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Glastonbury: Best of the Rest

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Matthew Shorter Matthew Shorter | 17:12 UK time, Saturday, 27 June 2009

With at least 23 official stages running more than 12 hours a day between them and countless informal venues, backstage gigs and impromptu performances, Glastonbury is a little like a pre-fab musical omniverse. It's no wonder its denizens lose their sense of reality. The long arm of the BBC gathers up some of the biggest names and serves them out across TV, radio and online, but despite the scale of our coverage it sometimes feels from here in the middle of the festival like we're only scratching the surface.

Thanks to the magic of the web, though, our fellow festival-goers can take us places where our cameras don't reach. Here's just a taste of some of the buzz on the ether around those names and places.

The Puppini Sisters seem to generate feelings both warm and fuzzy and hot and bothered:

  • sir_lixalot: Watching the puppini sisters singing i will survive, in the field of avalon. Happy times :)
  • Dogsdinner: Is there anything better than doo-wop smiths covers? The puppini sisters are something special.
  • muffinphonic: watching puppini sisters, amazing! very talented and gorgeous! lesbianism awaits haha

There seems to be a correlation between unusually good mobile connections and a liking for both Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip and The Specials:

  • BeanedDream: I have a 3G connection @ Glasto! :) The Specials were awesome! As were Scroobius Pip!
  • gdarmo: Greg's Glasto: Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. Superb. Now The Specials! Class!
  • andynuttall: Met Scroobius Pip and Dan le Sac after the best gig ever today. Still a little high from it now.

And Tinariwen drew particular acclaim (and a little dissent) for their mellow opener of today's Pyramid Stage:

  • SpinnerTweet: Day 2 #glastonbury is a scorcher drying up the mud nicely. Beautiful desert blues from Tinariwen kicks us off
  • SirPon: Gooooood moooorniiin Glastooo. Exquisite way 2 start: Tinariwen, from the south sahara. Plant, Albarn & Yorke are fans. Marvellous!!!
  • outspaced: Tinariwen bringing their saharan grooves to the main stage in the sunshine. I say yes.
  • skiskool: Tinariwen opening number - music to commit suicide by! They must've got lost on way to jazz world stage #glasto
  • Currentmediauk: tinariwen playing pryamid, ppl loving it, very special


  • Comment number 1.

    Magic of the web, you say?

    I've just been reading the complaints on one Glasto message board for the Peel Stage headline act the BBC forgot to cover on Sunday in any medium, unless you count a still photo of one band member as "coverage", that is.

    As it seems the most appropriate, I thought I'd ask this blog if anyone knows where I might discover why the BBC's coverage of Glastonbury seems content, as you say, to scratch the surface, when surely less telly and more streamed audio might spread the good music of Glastonbury a little wider for the same money.


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