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  1. BBC Media Action, India

    A tribute to Om Prakash Puri

    Veteran Indian actor, Om Puri, who passed away last week, fronted our HIV and AIDS drama series, Jasoos Vijay – helping make it one of India’s most watched TV shows of its time. Devika Bahl, creative director for the series shares fond memories of an exceptional man.

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  2. Journalism Mentor

    Zambia Elections 2016 – championing live TV debate

    In an election campaign dominated by personality politics, a national TV debate featuring key presidential contenders in the Zambian general election presented a rare opportunity for people to directly question candidates and hear about their plans for Zambia’s future.

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  3. Presenter

    100 women interview their president

    What happens when you put 100 women in a room with Nepal’s first female president? Our Sajha Sawal (Common Questions) presenter describes some of the discussions which came out of a very special debate show.

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  4. Country Director, Afghanistan

    When a TV debate show was filmed at the tomb of one of Afghanistan’s founding fathers it was clear how much a sense of ‘place’ is interlinked with ‘identity’. Shirazuddin Siddiqi reflects on an especially memorable Open Jirga.

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  5. Writer and Director, Love9

    Love9: Cambodia’s youth show returns

    The writer and director of Love9, our TV show addressing sexual health in Cambodia, presents the launch of the programme’s second series.

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  6. Writer and Trainer, BBC Media Action

    Specialist training for screenwriters and programme-makers on Pakistan’s most popular TV shows is sowing the seeds for improved representation of religious minorities in Pakistan’s media.

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  7. Research Manager

    Research Manager Anna Colom looks at the impact that TV and radio show Sema Kenya has had in fostering a national conversation about key governance issues in Kenya.

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  8. Senior Production Manager, Kenya and Somalia

    BBC Sema Kenya takes a bow

    Jackie Christie reflects on how the debate TV show BBC Sema Kenya has become a game-changer for accountability in Kenya over the past three years, before its last episode under BBC Media Action’s care.

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  9. Presenter/researcher for Loy9 TV, Cambodia

    The 17-year-old presenter of Cambodia’s youth programme Loy9 on the importance of empowering her peers to participate in public life.

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  10. Research Manager

    How research on a radio and TV debate show is helping  identify needs, barriers and drivers for change in Nepal.

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