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Broadsheet Round-Up

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Nigel Smith Nigel Smith | 14:40 UK time, Saturday, 27 June 2009

The broadsheets' love of Glastonbury does little to counter arguments that the festival has got a bit too middle-class in recent years but it does mean lots of really good writing. Here are some of the articles that the big papers have filed in the last few days.

In the Times Caitlin Moran admits to feeling guilty about the year she bailed from the festival early:

The Independent has gone Boss crazy with tons of articles whetting the appetite for tonight's headliner. The centrepiece is an article that places Springsteen in a grand tradition of American songwriting:

Charles Spencer, the Telegraph's drama correspondent and Glastonbury first-timer, writes amusingly about his first foray to the festival. He lasted a day:

The Guardian is the festival's newspaper partner so there's no surprise that they have stacks of content on their website. My favourite was a piece posted earlier in the week that doesn't spare the blushes of our colleagues in television:


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