but it's quite exciting and exhilarating. You always come out feeling so good about yourself after you've finished the show.

Amber Kamugisha: How long have you been acting for and did you go to acting school or anything? 

I didn't go to acting school but I started acting when I was about eleven because I joined my agency which I'm still with now. But I actually got into it through dancing, that's what I've grown up doing. It was one of my mum's friends who saw me doing a dance show and she suggested that I audition for my agency. And it literally went from there and I've done little bits and pieces like kids shows and things. This is my first step into the adult world of acting which is nice.  

Jack Cain: Do you all feel a connection to your characters or share a lot of traits in reality?

I think we all have an element of our characters within us. Obviously our characters are much more exaggerated but I definitely feel a connection towards Chloe in terms of her girly side. I'd say I'm quite a girly girl. And there is always a bit of everyone where we all just feel a bit like a kid, and we just want to have a whole load of cuddly toys on our bed and just watch like really silly old Disney movies that we just loved when we were kids. So I think I can really identify with that aspect of her. And also I would say the psycho side, not literally of course! But in the sense that every now and again something happens and you just want to hit someone over the head but you know you shouldn't. Chloe doesn't really have any inhibitions when it comes to that and will quite happily hit Matt who tends to get the brunt of her anger. Ha ha so yes I can identify with that occasionally.

(This interview first appeared on the BBC Three Facebook Fanpage.)



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