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  1. Stakeholder Liaison, BBC Media Action, Nepal

    We need more female journalists in Nepal

    Why having role models for women in the media is important for Nepal.

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  2. Radio Producer, BBC Media Action, South Sudan

    Our Girls, Our Future

    Girls in South Sudan are less likely than boys to start school and more likely to drop out. Our radio producer visited her former school to find out if educational aspiration for girls is improving.

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  3. Country Director, Afghanistan

    “I will be there even if my bodyguards refuse to accompany me.”

    Not even a series of bomb blasts stopped people attending a national TV debate on the topic of women’s equality in Afghanistan.

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  4. Research Officer, BBC Media Action Bangladesh

    “Please, ask my husband”

    Women in Bangladesh tend to see political debate as "men’s business" but the female viewers of BBC Sanglap are an exception.

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  5. Radio Presenter

    Empowering women to access legal services and raise awareness about sexual harassment are just some of the reasons why Yvette Olabisi Olu Garrick is proud to present a new legal radio show Leh Wi Know (Let Us Know).

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  6. Health Advisor, Advisory & Policy Team

    On the eve of a trip to South Sudan Genevieve Hutchinson considers some of the key factors affecting maternal and child health in the world's newest nation.

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  7. Project Manager

    Selam Ayalew describes how documentaries starring young Ethiopian women are helping rural communities to reflect on the benefits of 'girl power’.

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  8. Radio Presenter and Actor

    Whether it's story-telling through drama or adverts, through phone-ins or debate, creativity is required in our work supporting women and girls.

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